Sunday, 26 April 2015

Decorating With Birdcages

There’s something very romantic about birds and cages. I’m not sure what the pull is for me, but I have always found them so very beautiful and intriguing. When does a birdcage look the most beautiful and appealing? In my opinion, when it is not actually confining any bird inside it! Of course, that left me with an empty birdcage that I decided to put to good use. Here is how I have used birdcages in creative, trendy and appealing ways--
·       For lighting -  An old birdcage offers the ideal frame for an inimitable pendant light. Some people prefer to simply use candles along with the birdcage to turn it into a Victorian-style lighting option.

·       Just Decor - Birdcages are a lovely home decor accent, and are a great way to incorporate a vintage look. Thanks to their unique shape, birdcages bring plenty of visual and textural contrast to any space that they adorn. They also give your modern home an interesting little style spin.
·       For Plants - Birdcages make great housing for plants, natural and artificial both. If you’re looking for a new way to hang indoor or outdoor potted plants, bird cages are a great option for a whimsical garden arrangement.

·       As a centerpiece - A birdcage can be used to make a beautiful centerpiece for a coffee table and even your dining tables.
·       Outdoor decor - A number of birdcages can be hung from a tree in various colours and at various heights to give a delightful look to your outdoor space. You can also add lights or diyas inside them for that magical look.
·       As showcases - A birdcage is a great place to display sculptures and other decorative objects.
·       As bookcases - Make use of the birdcage as a space to display some of your favourite books.

·       To showcase your collection - A birdcage works well as a display case for pretty much anything. Do you have a collection of shells and corals from vacations long ago that you never found a place for? Well now you can place them in birdcages!

·       Display artwork - Cutting a birdcage in half gives you two novel frames for artworks or photography.
·       Go global - Metal birdcages aren’t the only option. Go for the colonial look with a rattan birdcage, which would look great teamed with dark wood furniture.
·       As a corner display - Pick three birdcages in different shapes and sizes, and hang them from different lengths of chain or ribbon for a quirky corner display. You can also liven up a dead corner by placing a birdcage on a table or pedestal.

·       Enjoy them in 2D - Decorating with birdcages does not necessarily mean that you have to pick up a vintage birdcage from the nearest market. The modern way of using birdcages as decoration is by adding wallpaper and wall decals that have the birdcage motif. Wallpapers with birdcage designs also have colourful birds and other nature-centric scenes within them, making them ideal for the cheerful kids’ room or even the eclectic living room.

Birdcages, because of their intricate patterns add colour and texture to any space. So go ahead and use one in your decor today!

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