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Door hardware

 looking for an inexpensive way to add some style to your home, door handles are perfect. They are small and affordable, but they make a huge impact throughout your home. In addition to this, they are also very convenient to buy and will add to the functionality of any door in your home. With such a wide variety of themes to choose from you will definitely be able to find the perfect handle for your home.
Speaking in the broader sense, generally there are two types of handles: external/outdoor handles and indoor/interior door handles. The exterior handles are utilized on all main entrances to the home such as front door, back door, side door or service door. On the other hand, interior handles are used on the doors inside the house/office like kitchen doors, cabinet doors and toilet doors.

The use of door handles to compliment a design theme is an art that is sometimes overlooked in these days. From the front door to the back door, visitors to your home will use – and consequently notice your door handles, and they should not be neglected in the overall vision for your home. For example, the door knocker and the front door handle are the first thing any visitor will see or use in your home. This first impression can be used to your advantage to create the look you are after.
Starting with the front door, it is easy to research and find front door handles to create a particular impression. Antique black door handles can be used to give a sense of a traditional welcome and work well to compliment other period features of your home, whether genuinely old or recreated as part of a stylistic vision. Similarly, with the use of other materials, a brass door knocker can be an excellent accessory with many ornamental designs available – many of which are themed into Georgian, Victorian or modern door handle ranges. You can even choose to have a similar door handle on your front door to those inside your house, but only bigger than the rest. This will allow you to keep the same style but at the same time also add a small difference to these entrances.
In living and dining rooms, carefully chosen door knobs can help create any theme, from clean, sleek modern stainless-steel door fittings to rustic, antique black door knobs that give a country feel. There are a range of inexpensive, attractive porcelain door knobs, together with polished wood door knobs that can fit in nicely with existing or new colour schemes and styles. The ever-popular Edwardian door knobs with brass back plates give a period, feel together with style and longevity.
Moving into the kitchen, it is easy to select cabinet handles and door knobs which can revitalize existing kitchen furniture. Sometimes it can be as easy as the selection of chrome cabinet handles to lift the look and giving a more modern feel. Similarly, traditional kitchens can be given a face lift with antique brass or pewter cupboard knobs – particularly effective when cabinet doors are stripped back to the wood. Usually, knob ranges will have matching fittings for draws and cupboards, allowing for example – porcelain drawer pull handles to be included with porcelain cupboard knobs.
The current trends for bathrooms focus on modern, contemporary looks, usually with polished chrome or stainless-steel handles and accessories. Again, door knob and fitting manufacturers tend to design matching ranges of fittings – meaning door knobs, bathroom cabinet handles, soap baskets, robe hooks, towel rails, soap dispensers and shelves can be purchased as part of a complementary range.
Door handles are made from a variety of materials such as cast brass, sheet aluminum alloy, metal sheet and wood. The door handles made from cast brass material may be copper finished, nickel or chrome plated, bright satin finished and antique finished. The sheet aluminum alloy handles are available in finishes like matt, dyed, satin bright or natural finishes.
While selecting the color and design of the door handle, make sure that it matches well with the overall interior of your home or office. If you live near the sea, then your door hardware has to be able to withstand the elements. Look for premium materials like stainless steel that are salt resistant and will stand up to the test of time. No matter where you are located, your door hardware needs to be long lasting and remain operable for as long as you need it to.
Always buy these handles in bulk, so that you have these available whenever you need to replace one throughout your home. You can easily replace a broken handle in the future if you have similar ones available.

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