Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Its Christmas again!! Part of the fun of Christmas is enjoying the festive holiday decorations. Here are some ideas on how to bring a little Christmas cheer into your home!
 ·       It’s always good to go with the typical Christmas colours, Red, White, Green, Silver and gold but if you don’t wish to make too many changes, go with your existing colour theme. Just make sure that you accessorize the tree and the living room in the same existing colour scheme.
·       Choosing the size of the tree is up to you. If for some reason you’re unable to get one, you can use twigs in a glass vase filled with baubles to hold them upright. Hang light weight decorations and ribbons, and you’re all set.  
·       If your stairway is in or relatively close to your living room, you want to be sure to decorate it as well. Garland, lights and a few ornaments go a long way in helping to make your stairway festive.
·       Add natural elements to your décor. Incorporating pine cones and other rustic elements into holiday décor make for a homey, wholesome feeling.
·       You must spread the Christmas decorations throughout the room rather than keeping them clustered in one corner.
·       Use a lot of silk throw pillows around the room, preferably ones with Christmas designs. If you can’t find those just tie the pillows with bright ribbons, like you tie a gift.
·       You can fill transparent jars with Christmas ornaments like glass balls to add a dash of colour here and there.
·       If you have a collection of old Christmas cards, show them off by displaying them on a table top or hanging them all on a string across a wall.
·       Trim door frames, window frames and the edges of mirrors with Christmas garlands and lights.
·       Use a lot of candles in the room and tie your curtains with bells and bows.
·       Christmas stockings are a very important part of the Christmas decorations and they can be hung either by the fireplace or under the Christmas tree as per tradition.
·       You can hang snowflakes from the ceiling in varying lengths to create an amazing look.
·       The halls are decked, now bring colourful delight to the table with a sweet set–up of treats that never feel out of season. For the ultimate centrepiece, try a no-fuss arrangement filled with red and white peppermint balls and fluffy marshmallows. 

  Don’t neglect outdoor patios and porches in your Christmas decorating. Remember to take the festive decor out beyond your main doors. Decorate your outdoors with lights, garland, and bows to really attract attention from friends and neighbours this holiday season.
·       Because the front porch is the first thing that your guests will see when they visit you during the holidays, you want to make sure that it offers a festive touch. A beautiful garland is the perfect way to dress up your front door. Add a few plastic Christmas ornaments or red berries to make it really festive. You can even add red velvet bows or other decorations to make it unique.

·   Dress up your walkway with beautiful luminaries. You can use pillar candles in glass jars and they will beautifully guide your guests to your main door.
·       If you have large planters, fill them with pinecones and then add ribbons, pine branches or red ornaments to make them really festive. you don't have to spend too much to get your outdoors looking great.
·       Taking some empty boxes, wrapping them like gifts and placing them strategically around your porch is the perfect touch to your Christmas decorating. Stack them up around a topiary tree or near a bench if you have one.
·       Poinsettias are the perfect addition to your outdoor display. Just place the plants in outdoor planters and adorn them with ornaments, ribbon or garland to get that red and green look.

By taking a cue from the above mentioned tips, you can capture the true magic of the holiday season in festive touches that make the days all the more merry—Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!!

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