Saturday, 15 April 2017

How to use the colour of the year- Greenery

Colour company Pantone has revealed a zesty shade of green as its colour of the year for 2017. The colour, named Greenery, is described by Pantone as a "tangy yellow-green" often seen in foliage. This fresh yellow-green shade evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive and restore.
 So the experts have spoken and green is a growing trend. We are already seeing it starting to show up in new fabric launches, botanical wallpapers, housewares and furniture and we are expecting to see more it over the next few weeks.
 The colour palette of greenery can be used on walls to create incredibly dramatic rooms. Keep in mind that an overuse of this colour will kill its freshness. If you’re not too sure about how much to use, go instead for a wallpaper with just a hint of greenery. Botanical patterns will add life to your living room.  For the best results, keep in mind that ‘greenery’ will work best as a highlight colour, against a neutral backdrop.
You can also use greenery to simply enhance your existing design. Adding smaller touches of greenery can add a pop of brightness and a bit of freshness to your home. You can use small decor pieces like Rugs, table settings, paintings and throw pillows to add the colour to an otherwise neutral room.
Greenery is a very versatile colour and can be paired with grey, black, navy blue, white or warm neutrals. To create a very luxe look, pair different shades of green together. You don't need to match the exact colour to create a cohesive interior.

Nothing embodies Greenery more than plants and lush vegetation. Bring the outdoors in. Add lots of plants like ferns, succulents and cacti and this will give an instant injection of green to your interiors. Leafy green, when paired with a wood tone, brings a nice organic vibe to a room. The palette really lends an outdoorsy quality to interior spaces, giving them an indoor-outdoor connection.

Green elements need to have depth and texture to add richness to a space.  Flat pops of green colour, on the other hand, can often look a bit immature. Use rich materials such as leathers and velvets which both reflect and absorb light to add drama and depth. 
Play around with what you already have and find a style that works for you when it comes to using this latest trend colour. Your home should reflect your taste, personality and be ever changing, just like you. Don’t be afraid …give it a go.


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