Thursday, 8 December 2016

Fabric selection

Are you tired of your plain and solid colours throughout your home? While solids look good, aren’t your interiors more fun when we add whimsical patterns that add visual interest and contrast? Yes! Mixing and matching patterns can enhance the beauty of the room. Combining fabric styles, patterns and colour schemes is the key to a good décor. Here is how you can achieve the look –
·       One of the challenges of mixing and matching patterns is the ability to determine what will look good together and what will clash. Before you concern your mind with pattern, look for a colour palette that you love first.
·       If you can’t decide on a colour, start by finding one fabric you love and use it as your foundation.
·       One of the simplest ways to combine patterns is to choose one coloured pattern combined with white background. Then introduce patterns of that colour in stripes, polka dots, chevron stripes, bold prints, whichever prints create a statement without being an overabundance for the eyes.
·       Let neutral colours become your base when using large prints. Another general rule is to start off with a neutral colour on the walls and flooring and use a few layers of bold prints in either your area rug, or in a few key pieces of furniture. Then fill in your space with neutral coloured sofas, chairs and ottomans to neutralize the room. The bold patterns will work magically!!
·       Generally, lightest colors above, medium values around the middle and darkest colors underfoot. Of course, this rule may be broken for special effects, but it is always one that works and can be counted on for effective value distribution.
·       Don’t use more than three types of patterns or else you will create chaos.
·       Select the fabric based on the usage of the room. Delicate silk and lace are not the right option for a room with heavy activity.
·       Vary the styles and patterns of your fabric. Use a floral mixed with a stripe and add another in check or geometrical design.
·       The scale of all the three patterns should be different. If the floral print is large, use a medium size check with an even smaller third pattern.
·       You can also use the same pattern in varying scales if you so desire.
·       Do not cluster all three in one area of the room. Spread them in at least three different areas to create a balance.
·       Make sure that the base color of all three fabrics is the same or all three patterns have some prominent color common in them.
·       Co-ordinate the sheen of the fabric as well. If using shiny silk, make sure you balance it out with another matt finish fabric and accessories.
·       Depending on décor style you can mix your textures as well.
·       Use small prints in small rooms and large ones in bigger spaces.
·       Big patterns must be used on big size furniture and vise versa.
·       Medium size patterns are the safest to use in case you can’t make up your mind.
·       Choose horizontal or vertical stripes to add height or width to your furniture.
·       Mix linear fabrics with organic patterns. Pay attention to how you are mixing stripes, both horizontal and vertical. If everything you put together is running vertically, substitute in a couple swirly or organic patterns or throw in a horizontal chevron to mix things up.

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