Friday, 13 May 2016

Decorating with Antique doors

We all have old stuff stacked up in our garages and basements that are too pretty to throw away yet you can't find a way to include them into your modern decor. If you are holding on to old doors from your ancestral homes, it's time to take them out and proudly display them.
There are many ways of using old doors in home decor. From wall decor to furniture, doors can enhance your home decor beyond their primary function. Old vintage doors have beautiful designs and carvings which makes them perfect for home decor. Here are a few ideas to get you started -
Table top - An old door can be used to make beautiful table tops and if the door has too much of a design, place a glass over it to give it a smooth surface. Old doors make the most stylish, chic and beautiful coffee tables that will compliment just about any decor.
Headboard - This is another great use for an old, classic and seemingly useless door that will undoubtedly change the way you look at your old items. . A decorative door makes for a pretty and big headboard. It can be placed vertically or horizontally to create bigger or smaller headboard. You can also use it as a carcass for creating tufted headboard.
Corner shelf - Need some extra storage in a pesky corner? Try sawing an old door in half, then turn the pieces into a handy corner shelving unit.
Photo display - Create an enchanting illuminated photo display by screwing rope lights to the back of a glass-paned door and then adhering your favorite snapshots.
Backdrop - Old vintage doors can be used to create beautiful backdrops for decorating your rooms. Hang one horizontally behind your main sofa or fix three vertically behind two delicate chairs and watch the space transform.

Cabinets - You can use your reclaimed and distressed vintage doors for something that is functional and beautiful. With the right tools and a few hours to spare, you can now turn your old doors into beautiful cabinets where you can display your books or decorative items.
Entryway organization - Looking for a perfect entryway catch-all? Fix a door to a bench or a chest and paint them the same colour. Add hooks on top to hold your coats or umbrellas. The chest can easily conceal all your clutter.
Sliding doors - Old doors, especially horse stall doors or any other with a cut-out can be used as sliding doors for a bar cabinet or even the kitchen pantry.

Chalkboard or pin-up memo pad - Paint a door's wooden panels with chalkboard paint to create a handy weekly calendar for your home office or kitchen.
Room dividers - Doors with glass panes double as beautiful and inexpensive space dividers that add a dose of rustic charm to any room.
Privacy screen -  Combine three or four doors that look similar and convert them into a beautiful screen. Use pretty hinges to make them even more attractive.

Benches - Old doors were mostly very solid, strong enough to sit on. If you have two of those, convert them into a bench to be used either indoors or outdoors.  . Use one for the seat and another for the back by gluing and screwing them together at 90-degree angles; attach the legs of your choice. Or use two smaller door sections or panels as end pieces to hold the whole structure together.
Mirror frames - Many old doors have recessed panels perfect for inserting a mirror. This way you can create beautiful mirrors to decorate your home with.

Use your imagination and transform those old doors to create your own unique pieces!


  1. I love your black antique door entryway essentials organizer! Do you sell these?

  2. hi...thank u, no i dont sell can easily make something similar with an old door