Monday, 2 July 2018

Bathroom Vanities

A good bathroom vanity is multifunctional. It provides a surface for washing while concealing the plumbing and providing you space to store your essentials. Whether you're redesigning an existing bathroom or installing a new one, a bathroom vanity can be an important element of the design and a focal point for the entire room. A bathroom vanity should not only complement the design concept, layout, and style of your bathroom, but it should also match your lifestyle and habits. Even though bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house, you need a lot of stuff inside it, therefore vanities come to the rescue!!
How to choose a vanity??
·      Ask yourself the following questions - What size vanity do you need and what size will the space allow? Are you looking for a double sink vanity or will a single sink do? How much counter space do you require? What kind of storage space do you need? Perhaps drawer space meets your needs vs. standard open cabinet interiors.
·      If you have a large bathroom, go for a vanity that goes right down to the floor but if space is limited install a wall mounted vanity. Amounted vanity gives a clean floor space that makes the bathroom appear bigger.
·      Vanities come in various finishes like wood, PVC, lacquer, glass, stone and metal. Choose the one that matches the general theme you wish to create.
·      There is a huge variety in vanity countertops as well. Countertops should be selected with much the same criteria as the vanity itself taking into consideration your functional needs and budget. Granite, marble and other stones are beautiful and luxurious options that are sure to be showstoppers. Manmade solid surfaces such as Corian or quartz can have the elegant feel of a natural stone but offer significant choice of colour and pattern. You can also choose cheaper options like laminates and PVC sheets.
·      If it’s a family bathroom that has high traffic, keep the wear and tear on the vanity. Durable surfaces and sturdier cabinetry might be better in these situations.
·      The height of the people that use the bathroom vanity is also an important factor. Some vanities are lower than the standard height. If you are tall then choose a vanity that’s high enough for you or go for a wall mounted one that can be mounted as per your requirements.
Don’t let choosing a vanity bog you down. Follow these few tips and it will all seem like a breeze.

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