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People today are making a conscious choice of bringing nature indoors and thus cane furniture is fast becoming popular all over again. Cane furniture is a mixture of elegance comfort and simplicity and is an ideal choice to decorate your homes with. While cane was especially popular during the British Empire, it is one of the most ancient techniques of furniture manufacture, used by Tibetan warriors, Peruvian princesses, and Egyptian pharaohs, for thousands of years. Cane is the term for the material that comes from the outer skin of the rattan stalk. Rattan is a climbing vine-like plant in the palm family.
Durability - Cane furniture is strong as well as attractive and if looked after well, can last you a good many years. Being light weight it is easily portable and manageable. The weave allows air to pass through and this makes it a very comfortable option.
Eco-friendly – Cane is a renewable product and for all those of you who are looking for green options to decorate your homes, this is an excellent choice.
Versatility – Cane is a very versatile product and can be used to make any type of furniture for both indoors as well as outdoors. It responses very well to colour and polishes and so you can get cane furniture in any colour to suit your choice.

Care for cane
1.    Cane furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
2.    Being a natural product, cane tends to get dehydrated. Clean daily with a damp cloth and use a dry paint brush to dislodge the dirt from the grooves.
3.    Attend to small scratches before they turn into bigger cracks. Scratches can be cured by using matching nail varnish.
4.    Mostly cane furniture is treated, however if you see a white powder under your cane furniture, it is an indication that it’s under insect attack and needs professional help.
5.    Lightly oiling the furniture every 2-3 years keeps it looking glossy.
6.    In case you feel your cane chair seat is sagging a bit, turn it upside down and spray warm water over it. As it dries the cane will shrink once again.  Keep it in this position for at least 24 hrs.
7.    A cane chair can only take evenly distributed weight, not concentrated weight. So, never kneel or stand on a chair with a cane seat.
8.    To prolong the life of your caned seat, the use of a chair pad or cushion is encouraged.
9.    If you notice mold or mildew growing on your cane furniture, use a strong solution of bleach in warm soapy water to clean. Then rinse well and dry outdoors in the sun.
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