Wednesday, 3 May 2017


We all need to be fit in order to look and feel good. Sport and relaxation should be important part of life of each of us. If you are disciplined and self motivated, then the decision to have a home gym will be one you will be proud of. It gives you the convenience and comfort to work out in the privacy of your home. A well-designed gym will not only encourage you to work out, it'll also encourage you to maximize your effort once you're cranking through reps.
·       Firstly, find the best place to setup a gym. It can be a spare room or the basement.
·       Make a proper layout before you go shopping for equipment. Don’t cram up the area. Cramped rooms will cramp your motivation. Place all the heavy and tall equipment along the wall and keep the center free for small equipment or for free style exercising.
·        When you purchase equipment, make sure they are safe, compact and versatile. As you will mostly be working out alone you should make sure that you are investing in the right type of equipment.
·       Make sure the room is well ventilated and has enough natural lighting. Choose a room that has large windows or one that overlooks a patio. You need to maintain proper air quality and temperature.
·       Rubber flooring are ideal for gyms as there is no fear of scratches and is gentle on your joints.
·       Use bright and energizing colours like oranges and yellows. Avoid muted colours as they are known to relax.
·       Place full length mirrors on one wall. These not only make the room appear bigger but help you keep a track on your moves.
·       Hang motivational posters or fitness related images on your walls to keep you motivated.
·       Add an entertainment system like a TV or a music system. We know that great tunes help energize you during a workout. Keep sufficient electrical sockets for them.
·       A gym should never be dull and dingy, therefore install proper lighting. Ceiling lights are best for gyms.
·       Install a wall clock to time your workouts.
·       Keep a small fridge to keep all your energy drinks and water to keep you hydrated during your workouts.
·       Install shelving units to store all your towels, CDs, dumbbells etc. Keep everything organised.
·       Add 1-2 live plants. They not only look good but also help keep the air clean and fresh.
·       You may want to add a comfy lounge chair to relax post workout.
By making your workout area more attractive, you will be more likely to actually use it!!

Sukhmani Bhore
Interior & Landscape designer

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