Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tricky Room Corners

We tend to ignore the corners in our homes. They are weird in-between places that don’t have an automatic solution, we and wind up decorating them awkwardly. I’m not suggesting every nook and corner of your home needs to be adorned with furniture and accessories. A room needs a little breathing space too — something to give your eye a rest and draw attention to the focal points in the décor. But occasionally, there’s an awkward corner that needs a little something. If your attention is drawn to a blank corner again and again, Then the blankness is a distracting spot that needs to be styled. If you don’t know what to do with these dead spaces in your homes, read on…
·       Create a sitting area –  A corner is the perfect spot for a little accent chair or a small sectional or L shaped sofa. Be sure to choose something that isn’t too bulky, or the corner will look crowded.
·       Place a floor lamp - Floor lamps are incredible home décor accents that brighten up corners instantly.  A floor lamp can reach over your couch and also create a delicate glow that gives the ambience perfect warmth.
·       Place Some Plants - If you're not interested in building shelves or doing something dramatic, add a plant. In addition to all their other beneficial qualities, plants are also beautifully sculptural. They add dimension, texture, and a much-needed dose of greenery.
·        Find a Round Table or Console - A round table can fit nicely into compact corners. Add two chairs and you have yourself a nice spot to have your breakfast.
·        Angle the Television - TVs are awkward anyway. You may as well kill two birds with one stone and combine the two. Placing one in the corner gets it out of the way, and fills an otherwise empty space.
·       Create a Reading Spot - Nothing is cosier than wedging yourself into a small space that mentally hugs you as you curl up in a comfy chair and read.
·       Make it Special - Focal points are not always over the sofa or fireplace. Turn an unassuming corner into something unique, with the help of dramatic decor, such as a hanging rattan chair.
·       Find a Corner Cabinet or Table - There's a reason these things exist. Somebody at some point in time got smart and built a piece of furniture that nestles perfectly into corners, taking up the least amount of space possible.
·        Wrap a Window - If you are renovating and can try, add one corner window. The glass spans two walls and completely opens up the view.
·       Add Some Shelves – Shelves are a great idea if you need to squeeze in more storage space for your stuff. Corner shelves allow you to make the most out of awkward spaces without spending too much.
·       Create a Gallery Wall- You don't need a large wall for your dream gallery a corner works nicely. Create an eye-catching display of your family pictures or paintings.
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