Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Citrus colour palette

The citrus colour palette is one of my favourite colour palettes to work with, especially during summer time. A dash of citrus adds a lot of energy and cheer to a living space. Citrus colours are irrepressibly positive and bring an optimistic and uplifting vibe. Like a squeeze of lemon on your favourite dish, only a small dash is needed to bring a scheme to life. These colours suit our strong light quality and can be muted slightly to cross the seasonal divide. This season create a lively atmosphere with a punch of citrus inspired colour scheme. Here is how –
·       A citrus colour scheme works great with a contemporary decor. The best part about this colour palette is that it can be used in any room, be it a bathroom, kitchen or a living room.
·       For warmer climates like ours, try to ground the colours by using a lot of white. Zingy greens, limes and citrus colours look stunning against a white backdrop.
·       Combining citrus colours with white creates a chic, contemporary look. This look is easy to put together. Decorate mainly with white and highlight the decor by using bright citrus colours in accessories. For example, paint the room in white, add white sofas and curtains. Add a few accessories like cushions, table lamp, a rug or a throw, a chair or a piece of artwork done in bright citrus colours. The white makes the room soothing while the citrus colours add excitement.
·       You can also reverse the effect by painting the walls in citrus colours and balancing the look by adding neutral, light furniture.
·       Orange is the first colour that comes to mind when we think citrus. Orange is a bold colour. Try using a pale tone of orange or the best way to counterbalance orange is to pair it with a cooler colour.
·       Another way to decorate with citrus colours is to rev up their impact by using a lot of warm shades. This is recommended for a much cooler climate than ours.
·       With citrus shades it is all a question of degree. Just remember to use a light touch because a little bit of citrus colour goes a long way! Try a buttery yellow on upholstery for a quieter citrus scheme. It radiates warmth without the shock factor of a neon tint.
·       Kitchen is one place where you can use bright and vibrant citrus colours. Go for a crisp white on the walls and cabinets to balance the look. Modern Italian kitchen color schemes often use citrus accents against a white marble backdrop.
Decorating with citrus colours is all about celebrating summer. So what are you waiting for? Go citrus this summer!!

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