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It’s  that time of the year again – festive and full of cheer!! Impress your family and friends with not just delicious food but a beautifully laid table. Tablescapes are design plans, an overall look that addresses the entire table as well as its surroundings.
Every item is chosen specifically to complement not only other items on the table but also other elements of the space. A tablescape should also incorporate elements of the season or occasion. A breath-taking tablescape display can set the mood for the entire event.
The key to creating a fabulous tablescape is a sense of balance. This is not to say the display must be perfectly symmetrical. It is more about repeating scale, colour, and texture throughout, although not necessarily in direct proportion.
Setting the table is like creating a painting. Just like an artist choosing a piece of canvas, type of paint or other mediums he uses for creating his artwork, your choice of table top, centerpieces and place setting is where you create your tablescape art. There are no rules to making artworks. There are, however, a few things that you must know before you start.
·      Theme – Pick a theme you wish to work on. it can be as simple as your favorite flower. If you can’t think of a theme, pick a colour. Focusing on one colour can help you streamline your tabletop décor.
vRustic theme – Use a lot of wood and mixed metals. The combination of textures and raw fabric and materials make a rustic table scape seem effortless.
vOrganic theme – Use a lot of twigs, fresh flowers lemons and fruits for decor.
vModern theme – Use black and whites accented with metallic colours. Its minimalistic yet elegant.             
·      Tabletops - Your table top is the canvas and framework for your tablescape style and creation. They could be very simple, basic and minimal or textured, bold and colourful.
·      Centerpieces - Centerpieces are the focal point of your tablescape. They set the mood for the type of dining festivity you have. All eyes around the dining table are on them for the entire time of your dinner celebration.
·      Height of the centerpiece - The most important part of any gathering is for the guests to connect, converse and share  experiences, So the centerpiece should be below or above the eye level.
·      Place setting - Place settings honor and celebrate you and your guests. Place settings include: Place Mats, Dinnerware, Napkins, Napkin Holders, Flowers, Glasses, Cups and Saucers. You can get creative and personalize the experience by adding other touches like interesting Name tags, Printed Menus etc.
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