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Pink has always been thought of as a colour best suited for a girls’ bedroom. This is no longer the trend today. Pink is now seen everywhere in home décor. It adds freshness, vitality and Pizzazz…BUT you need to know how to use it and where.
·      Use Pink as a Surprise in your Design.  Add pink in a small and controlled spaces and blend with a lot of white, creams or light grey.
·      If you love to entertain, then a hot rich Pink in your Dining room is the perfect solution.  It complements your guests, reflects a beautiful light during day and evening, it psychologically encourages conversation and your appetite and most of all, it sets the stage for a brilliant and successful dinner party.
·      Mix Pink with a metallic silver or gold to give it a more sophisticated and luxurious feeling.  It softens the pink while adding a sense of exclusivity. 
·      If you are afraid to paint pink, upholster in pink or do anything “larger” in pink.  Then try using one bold and powerful Pink accessory in a room to act as a punctuation mark in the space.
·      Pink can be paired with other colours, including chocolate brown, black, mint green, and white to create a variety of moods. When paired with a masculine hue like navy blue, pink can add a feminine balance. Pairing pink with black and white is a designer classic.
·      Keep in mind, pink has the tendency to go too sweet too soon, so if you don't want that romantic, girly look, keep lines simple and clean and use sophisticated fabrics.
·      Aren’t ready for a complete pink overhaul? Pink throw pillows offer just the right amount of colour, and feel fun and fresh on a living room couch.
·      There’s something effortlessly glamorous about pairing up pink and leopard print in a home. Try a pink piece of furniture with leopard pillows, a pink chair next to a leopard rug, or even bedding that mixes and matches pink and leopard.
·      Pink flowers make a great accent, particularly in an otherwise neutral space.
·      You don’t have to stick to just one shade! Experiment mixing pastel pink, fuchsia, and dark pink to come up with a totally unique room. Pink, purple, and red are next to each other on the colour wheel. Combining these colours makes for a dramatic look that’s good for a living room.
·      Make a cool piece of pink art the focal point of a room in your home.
·      Pink accent chairs are a great way to add a pop of colour in a room that needs an extra touch of pizazz. If you have a kitchen counter or a home bar, you might also consider using pink bar stools, which is a way more fun alternative than the typical brown counter stools.
·      Be gender neutral. Pair masculine furnishings with accessories in preppy pink. This way the room won’t look too girly.
·      Choose edgy graphic print furniture and decor in high-impact shades of pink that are funky and fashionable, rather than sweet florals and other dainty patterns that can sometimes look a little juvenile.

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