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Geometrical Patterns

A geometric pattern is a pattern made up of lines and geometric shapes like circles, triangles and squares that are typically arranged in a repeated fashion. Geometrical patterns have been in trend all through 2015, and it's a trend I see continuing well into the next year. Geometric patterns add rhythm and interest to interior design and décor and create stylish living spaces with simple shapes that are intriguing and captivating. Modern living room designs with geometric patterns on walls, floor or home furnishings look bold and dynamic. Geometric shapes and simple lines are great for adding striking contrasts and drama to modern interior decorating. Geometric print can be easily incorporated in the interior design of any room.

Geometric prints include polyhedrons, hexagons, triangles, squares, zigzags, circles, etc., either in the subdued shades or in bold colours. If you want a room that looks like it hopped off the pages of a magazine cover, you’re going to add a few pops of visual interest to your interiors. There’s nothing quite so boring as setting eyes on a space that includes wall-to-wall neutrals. One brilliant way to do that is to use patterns, and what better pattern than geometrical..!!
When embracing this interior design trend, it is essential to keep the right balance and mix it with the subdued shades that are diluted with the splashes of bright hue. Also keep in mind that prints that are similar to each other are easier to mix. . In case you want an entire interior in graphic style, consider using wallpaper that features a geometric print. This way you will get a loud and unique interior. In case you are not daring enough to embrace this trend in full, there are more subtle ways of using it. Simply complete an interior of a room with decorative elements like a rug, window treatments or a chair with a geometric pattern. This way you will keep up with the latest interior design trend without being too bold.

Keep a few points in mind. First, choose a pattern that fits within your existing colour scheme  and make sure you choose a correctly-sized print that won’t overwhelm the size of the room, and, of course, always make sure you choose a design that you love. Great interior design is all about understanding which elements of the room should play a dominant role and which should act as more of an accenting feature. Patterns play more of an accent role. Imagine how overwhelming it would be if a room was full of pattern, there would be no place for your eyes to rest. Instead, focus on choosing one or two design elements that could benefit from a few pops of pattern and make those the focus of your space. . Mixing larger- and smaller-scaled patterns together, such as large-scaled wallpaper and smaller-scaled patterns on throw pillows, offer the space balance and harmony.
Bright colors make all geometric decoration patterns look dramatic and eye catching. Simple horizontal or vertical stripes, circles or rectangles in rich colors are simple, but effective modern ideas to add geometric elements to interior design. The key to combining these eye-catching patterns is to balance the color scheme by mostly using neutral tones, mixed in with strategically placed shots of bright color. In addition, it’s especially helpful to use prints that mimic each other. This creates a sense of continuity, rather than chaos. . Patterns with curves, like concentric circles or waves will keep things on the softer side. For example, a honeycomb throw or a zebra print rug will keep the décor from becoming too rigid.
The reason geometric pattern has managed to last throughout the ages is due to its versatility and boldness. It’s not limited to a certain design style, therefore investing in key pieces is an ideal way to bring this timeless trend into your home.


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