Friday, 3 March 2017

Fabric on walls


looking to add some extra texture, pattern and colour to your space, skip the traditional wallpaper and create a feature wall with fabric instead. Wallpaper is nice, but it can be extremely hard to remove. If you’re one who likes frequent change, then it can become a hassle. The difference with fabric is that it can be removed much more easily when you’re ready for a change. Turn a plain wall into an on-trend feature wall with your favourite designer fabric. This look can be completed in just a few hours and looks awesome.
 Keep in mind that large repetitive patterns often require more yards, depending on how big the wall is. Be sure to measure properly before making any final purchases. Although you can put fabric anywhere, it tends to work best in areas of low traffic, as well as in rooms where it won’t be exposed to water or cooking odours.
If a full wall is too much for you, try installing fabric to only a section like the back of the bed and add a border trim. This way the room will not look overbearing. You can also hang panels covered with your favourite fabrics to create beautiful backdrops.
Choose fabrics that complement your decorating style and enhance the room’s atmosphere. An old, distressed window frame filled with vintage quilt panels adds character and charm to a cottage or shabby chic bedroom. Hemp, jute, bamboo or grass cloth fabric panels work well in an eco-friendly or nature themed room. Shiny, metallic fabric panels in hues of gold, bronze and copper are striking accents in an ultra-modern bedroom. Silk and satin can provide a feeling of luxury in an upscale, formal room. Add dramatic flair in a Victorian-style bedroom with plush velvet and feminine lace panels. Look for complementary patterns and motifs. Eclectic or ethnic-themed rooms can be enhanced with colourful Moroccan fabrics, Indian saris or ikat fabrics.
One word of caution though, this can be a fire hazard. Be very careful of where your electric cords/appliances are if you're considering doing this project.

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