Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Touch Of Gold

Although temporarily overshadowed by a period of silver, chrome and nickel, GOLD has made a triumphant comeback in the design world. The cultured and regal aesthetic of this vibrant precious metal has proven to be timeless and enduring in its appeal. This rich colour is visually alluring and focuses the eye. It has long been used in interiors as ornamentation and decoration but historically, it was used to convey status, wealth and luxury.
The time when gold was equated with baroque opulence is now past. Today, gold signifies modern elegance and stylish design. Whether it is used as an eye-catcher or kept simple, golden furniture, furnishings and decorative elements add a touch of the extraordinary to ordinary surroundings. Gold is versatile and changeable, which allows it to be combined with numerous furnishings, materials and colours with ease.
A lot of people are scared to use gold in their interiors as they feel it looks too tacky. With paint finishes, gold tone metals and faux gold finish techniques, your home can be brightened with the use of gold. Here are a few ways to make your interiors shine and not look tacky at all --
  • Wall paper or paneling- Gold can be used on an accent wall by using a gold patterned wallpaper or as vertical metal paneling. This will add a lot of brightness to a room but avoid keeping bulky furniture in front. Use gold sparingly when using a high gloss. In larger spaces the use of satin or matte finished gold panels add glints of reflection, without being too gaudy.

  • Gold Accents- Using gold accents around the room will make it come alive. Picture frames, mirrors, candle stands, show pieces etc. in gold will add a touch of glow that your room is missing. Try mixing gold tones with bronze, copper and rose gold finishes. The interplay of gold tones with neutrals such as black and whites contrasts well and keeps your interiors visually appealing. Decide on a few tones of gold and surround the rest of your space with subtle and muted tones. This will help play up the accents of gold, without looking like a gold circus in your room!

Antique gold finish- Instead of the high gloss shine of a traditional gold finish, antiqued gold has a burnished appeal and it looks classic paired with pastels and soft hues. Choose to use this on accessories or furniture pieces that you wish to highlight. 

  • Lighting- Whether using natural or artificial light to bring out golden hues, ensure proper light enters your space. At night time be mindful of glass tables, and gold reflective surfaces with lamps and direct lighting. Prevent glare with diffused lighting and be mindful of placement of table and reading lamps. Start off small in your use of too many ultra shiny surfaces, and your interiors will look gorgeous. If you choose a beautiful gold chandelier for your room, keep the upholstery neutral. Floor lamps  have now achieved a cult status with their contemporary designs and classy appeal. Pedestal floor lamps give a light feel to the room and if its in gold…then its definitely a cosmopolitan look . Table lamps in gold also make a stunning statement.

  • Sofas and chairs- There is a noticeable trend towards more lighter and chic looking furniture . Bringing gold into your living room can be achieved with a single designer sofa or chair in gold. You can highlight a boring sofa by adding gold cushions to it.

Gold has an uncanny way of adding warmth to a space. Whether it’s a matted paint or a polished gold finish, there is no way you can deny its fascinating and somewhat enchanting nature. Add a touch of gold to your interiors today and watch the beautiful transformation!

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