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Kids room curtain options

When deciding on curtains for children's bedrooms, take account of both the purpose they will serve and the décor of the room. Give your kids’ windows a personality of their own with fun kids curtains. If you’re in the process of redecorating your child’s room, these pointers will help guide you in making the right choice.
·      If all of your children have their own rooms then you should consider your child’s age and gender while choosing curtains for each one of them. As they get older boys and girls tend to like different things, so picking scarlet red curtains with a delicate flower pattern for your boy’s room is an obvious No! When your kids share the same room, try gender-neutral colours or solid colours and patterns that will appeal to different genders and ages.
·      Keep in mind the choice and interest of your child. Curtains with patterns of butterflies, cars, cartoon characters etc. work well and add a bit of excitement.
·      If the room is decorated on a theme, then its best to stick to the theme. In theme decoration however, remember if there are too many patterns involved by means of the wallpaper, rug or the bed coverings, then it is best to go for neutral or solid colour curtains.
·      You should also consider thick or heavy curtains for a kids’ room, as this will block out more light for young children.
·      Make sure the curtains you choose do not have cords that hang down. These cords can be rather dangerous for young kids; you should similarly avoid curtains accessories with any small pieces that could be pulled off and swallowed.
·      The size of the kid’s room curtains depends on the general design of the room as well as your intentions as the designer. However, the longer the curtains, the higher the risk your toddler will pull them.
·      Choose a fabric that is easy to wash. Cotton, linen, polyester and certain fabric blends can be chosen for the kids room. They wash well and are easy to maintain.
·      Add interesting and innovative curtain poles for the room to add a bit of drama. Fancy and funky curtain poles enhance the look of your kids’ room decor.
·      Curtain hooks and rings for kids’ room come in different styles. To make kids’ room appealing, you can choose from a wide range of stylish hooks and rings.
·      Curtain tiebacks are used to tie curtains with windows so that the light can come in. You can make tiebacks of same fabric for curtains. For a dramatic look, make tiebacks of contrasting or opposite materials. For a girl’s room you may even use bright coloured ribbons.
·      Tassels offer style to your kids’ curtains. They are easy to attach and are available in different colors. Attractive colors of tassels make your kids’ curtains eye-catching.
·      Valances for the kids room are a great choice as well. They make the window treatments stand out.

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