Friday, 24 November 2017

Small indoor gardens (in the absence of balconies)/Urban Oasis

Living in an apartment that lacks balconies or one that has a very small outdoor space? No problem. With a bit of creativity, you can yet have a garden and bring the outdoors to you. The trend to bring the outdoors into the apartments is gaining momentum and there are many ways you can transform your space into an urban oasis.
·       Add a plant shelf- If you don’t wish to group your plants on the floor, an easy and stylish alternative is to add a plant shelf. Choose different sizes of pots and plants to display on your shelf.
·       Pallets and crates- A cheap and pocket friendly way of adding some rustic charm to your d├ęcor is to use pallets and crates to grow your plants.
·       Hanging Planters- Don’t have enough floor space? Look towards the ceiling! Suspended flowerpots look awesome. Use stylish planters suspended with rope or chains, either same length or varying in lengths to create a stunning view.
·       Terrariums - Succulents work especially well for these and due to their size and trendy aesthetic, terrariums have the advantage of looking good almost anywhere.
·       Add a green wall –  A green wall is comprised of plants grown in supported vertical systems that are generally attached to an internal or external wall, although in some cases can be freestanding. Green walls provide an attractive design feature to your interiors and also improve air quality.
·       Nestle small plants by your kitchen window – Use tin cans or mason jars to grow herbs on your kitchen counter or windowsill.
·       Take advantage of the space below the stairs - There are many ways to turn that space under your stairs into a display. If the stairs are tall enough, you can group pots of varying heights and create a beautiful display.
·       Convert a single big tile into a garden- Don't give up hope if all you have at home are polished tile flooring and no spare soil even for just the littlest of gardens. Just one big square tile patch in the centre or corner of a room can be converted into a mini rock or zen garden.
·       Bottle garden - A bottle garden is a self-watering mini indoor garden. Using any type of bottle, from a beer bottle to large wine bottles, you can create a unique conversation piece that doubles as an indoor garden. If you’re busy and don’t want to add more plants to water to your to-do list, consider a low-maintenance bottle garden.
·       Use old dressers and shoe racks as planters - Have you ever imagined creating a mini garden with the abandoned shoe rack or a small dresser at your place? You can use each rack for different species of herbs, thereby crafting out a startling yet amazing mini garden.
One can experiment to a great extent with the above mentioned indoor garden ideas….so go ahead and give it a try!

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