Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Decorating a bathroom in black and white

As a designer I'm often asked if its OK to do up a bathroom in black. To be very honest, a pure black bathroom is very impractical as its very difficult to find tiles, vanities and accessories in the same tone. A pure black bathroom may make a design statement and give you a spa like feeling but you must keep in mind that it will look very dark unless you incorporate proper lighting.

 Black walls in bathrooms can be unbelievably elegant and beautiful so if you are inclined towards using black in your bathroom, try pairing it with white. A timeless black and white bathroom can be adapted to any design style ranging from rustic to modern. In a small bathroom, a black and white palette creates a sense of space and depth. White adds light and black recedes, making a small room feel larger. The versatile black and white colour combination can create looks that are timeless, chic, cool or funky. Its a hip colour combination and you can never go wrong with it. Elegant and  expressive, the black and white colour scheme makes everything look a lot more striking, beautiful, sleek and refined. This is one of the reasons why it is preferred by those looking to add a luxurious vibe to their bathroom. While creating this classic look, make sure you pay attention to balancing the two colours as an over use of black man make your bathroom look dull.

Even with the addition of white, you still need to incorporate good lighting in your bathroom or else you will be left with a lot of dark corners and the effect will be very unpleasant. Lighting plays a very important role in dark rooms. Try to incorporate  a layered lighting in the bathroom along with proper ventilation and natural light.
Having a black and white bathroom doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to just these two colours. Black and white bathrooms provide you with a neutral backdrop and so you can add any colour as an accent colour and it will stand out instantly. You can keep changing your accent colours to bring about a change when ever you get a bit bored. Orange, yellow and reds make excellent highlighting colours in such bathrooms. Gold, brass and copper are a few of the metallic accents that will look ravishing in the black and white set-up. Wood is a wonderful addition to the black and white bathroom. It removes any possibility of blandness and sterile monotony and adds inviting warmth to the space.

Even though black and white combos are a hot favourite in 2014, refrain from using the old black and white checker board effect as it is very outdated. Try using beautiful black and white wallpapers, mosaics and black granite to create stunning looks.
Embrace elegance...go for black by all means!!

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