Thursday, 5 May 2016

Dealing With Bay Windows

Bay windows are usually a unit of three or more windows projecting out from an outer wall of a house. Bay windows add more light, depth and dimension to a room. They create an interesting focal point and allow a lot of natural light and a beautiful outside view. Bay windows can make or break the overall look of your room, which is the reason why it can be a tough job to decorate this space. If you place a couch or a piece of furniture in front of these windows, they can negate the window's beautiful impact. However, a bay window that is over decorated can definitely overwhelm a room. When you enhance your window, understand that there is a very fine line between decorating and over-decorating. So how do you properly enhance your bay window so it will add beauty to the room?. Here are a few tips to decorate your window space-
·       Your first step is to decide on a window treatment and also if you want to treat it as one unit or three individual ones.
·       Whatever you use to cover your windows, be it drapes or blinds, make sure it blends with the rest of the room. Don’t make the bay area look like a separate area, in fact make it the focal point of the room.
·       Avoid using a straight rod for your curtains, instead use bow rods specially designed for bay windows.
·       Keep your drapes clean line and simple. You can use a valance to cover the rods.
·       Instead of curtains, you can consider using wooden shutters to add a country charm to your room.
·       Seating is a must if you want to enjoy your bay window to the fullest. You can build a window seat with a cushion and colorful throw pillows on top with storage below.
·       Most home owners make a mistake of placing a sofa in front. You must showcase your window instead of hiding it.
·       Use small groupings of furniture instead, like a comfy chair placed at an angle, a table and a floor lamp.
·       You must also accessorize your bay window with a reading lamp, rug, plants etc. to create a dramatic effect.
·       You can even frame the bay window to emphasize its depth and create a border design statement.
·       If you have a bay window in the kitchen, it would be ideal to organize a small dining area in it.
·       A bay can become a joy for a workaholic, who works not only in the office, but also at home. Equipping it with a convenient desk-sill and small shelves, you can make a comfortable home office , where it is enough light during the day.
·       Decorating the bay area with house plants gives a refreshing feeling and warmth to the room. House plants give a splash of colours and bring lots of fresh air to the room, thus complementing the picturesque surroundings. Try to avoid big plants that may block natural light from entering the room.

The possibilities are endless. The goal is to decorate your bay windows in a way that enhances their functional and aesthetic qualities. 

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