Saturday, 23 January 2016

How to smartly conceal your TVs

No doubt TVs today have become sleek and stylish, yet some people wish to keep them out of sight  when not in use, especially in bedrooms. There are many different ways of displaying and hiding a flat panel TV set, attractively incorporating it into modern interior design and decorating. So if a giant black rectangle isn't quite the focal point you had in mind for your room, here are several ways that you can cover up your TV!
One of the most simple ways to hide a television is with a decorative screen for a calm and serene bedroom when the television is not in use. Alternatively buy suitable furniture such as a sleek sideboard or cupboard to house your television. For a contemporary look, set a plasma screen in a modern panelled feature wall, or in a traditional bedroom, disguise a TV behind country-style panelling. When the television is not in use, simply slide the panel over and the bedroom will return to a classic, elegant space.
A custom floating console with doors can also be built to house the TV. At the push of a button the TV can slide in or out on a TV lift, as desired.
TVs can also be concealed behind sliding doors of a recessed built-in cabinet. Covering the TV really changes the entire vibe of a room, taking it from casual to more sophisticated. These recessed built-in shelves have a seamless look that not only conceals all of the media equipment but also stuff like toys, books etc. Perforated doors provide the required ventilation for components. Speaking of ventilation, please consult a professional before you start your project.
You can also mount your TVs on a panel that swivels around to reveal the TV. This approach requires a niche deep enough for the board to rotate all the way around. The TV is housed in a cabinet when not in use and also swivels 180 degrees, so it can be viewed from different spots in the room. You can have cabinets made to coordinate with the architecture and style of your home.
A customized TV cover with a piece of art or a family picture is another option.
Pop-up and flip-down home theatre displays are very convenient. At the touch of a button, the screen can unfold from the ceiling or appear from a piece of furniture. An automatic system that moved the TV up and down is a great option for placing it at the foot of the bed. Ceiling mounted flat panel TV is a space saving and attractive modern interior design idea that helps hide the TV when it is not used.

TVs can also be concealed behind two-way mirror and only show through the mirror when the TV is on.  A downside to using a two-way mirror, though, is that when the TV is off, the mirror isn't quite as reflective as a traditional mirror.  And when the TV is on, it is “behind” the glass so perhaps doesn't have quite as clear of a picture. The Media Mirror, is an adapted version of the two-way mirror that aims to resolve both of these issues.

If hiding the TV completely isn't an option for you, an alternative is just to frame it to make it more attractive.  There are companies who specialize in custom framing for TVs.

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  1. How can i conceal, disguise,or hide a 90 inch flatscreen tv in a formal living room/dining room over a credenza that buts up to the bottom of the tv? Any ideas please.