Saturday, 9 September 2017

Decorative Stair Raisers

Depending on their placement in your home, your stairs can be a prominent decorative feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. The stair risers present a unique opportunity to decorate your space and give your staircase a fresh, new look. In addition, decorating the stair risers is a fantastic way to add individual character to the staircase design and enhance the overall style of your home decor. Transform an ordinary staircase and make it into a work of art. When choosing the type of material and the design you need to take into consideration the colour scheme of the interior design, the type of the staircase, the available lighting and  the mood you want to create.
What Is A Stair Riser?
While you may think about your stairs as one complete set, there are many parts that make up your stairs. The stair riser and tread are the two major parts that make up a staircase. The stair tread is what your foot lands on as you walk up the stairs and the riser is the vertical support that fills the space between each tread.
1.    Wallpaper Stair Risers - If there’s a pattern you love and want to incorporate it into your home, wallpaper is a great option to incorporate a seamless look into your home. You can also use different patterns of wallpaper for a jazzier look. Textured wallpaper is currently the most used for this purpose.
2.   Painted Stair Risers - Paint allows you to get creative and find the exact match to your home’s décor. It can also be an easy and fun weekend DIY project. If you can’t decide on a painted stair colour, Mix it up! Utilize a blend of your favourite hues to create a unique look for your stair riser décor. Paint each riser a different colour. If you want a cohesive look in your room, solid colour painted stairs are the way to go. The hottest look in painted stairs right now is the Ombre style. This takes a lighter colour and transitions it to a darker shade with each step. 
3.   Tile Stair Risers - When it comes to decorative stair risers, tile is a beautiful and durable option that will add a unique look to your staircase. Mexican tiles and mosaic tiles are a popular option.
4.   Stair Riser Vinyl Decals - From your favourite saying to an intricate pattern, stair riser vinyl decals are an easy way to instantly change the look of your stairwell. Most stair riser decals peel and stick directly on to your stair riser. You can use them as the full decoration or use them in addition to your new painted stair colour. The bonus is that these can be changed very easily, so if you like to change your look often, this is likely the best option!
5.   Stencil Stair Risers – Stencils are a fun way to add personality to a wall without breaking the bank. Adding a fine detail stencil design to stair risers takes stair risers from ordinary to statement piece. This is a small paint job but a longer-lasting option, so be sure it’s a pattern you love! 
6.   Metal work - Metal gives a modern look to your stairs and gives you a peek at what hides beneath.
7.   Stained Glass - The most beautiful stair risers you will ever see are those made of stained glass.

( these stained glass stairs have been handcrafted by France Vitrail International in Paris)

8.   Book Lover’s Paradise - Recreate the spines of your favourite books, going the whole way up your staircase.
9.   Specialty Slats- Get specialty slats that pop easily into place on your stair risers
10.         Multiple Mini Mirrors - Sheets of slightly irregular mosaic mirrors bounce light around and add exotic flair.
Decorating the stair risers can really draw attention to an otherwise boring or forgotten space. You can easily add some dynamic visual interest with just a little bit of creativity…!!


  1. Hello, those stained glass stairs has been handmade by France Vitrail International© : arts crafts glass studio in Paris. Add our name on it please. Greetings