Monday, 18 December 2017

Insomnia? Maybe your bedroom décor is to be blamed!

We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, but sometimes it is much easier said than done. Have trouble sleeping? Find yourself feeling uncomfortable in your bed and don't know why? You're not alone! Insomnia is a common sleep disorder. You can blame the stress of your life, the television, or your snoring husband, but the truth is that the cure can lie in something as simple as how your bedroom has been decorated! 
·       Choose calming, serene shades to soothe you to sleep. While brightly coloured or dark bedrooms can look edgy and cool, they're not ideal for someone who's struggling with their sleeping pattern. Serene, sleepy colours like cream, lilac, peach and lemon can help create a balanced feel to the room, as well as keeping our minds calm and collected.
·        To feel balanced and be cantered on sleeping, place your bed against a solid wall and facing away from openings such as doors and windows.
·       Clearing the room of clutter will also clear your mind from stress and intrusive thoughts. When you clean up the space around your bed and avoid filling up your bed side table with various items, you'll find you feel calmer at night.
·        Switch out your bright fluorescent lights for soothing warm lighting. Bright white lighting can make us feel more awake. Buy dimmer switches that allow you to control light in your room and turn it off when it's time to sleep. Also make sure your room is set up in a way you can navigate in the dark!
·       Pay attention to the temperature in your room. If it is too hot or too cold you will find yourself constantly tossing and turning.
·       If the sun wakes you up in the morning it's one thing if you prefer it that way, if you're waking up too early because of the light, it may be time to change blinds.
·       Decorate your bedroom with personal items like pictures, posters, special knickknacks that inspire you and make you feel a sense of comfort and familiarity.
·       Consider your other senses too. You might wish to include candles, incense or wax melts in a scent you find relaxing. Many associate lavender with sleep due to its calming properties, while others enjoy warming, cosy scents like vanilla. Whichever you choose, make it personal to you.
·       Don't be too extravagant when decorating your bed! Beds with too many pillows or overly heavy comforters excite the brain too much and will keep you awake.
·        A poor-quality mattress can disrupt your sleep. If you don’t want to spend too much then a less expensive option is a memory foam mattress topper. They can make even the oldest, used mattresses feel like new again. 
·        Also take a look at your pillow. When was the last time you bought a new one? 
·        Avoid distractions by removing all electronics from your room. I understand the craving for watching television, using your laptop and having your smart phone in the bedroom, but believe me, they only make matters worse. 
·       Do you live with kids or pets? Do you live on a busy street with heavy traffic noises? Maybe you should consider soundproofing your room.
Follow these tips and create a sleep friendly bedroom for yourself today!

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