Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Holi is a festival of bright colours and lots of fun. Even though its essentially an outdoor festival, it doesn't in anyway mean that you can't make your interiors bright and funky to match the spirit of holi.
Indoor decor -
·       cover all your furniture with old colourful sofa covers, dupattas or sarees. This will not only add colour to your indoors but will also protect your furniture from the colours.
·       Add lots of fresh flowers all over the house.
·       Use lots of colourful and funky foot mats and washable/ synthetic  rugs. They will make your home look cheerful.
·       Hang beautiful lights to get that festive feel.
·       Bring lots of colourfulness and vibrancy to the living room with the help of colourful wall hangings. Select stunning hangings made out of multi-coloured motifs, fabric patchwork, mirror work, crafted paper patterns, hand-painted tapestry etc. for beautifying your walls.
·       Decorate your dining table with beautiful centre pieces and bright paper plates, napkins and crockery. Add beautiful table mats and runners and decorate with bright candles.
·       Beads of different colours and prints put together in a glass bowl look very cute and attractive. You can buy ceramic beads, glass beads or even use smooth round pebbles and paint on them.
·       You can add bedeck strings (made of synthetic beads or flowers) to the doors and windows. This will surely uplift the beauty of your space.
·       Put soaps, home-made face packs to remove holi colour in your bathroom. Get scented soaps balls that come in multiple colours and decorate them attractively on the bathroom’s counter top. Also place vases of colourful fresh flowers in the bathroom to match with holi décor.
Outdoor décor -
·       The ideal place to enjoy holi is outside your house. Decorate your outdoors with lots of flowers. If you have a garden with a tree, wrap some flower strings around the trunk and hang garland strings on various branches. You can even hang beautiful parandis  (an accessory worn in the hair by Indian women) or bells along with the flowers.
·       You can also use multicoloured balloons to decorate your outdoor space. You can make bouquets of balloons or buy some funky balloon décor to impress your guests.
·       Make a beautiful rangoli at the entrance, either with flowers or colours or both
·       Don't ignore the balcony railings if you have a terrace. Decorate them too with bright dupattas, flowers and balloons.
·       Although holi is a daytime festival, you can still use decorative lights or paper lights to decorate.
·       You can also use paper buntings to add loads of colour and cheer to your holi décor.
·       Paint small clay pots in bright colours and beautiful designs and fill them up with holi colours for your guests to use.
·       Make a small display of pitchkaris, colored hats, masks and water balloons in a corner to keep the kids busy.
·       Allocate a corner for your music system/DJ. and play holi-special music.
·       A holi party is never complete without the food. serve your guests some lip-smacking delicacies served in colourful plates. Add beautiful and colourful paper napkins to go with them. The table serving the food must be beautifully decorated with a bright table cloth, flowers and balloons. You can add an interesting display of cocktails, mocktails, juices and other drinks for your guests.

Lastly, but most importantly- use herbal or organic colours. Play safe and wish you all a very HAPPY HOLI..!!

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