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If men have "man caves" where they can escape, why shouldn't women have their own escapes?  Yes, it’s official: The "she shed" trend is here to stay. More and more ladies are staking claim to backyard sheds as a spot to call their own, whether it be for gardening, crafts or just somewhere to curl up with a good book. If you have a neglected potting shed in your backyard, you're in luck—here is everything you need to know to get you started.
·      If you already have a shed clean it out and give it a fresh coat of paint. Painting it a calming colour like light blue, or a feminine shade of purple or light yellow, will instantly give it new life. If you have a big enough backyard but no shed, you can get one made as per your choice. But first check with your local building codes.
·      Make sure you have enough natural light in your she shed. If windows are small you may install skylights.
·      Get your wiring and electrical fittings done by a professional.
·      You can even add a deck or a porch for a more finished look and add potted plants and some small outdoor furniture.
·      Define the purpose of your shed. The point of a she shed is to have a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby that's important to you.
·      If you're not an avid crafter or gardener, your she shed can simply be used as a quaint place to hang out.
·      You can use the space for yoga or meditation purposes as well. For this you need to keep the décor minimalistic and even add a small water fountain for relaxing.
·      She sheds can also be used as home office. Make sure you add smart storage solutions for all your files and office supplies.
·      Placing your shed in a secluded spot and surrounding it with grassy plants, vines, and window boxes full of flowers. Surround yourself with nature, this helps create a tranquil vibe.
·      Bring the garden inside as well, by decorating with plants and freshly picked flower arrangements.
·      If you are using the shed just for relaxing, add a comfortable chair and plush pillows with feminine floral patterns.
·      Create an interesting entrance. She sheds should have an inviting look, especially if you're hoping to entertain friends there. You can add an arbour some lanterns and earthen pottery.

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