Monday, 16 October 2017


Diwali is a festival of light and all things bright!! Diwali decorations are huge and every house is completely lit up during the festival. From tube lights to earthen lamps, the Diwali home decor makes the festival look all the more colourful and bright. Start your Diwali decorations by first cleaning your house thoroughly. During the festive season preference is mostly given to a more traditional decor style.
·       Decorate your home in bright colours. Reds, maroons, pinks, oranges, yellows and gold are the favourite options.
·       Re-arrange your furniture and try to make your room look different. If you can’t get your whole house repainted, try painting just one wall as an accent wall or give your walls a new look by wallpapering it or hanging a bright painting.
·       Use a lot of bright coloured silk and brocade in the form of cushions, table mats, runners etc. You can also use your old discarded sarees for this purpose.  Throw in a few bright coloured rugs and you’re set to welcome the festive season!
·       This Diwali try and help the artisans keep the art of terracotta alive. Keep it simple, keep it inexpensive, keep it eco-friendly and colourful. You can use terracotta articles just about anywhere in the house and get an instant festive feel.
·       Use a lot of diyas around the house. You get a variety of diyas in all shapes, colours and sizes. Try decorating some on your own. Make one arrangement with diyas indoors using flowers and a multi layered terracotta diya stand. This looks simply stunning. Decorate the house with various terracotta items and statues. Terracotta does not have to be boring, you can find beautifully painted item to match your colour schemes. 
·       Decorate your puja room with idols of ganesh ji and lakshmi ji. Place beautifully painted huts called "hathni"s and prepare a beautiful puja thali. The Chhaj, is a part of the puja rites and beautiful ones in terracotta are available in the markets.
·       On Diwali, your entrances need to be exceptionally beautiful and welcoming. Beautify your entrance by hanging torans over your main door and make a beautiful rangoli on the floor. Add diyas to your rangoli to give it a more stunning look. You can also make a beautiful design by using flower petals.
·       Add a pretty bowl of water with flower petals and floating candles to create a magical look.
·       Use a lot of terracotta pots in different shapes and colours in your garden/verandas. Also place beautiful figurines in between plants. In Indian homes, it is very common to see the Hindu deities made of Terracotta, especially of Lord Ganesha. You will find terracotta statues of Lord Ganesha in varied postures. During auspicious occasions like Diwali, terracotta deities of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh are flooded in the market. Highlight them by placing fresh flowers and diyas around them.
·       Put up lanterns and bells in your gardens or entrance areas to add a dash of colour.  A cluster of small bells can be beautifully used as a wind chime as well.
·       If your decor is more modernistic then fret not as the Diwali fervor can be incorporated in this decor too. Scented candles are a great option to decorate your home with. Your indoors will not only look good but smell good as well. These come in various shapes, sizes and colours. You can also make your own scented candles in earthen diyas or small glass containers.
·       Glass oil lamps are a great choice for modern decor. They have coloured oils of different density mixed together. They are very chic and stylish and yet add a dash of colour and a lot of light to your home.
·       Designer and decorative lanterns are a rage, Low voltage luminaries such as handcrafted lanterns, post lanterns, wall lanterns, hanging lanterns, landscape lanterns and chandeliers are in trend this year. These lanterns are available in a variety of materials.
·       You can pick up lanterns made of cloth that are beautifully decorated with embroidered motifs and decorative mirrors. Moroccan Lanterns are perfect way to bring a unique and subtle touch to an outdoor patio or front-door entrance or to create a magnificent entryway. Paper lanterns are also an ideal way to decorate your home with this Diwali. Coloured glass or stained-glass lanterns add a mystic charm to any decor. Wood and cane lanterns are also easily available and look good.
·        These lanterns can be lit with candles from within or if you prefer u can have a low voltage bulb installed in them. If you have a lawn area, hang 3-5 lanterns in varying lengths from a tree to create an amazing effect.
·       With Diwali come the sweets and dry fruits that are a must to welcome your guests. Make the display special. Decorate your table with bright coloured table sheets or runners and napkins. Display your food along with beautifully decorated flowers and tea-lights. For a traditional look you can use brass plates and glasses or serve sweets on a banana leaf. You can also burn candles in small glasses filled with rose petals or broken glass bangles.
·       As times change so do our choices and priorities. Since a few years a trend to have a smoke free Diwali is catching up. People are contributing their bit by decorating with energy efficient electrical lights. The markets are flooded with varieties of string and rope lights. These are in demand as they are faster to install, cleaner and safer. You can drape rice lights around tree trunks or over small shrubs to create a cheerful atmosphere. Illuminate railings and handrails of your house or the perimeter of your front door. Add a few dancing light balls along with the usual strings of light and be innovative. Don’t just stick to white light, add multi coloured lights to make your house look festive.
·       Lastly, Use a lot of fresh flowers in the house to make it look more welcoming. So, without burning a hole in your pocket you can make your home a neighbor’s envy this year.

Diwali is the best time to bring out your creativity, so get started and wish you all  a very happy diwali!!

Sukhmani Bhore
(Interior & Landscape designer)

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