Monday, 21 November 2016

Dressing tables

A dressing table or a vanity table is an important part of a bedroom. It is a place to store the beauty accessories and keep everything at hand in an orderly manner. There was a time when home owners would love to have a large dressing table. Although the focus has now shifted to many other furniture items, still, dressing tables do have a significant place in a bedroom.
·       Typically, Dressing tables are placed in the bedroom, and sometimes - in the spacious hall, in a dressing room or bathroom.
·       If your room is small go in for a built-in dressing table as it will save floor space. Larger rooms can have a free-standing dressing table.
·       Of course, there can be no vanity without a mirror! Make the mirror the focus of your dressing table. A beautiful mirror is a great decor element that can add something special to not just your vanity but the bedroom as well.
·       Lighting is the key. For perfect makeup application is essential to ensure that the daylight reaches the dressing table space. It is undesirable however, to put a dressing table opposite a window as the mirror will reflect the harsh light into the eyes and your face will always be in the shade. Lights must be placed on either side of the mirror to avoid shadows.
·       The color of a dressing table should match your master bed to create a harmonious look.
·       Place the vanity next to an electrical outlet for maximum function. It will be easy to plug-in your hair dryer and use it while sitting in front of the mirror.
·       If your room d├ęcor is contemporary, look for smaller console tables in a contemporary design, painted in a graphic white or black.
·       For a shabby-chic room, paint the vanity with a distressed cream finish. If your room is art deco, look for a vintage vanity with inlaid wood and subtle curved lines.
·       Vanity seating is traditionally a small stool that tucks underneath the dressing table. Use a painted dining room chair for added back support.
·       For a teenager’s room, you can go for a funky look by painting it a hot pink or black and using an animal print on the chair.
·       Accessorize the dressing table in a way that is functional as well as beautiful. When styling your dressing table, you have to be careful to put the products that you use most within hand reach so it is really important to think about how you perform your morning routine.
·       A new look can be added to your vanity table by skirting it with a beautiful floral print.
·       If you have space, opt for a vanity that has shelves and drawers. This adds to the storage space in your room.
·       If you have small children, it’s always advisable not to have anything too low. Go for something that’s high up and is wall mounted.

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