Sunday, 10 December 2017

Using old bottles for décor

Do you have a lot of empty bottles lying around in your house? Well, now you don’t need to throw them away as they can be tweaked into great inexpensive décor items. They not only look appealing, but add charm to your décor too.
·       Plain bottles are meant to be painted. Pick an art form of your choice and start painting! Glass paints or acrylic paints work best.
·       If you are bored of letting those fairy lights hanging on the curtain rods or across a wall, put them inside a bottle instead! You can either cut the base of your bottle or insert them through the opening itself. Plug it to a nearby switch and your fairy lights bottle is ready and glowing!
·       Do you have beaded chains and anklets lying in your jewellery box? Take them out to decorate your bottles. Wind them around the bottles to create a beautiful piece for your study table. You can mix-and-match sizes and colours to create a textural interest.
·       You can yarn a bottle to create a colourful rustic vase for your table. All you need is a colourful ball of yarn, glue and some patience.
·       Empty bottles make for good holders, too. You can keep them on your tables and in the kitchen to stock pens, brushes and other stationery items. If you don't like it plain, paint them or wrap colourful tapes around them.
·       Thought of making lights with old wine bottles? Bottle chandeliers are not just fancy, but create an ambience, too. You can create a bottle chandelier according to the size of your room. A sculptural row of hanging lights is the perfect accent for a kitchen island or breakfast bar. Select recycled beer or wine bottles of similar colour, size, and shape, put a small light inside each one, and suspend them from the ceiling. You can even make table lamps with old bottles.
·       Simply place a plant or long-stemmed flowers in a bright coloured bottle on your desk or by the window to add a vibrant look to the place. You can also do a vertical garden that makes for a solution to a space-challenged home.
·       Create a picture frame with an old bottle. Clean a glass bottle and fill the base with stones, pebbles or shells. Next, take a photograph, roll it up and insert it in the bottle, where it’ll unfurl. Lo and behold! You have a beautiful picture frame. Group a couple of them in different shapes and sizes and you’ll have a stunning display.
·        Just slice the bottom off three wine bottles of different shapes and sizes, and pop each one over a tea light. Group them together on a mantel or table top for a flexible, easy-to-make centrepiece.
·       Small empty liquor bottles are a great alternative for the traditional salt and pepper shakers. It can jazz up your dining area and serve as a conversation starter. Just punch holes to the caps and you are good to go!
·       For added privacy, create a glass wall with recycled wine bottles and metal pipe. Drill a hole through the bottom of each bottle, and then thread the metal pipe through them in a pattern that pleases you. The light and reflections on the bottles will change throughout the day, so you’ll never tire of looking at your DIY masterpiece.

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