Saturday, 19 September 2015

how to decorate a room for a teenage girl

If you think decorating a room for your toddlers was fun, try decorating for a teenager... It's a completely different ball game!! Decorating a room for a teenage girl is asking for trouble, well, not so much if you keep the following points in mind. Rule no. 1 is - she's the boss! Never forget that and please value her opinion. She knows exactly what she wants her room to look like so don't impose your own opinions on her.
·       Sit with her and decide on a theme or a colour scheme that she likes and start from there. The theme can be based on a hobby or a sport or a favourite actor/celebrity. You can stick with just a couple of colours, or more if you are feeling adventurous. You can paint the walls in her favourite colour or use wallpaper. You can even paint the walls in different colours for a more modern look. If she wants to keep the look simple and muted, use a neutral shade on the wall and offset it with her favourite colour accessories.
·       Simple, wooden furniture works well in a variety of themes, but add trim, details and flourishes to express your teenage girl's sense of style. The bed is an important feature of the room. Make sure to choose the size in proportion to the size of the room. if the room is a bit small go for a queen sized bed. If the walls are plain, then you must glamorize the bed with beautiful patterns and complimenting colours. Keep in mind that your daughter may want her friends over for sleepovers and you must have a place for her too. In case of small rooms, bunk beds can be thought of as an option too.
·       A study desk is mandatory for any teenager. A desk with good lighting, a chair and streamlined shelving is a studying must. Desks come in all sizes and colours so pick one that blends well with the look and theme of the room. Stick to straight lines and modern styles.
·       All teenage girls need a dresser and a mirror. You can buy one or give a complete new look to your old dresser by fabric decoupage. Use different fabrics or wallpaper on each of the drawers and give it a new look.
·       Get some seating options. when her friends come over she will need to make them all sit somewhere. bean bags, ottomans, moon chairs and throw cushions come in very handy if space is a constrain.
·       Be sure that all task areas of your teenage daughter's bedroom are sufficiently lit e.g. above her desk, besides her bed (for night time reading), near the full length mirror or dresser and finally, in the closet so she can find her clothes with ease. You can add lanterns, fairy lights and lamps in different sizes and colours to really make a style statement in the room.
·       Storage is never enough when you have a teenager in the house. Provide adequate storage by adding a closet organizer or under bed storage drawers in the room so that it doesn't look messy.
·       Personalize!! Let your daughter add her personal touches to the room. Add things that define her and her personality. Bulletin boards, pictures, posters, her awards and knick - knacks can be tastefully displayed around the room. If your daughter is good at painting, have her paint a mural on the wall to add her personal touch to the room.
By keeping these points in mind you can easily decorate your daughter's room as per her taste as well as keeping it very practical and functional at the same time.

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