Thursday, 19 January 2017

Safe Tread

Accidents on stairs can be fatal. 80% of accidents on stairs occur while descending as a result of overstep. If the tread is narrow, the risk of a slip is greater. This is further increased if the floor surface is wet or lack of visual contrast at the step edge. Stair edgings provide the perfect solution for reducing these risks. They provide slip resistance even on narrow steps. You can pick from a range of colours and different materials to suit your décor styles.
Many homeowners often ask what the purpose of stair nosing is and why should they spend money to invest on it. The answer is quite simple. Just try to walk up and down a staircase with a nosing fitted and then one without it. Which one feels safer for you and your family to walk on?
Stair nosing is being used at staircases for different purposes, and safety is definitely the number one reason but not the only.
Points to keep in mind –
·      Whatever material you choose, make sure it’s a tight fit to the step to ensure that the profile does not lift or rock during use.
·      There are four main stair nosing shapes. Square, Rake Back, Kinked Face and Bullnose. Kinked face profiles can be used on square and some rake back stairs.
·      The gauge (thickness) of the stair nosing should be a flush finish to the floor covering to avoid a trip hazard being created. When used with soft floor coverings such as carpet, the gauge should achieve a flush finish with the compressed thickness of the floor covering.
·      Double and multiple channels are suitable for stairs with a large going, especially if they are subject to heavy volumes of foot traffic e.g. railway stations, supermarkets, department stores, and hospitals. When specifying double channel stair nosings, both inserts should be of the same colour and be of a contrasting colour to the surrounding floor finish.
·      Select the right strip based on whether the stairs are indoors or outdoors.
·      An insert provides a surface that creates friction between the sole of the shoe and the step edge, hence providing slip-resistance and reducing the risk of slip on stairs.
So if you wish to improve stair safety in your home, install one today…!!
(Interior and Landscape Designer)

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