Saturday, 10 June 2017

Decorating with lace Fabric and Patterns

Lace is making a huge impact on our living spaces. No longer reserved for the tops of old ladies' sofas or for dresser-top doilies, lace is making its way back into homes as a decor trend.
Lace fabrics are beautiful home decorating materials that can attractively decorate furniture and accessories, lighting fixtures, floor and walls. Lace automatically brings texture to a space, visual as well as actual. Lace fabric patterns are pleasant and romantic, offering wonderful, soft and tender room decorating ideas for any age, gender or interior style.
 Belgium is the birthplace of lace. Many new techniques and styles of lace fabrics have been created in this country. You can apply lace fabric anywhere in your home. 

Lace throws and pillows look fabulous on beds. Combined with bedding fabrics in contrasting colours, lace throws and pillow cases add beautiful contrasts to room decorating and enhance romantic bedroom decor. Lace fabric is a stylish choice for making attractive window curtains, room dividers and creative door or wall decoration ideas with hanging, free flowing beautiful pieces of fabric.
Lace pillows are charming and very decorative, adding elegance and grace to room decorating ideas. Knitted, crochet or fake lace patterns look fantastic on any home fabrics, decorating room furniture, windows or lamp shades with unique touches.
Wall decorating with lace fabrics and patterns are ideal for kids rooms and bedroom decor. Combined with pleasant paint colour or contrasting home fabrics, lace patterns create amazing centerpieces that bring originality and romantic accents into room decorating. High quality lace fabric and doilies patterns are wonderful wall decoration ideas for your living room, hallway, bathroom or bedroom interiors. Beautiful lace and white or black doilies patterns are the latest trends for wall decoration that can be used in various attractive ways to make your wall decoration look unique, stylish and personal.
Transparent lace curtain fabrics are traditional window treatments that add cosiness and spaciousness to room decorating. Window curtains made of lace fabrics fill home interior with charm, blending attractive decor accessories in shabby chic or country home style into modern room decorating.
Lace fabrics are excellent for making home decorations. Framed or stretched on canvas in contrasting colour, pieces of lace fabrics look very attractive, adding spectacular wall decorations to home interiors.
Lace fabric patterns are wonderful for painting wooden floors, decorating walls and creating unique ceiling designs with paint and modern wallpaper. Lace fabric patterns are great for decorating room furniture, creating artworks that make a statement and add drama to room decor.
Lamp shades adorned with lace look amazing. Any lighting fixtures, from candle holders to table lamps and ceiling lights can be decorated with beautiful and romantic lace fabrics. Storage boxes and glass vases can be turned into unique and charming home decorations with pieces of lace fabrics. Room decorating that feature these crafts feel exclusive, romantic and charming, offering aesthetically appealing and modern decor accessories that are practical, functional and original.
Worn lace table clothes or old curtains can be used for creative wall decoration ideas that add character to your home decor and help recycle fabrics.
Sukhmani (interior and landscape designer)

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