Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Dining chairs

When it comes to designing your dining room, there are a lot of details to consider. While the table stands out as a focal point, don't let your chairs be an oversight! For those who wish to buy new chairs for their already existing tables or those who wish to buy them separately, use this handy guide to help you select an option that best suits your space.
·       Measure up -  Size often gets neglected because it is the least glamorous part of the furniture buying process, but it’s the most important. Consider the size of the room, the table and where it’s going to be placed.
·       Arms or armless - It is entirely up to you to determine whether your dining chairs have arms or not. It has been customary to have armchairs at the head of the table, and armless chairs on the sides, but depending on your space and decorating style you can choose to have armchairs all around. Depending on your space and style you may also want to go armless all around. Armless dining chairs do take up less space than armchairs.
·       Pick a style -  First decide if you want a formal or an informal look. There are open back chairs and there are chairs with solid backs, both upholstered or in metal, wood or acrylic. Look at the angles that make up the back, legs and arms and seats, and determine what looks good in your room and around your table. A smaller space might call for a more delicate, open style, while a large space might look good with larger more well defined shapes.
·       Comfort – Choose a comfortable chair. Sit on a chair to see how it feels. Is the seat comfortable and wide enough? How does the back feel when you lean back against it? Is the seat too high or too low? If the seat is upholstered there should be adequate padding so that you do not feel the frame through it.
·       Material - The material of your dining chair is important, as it also determines its look and feel.

1.   Metal has reflective qualities, but it can be matte and substantial also, like wrought iron. You can pair a distressed surface wood table with metal chairs for contrast.
2.   Acrylic chairs can look good in a modern or small space.
3.   Wood is versatile and you can choose from any number of finishes and styles.
4.   Upholstered dining room chairs can provide an opportunity to use colour and pattern for a richer effect.
5.   Rattan or wicker chairs provide both texture and style.
6.   You can also pick a chair made from mixed materials.
·       Mix and Match – If you wish to invigorate the look of your dining room, Swapping a few of the matching seats for ones in a different but simpatico style can instantly animate a staid setup—a useful strategy for anyone who finds formality a little alienating. As long as the backs roughly line up, the assemblage will look harmonious—too much variation creates a visual mess. You can even add a dining bench to one side of the table.


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