Thursday, 7 June 2018

Designing a Bar at home

If you love concocting new drinks for friends and entertaining in your home, then creating a home bar should be next on your to-do list. A bar at home is an ideal place to entertain your friends or retire to at the end of a busy day.
·      First decide where you want your bar. It can be in the basement, garage, living room or a separate unused room.
·      Pick a theme like a rustic bar, modern sleek bar, tiki bar or a casino theme and work accordingly.
·      Select building materials accordingly. Use wood in a rustic bar or glass and stainless steel in a modern theme.
·      Decide if you want a fixed bar, portable bar, wet or dry bar. In case of a wet bar get the plumbing and drainage done accordingly.
·      If you have a fixed bar, you should also consider a back bar to display all your glassware and spirit collections.
·      In case of a canopy bar, give proper detailing to the canopy and pillars.
·      Ideally a bar counter should be at the height of 43inches and the stools at 28-30 inches. The depth can vary according to space available.
·      For the counter top you can choose from marble, granite corian or quartz. Stay away from surfaces that are easily scratched or that may peel or crack over time. Keep a bit of an overhang to accommodate your knees.
·      Install hand rail and foot rail to the counter. The foot rail must be at least 6-8 inches off the ground.
·      Add proper storage and bar essentials like a fridge, mixers, stem glass holders etc. Your bar should be constructed in a way that minimizes movements of the bartender and keeps all the products within his reach. If he has to run to one end to pick up glasses and pour liquor in the other, he loses time and that creates confusion.
·      Use pendant lights over the counter and keep the lighting dim.
·      If installing a Tv or an audio system in the bar, make sure its properly integrated.
·      Give importance to seating. Ideally bar stools are placed 2ft apart from one another, so if you have space add more seating in the room. Add a few vintage chairs near the bar or rearranging your space so that chairs, couches and other seating complement the bar area.
·      Accessorize the bar with decanters, ice buckets and coasters that match the theme you have picked.
·      If space allows, add a pool table and other home gaming options.
·      Hang a chalkboard or paint a wall with chalkboard paint. Keep chalk handy and encourage guests to leave their mark. If you're serving a signature drink or celebrating something special, use the chalkboard to let everyone know!
·      No home bar is complete without some signage. Add a few with your name on them to give your bar a personal touch.
·      Not ready for a full-on renovation? A bar cart is an easy and inexpensive way to create a bar area and showcase specialty liquors, and it can be easily moved to different places in your home.
Follow these tips and create your own party-ready space.

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