Saturday, 22 July 2017

Glass bricks/blocks

Glass bricks are actually a three-dimensional glass block. Traditionally, these blocks are made from two units of ½” to 1” thick glass, each representing half a block, which are heat-fused together. A pocket of air is trapped in the space created between them. You can also find glass blocks suitable for floors, but these have different properties. Glass blocks inject surprising style into interiors and exteriors alike. Glass blocks are a popular building material, made of recycled glass and adorned with creative designs, glass blocks are ecofriendly products for modern homes that are very decorative also. Glass blocks come in various sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and designs, and it is easy to match your interior design colors and style.
 Here is how you can use glass bricks in your home-
·       Glass blocks are durable and requires minimal maintenance, when compared to conventional glasses, they are durable and scratch resistant, fire resistant, and difficult to break too!
·       Glass bricks can be used for windows. These windows will not loose heat as much as normal windows do because they will be sealed all the way around and by virtue of their thickness, and the air trapped in them, they are very energy efficient.
·       Like any other window, light will pass through them but it will be more defused.
·       Unlike traditional windows these do not open and are thus safer.
·       For basements, glass block windows are an ideal choice.
·       Glass blocks work especially well in the bathroom, because they provide privacy while still letting light pass through. A bonus: They are easy to clean!
·        You can use glass blocks to build walls or partial walls in your house. You can replace existing non-load bearing walls with glass walls to make your area look spacious and well lit.
·       Where ever you require a partition, use glass brick walls. They give you your privacy as well as keep the place well lit.
·       In the kitchen, you can make an entire glass brick counter or use them as a back splash.
·       Glass blocks can instantly uplift the office aura with their clean, clear defining lines and their cost effective means to illuminate dark enclosed spaces. Providing sound protection, they make amazing office and meeting rooms.
·       Glass bricks are available in pavers for floors so that light from a terrace above can flow into a basement below. They can be used as skylights.
·       Cap a short glass block wall with a counter top, and you have yourself a beautiful bar. 
·       They can also be used in unique ways around the home. With a small light kit, found at most hardware stores, a used glass brick can be made into a soft, radiant light fixture. Simply place the light into the hollowed-out center of the block. It can be painted first for added color, or to dim the light. Try painting on decorations, such as butterflies or animals, and use as a children's night light.
·       With both an organic, and modern appeal, glass blocks look attractive almost anywhere. They can be used on bookshelves as bookends or as an eye-catching paperweight.
·       Sections of glass block pavers can visually break up dark decking material and make a space feel lighter. Glass pavers are different from glass blocks used in vertical applications, and they must be installed in a special grid apparatus—but they achieve the same stunning design.
·       You can also use them as retaining walls in the garden or make benches for your portico.

Sukhmani (Interior and Landscape designer)

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