Thursday, 16 July 2015

Backlit Onyx

Onyx is a form of quartz stone. As a thin 3-5 mm veneer it can be used in many ways with a light to form a glowing natural surface. This stone can be used for floors, walls, counter tops, water features, light fixtures and sculptures. It can be used in slabs, tiles or mosaics. The translucency of the quartz stone, with its various colour options, allows the surface to seemingly take on another dimension as it glows from within.
The beauty of this stone is taken to another level altogether when light is passed through it. When light passes through the stone, the internal structure of the stone is completely visible. The passage of light through the body of the stone makes these stones a perfect material for adding zing to any d├ęcor. Onyx has the most unique internal design patterns.
Designers have been using backlit onyx for quite some time to create a high end contemporary look in commercial spaces. After its high success there, clients are now wanting to create the same look in their own homes.
Few options of incorporate Onyx in your homes -
·       Onyx wall panels - Onyx wall panels are an ideal way to create feature walls. They look stunningly beautiful especially when lighting is given from the back. They have the ability to highlight the essence of the colour effects and at the same time, bring about a unique look into the surroundings. Another way of installing onyx is cladding it in a grid pattern where the slabs are cut into manageable sized sections and secured to the wall with metal fasteners or channels.
·       Onyx counter-tops - Onyx is a beautiful and elegant stone. It's being highly used as counter tops to add beauty to any space. As a kitchen counter top, I feel it's not as practical as granite, but as a bar counter top, it looks amazing.
·       Onyx media console - want to install your TV on wood? Try onyx as a backdrop instead! a backlit onyx TV console will transform the look of your living room completely and raise its style quotient instantly.
·       Onyx columns - If you have columns in your house that you are trying to beautify, what better way than to use onyx! You can either cover it up with backlit onyx all the way through or use thin backlit strips of it coupled with wood.
·       Table tops -Beautiful table tops can be created by using backlit onyx. They look elegantly beautiful and useful in foyers since they provide subtle lighting as well.
·       Bathroom Vanity -  Why keep your bathroom deprived of beauty? Add a beautiful onyx vanity to your powder room and earn the envy of all your guests! Instead of using ceramic vessels and bowls, you can add onyx bowls. This will add to the beauty of your bathroom.
·       Backsplash - Another interesting way to incorporate backlit onyx is in a backsplash. The area behind the stove is large enough to create an impact without going over the top.
·       Stair raisers - Using backlit onyx as stair risers creates more of a commercial or hospitality-industry feeling, but the look could be just right if you have a huge house.
·       Onyx water feature - Beautiful onyx water walls and other water features can be created by using backlit onyx.

Tips -
·       Before buying, make sure the stone is transparent enough. use a flash light and check.
·       Make sure the lighting is evenly distributed to give a nice warm glow and should not look patchy.
·       Use long lasting LED lights so that you don't have to change them often and also keep an access to the lighting. LED light pads have become very popular today. These are used to backlight veneer interiors, panels and signage as they are cost effective and easy to install.

·       hire experienced people to do your installation.

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