Saturday, 21 July 2018

Let there be light...!

Lighting can either make or break your décor. Not only with the artificial lights but optimizing the use of natural light will bloom your home with ultimate beauty. Broadly, there are three kinds of illumination: general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Mix all three types to achieve a balanced look.
·       GENERAL LIGHTING - General lighting is one of the first layers of lighting used in modern interior design and refers to illuminating an entire space for visibility and safety. Light bounces off walls and ceilings to cover as much area as possible. General lighting can come from up-lights or down-lights. Up-lights point illumination toward the ceiling. Up-light fixtures include torchiers and wall sconces. Down-lights cast light down from the ceiling or wall. Popular down-lights include recessed lights and track lights. Some lights, such as table and floor lamps, are both up- and down-lights because they cast light toward both the ceiling and the floor.
·       TASK LIGHTING - Interior design professionals evaluate the types of activities that will take place in each area of the room to make sure that there is an adequate amount of light for the function and that the intensity is strong enough to illuminate any space that needs specific light.  Task lighting allows us to place appropriate light sources where it is most needed. Task light should be three times as bright as general lighting. Good task lighting fixture choices are well-positioned recessed lights, track lighting, pendants, table or floor lamps, and under-cabinet lighting strips.
·       ACCENT LIGHTING - The last layer of a well-designed lighting plan includes decorative accent lighting. Professional designers turn to accent lighting to add decorative elements and create strong visual impact. Accent lighting adds brilliant shimmer to make your precious objects, paintings, sculptures, and outstanding architectural features stand out. Position the fixture so that the light doesn’t block your line of sight and no glaring reflections bounce back.
When selecting the lighting for your home keep in mind these types of lighting that designers’ layer into all interior spaces. Accurate combinations of lighting resources can completely change the experience and ambience of your home.

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