Friday, 11 August 2017


If you have been following the latest trends then you cannot miss the sizzling trend of the laser cut jail or lattice. Lattice has its roots embedded in the ancient Indian and Mughal architecture. Jaali is the term for a perforated stone or latticed screen, usually with an ornamental pattern constructed through the use of calligraphy and geometry.
Early jaali work was built by carving into stone, generally in geometric patterns, while later the Mughals used very finely carved plant-based designs, as at the Taj Mahal.
 Usually associated with the outdoors, jaali can deliver big-time personality to your interiors, without a lot of effort. Providing both decorative and functional aspects, jail or lattice is an affordable and charming trend to incorporate in your décor. Whether you use wooden lattice panels, metal, paint or wallpaper, lattice will bring a hint of the outdoors inside.
·       Utilizing lattice for your décor can be fun. The lattice will provide a new look for an old room. It can also add texture to an otherwise ordinary space and is a great way to create a focal point in your living room as well.
·       You can add lattice to the wall of your living room as an architectural detail, but don’t stop there. Consider adding lattice to the ceiling.
·       Lattice will produce an eye catching one of a kind look to make your room stand out. The lattice can also bring a touch of elegance to your living room.
·       Spruce up an old cabinet by using lattice for the doors. Paint or stain the cabinet, remove the centre panel of the cabinet door and insert the lattice sheet. The lattice cabinet door may be just the thing to restore and create a beautiful new look to the entertainment area of your living room.
·       If you have built in shelves that seem to be lacking any type of personality. Enhance the shelves by adding lattice to the wall between shelves. You’ll find that lattice panels over a painted wall behind the shelves will give it definition and the added pop you’re looking for.
·       You can use lattice as a room divider, sectional screen or even over a mirror to provide depth and glamour to the décor. 
·       Delicate laser cut wood motifs can be brought to life with a backlight. The more intricate the jaali work the more stunning the effect.
·       Laser cut wood designs can also be used to make a stylish statement on your existing walls.  Install a set of laser cut wood panels in your living room for a jaw-dropping update.
·       Play with the interiors by hanging planters to the jaali cut outs and making it look like a living wall.
·       Fabrics and wallpapers with the lattice motif are largely popular and blend well with fresh colours.  Lattice patterns and scales are varied, making it easily adaptable to any decorating project.  Against white-painted furniture, lattice patterned fabric is fresh and light.  Any room in the home benefits from the visual lift a lattice patterned wallpaper provides.
So, go ahead and try adding this element to your décor and watch the transformation.  It’s a great decorative tool that can add culture and complexity to any room.

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