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To Guruji, my spiritual master.
I can never thank you enough for all that you have done for me.
My grandfather, Late Sr. S.S.Gill, I miss you
My mother, lovingly called ‘Sukhi aunty’ by Guru ji, I thank god for giving me the best mother anyone could ever have, and I thank you for showing me the right path.
My sister Litlu and brother-in-law Atley, for their love and support
My nephew Rajdeep, and niece Pearl, you both light up my world!!

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All those of you who have had a Guru or have been under the guidance of a spiritual master will understand how I feel about Guruji. The relationship between a guru and a disciple is the purest, most beautiful and the most sacred relationships in the world.
Guru Samaan Daata Nahi, Yaachak Seesh Samaan |

Teen Lok Ki Sampada, So Guru Deenhi Daan || ~Kabir~
(There is no donor like a guru and no seeker like a disciple. Guru can grant all three worlds to his disciple.)
First and foremost I join my hands in respect to Guruji’s parents, who have been the medium of bringing such a great soul into this world. Writing about guruji is an impossible task as no one can pen down the vastness and greatness of Guruji. This book is just like a drop in the ocean. By writing this book I wish to reach out to all those who are looking for a true guru or those going through rough times and are unable to find solace. It is my humble request to them to come and find peace of mind at guruji’s feet. Even though he no longer is in his physical body, his blessings and presence is still felt by thousands of people all over the world. No longer being bound by the laws of nature, he in fact is even more powerful now.
Through this book I also wish to give a true perspective of Guruji’s life, philosophy and teachings to all those who were fortunate enough to meet him in his physical form as well as those who have joined his sangat after his Mahasamadhi. Let me point out here that there is no one who is new to guruji. Guruji knows each and every one of us. I seriously believe that we have all had encounters with him in our previous lifetimes.
The main objective of this book is to highlight guruji’s teachings. There was a lesson in every conversation he had with us. Every thing he said, even if in a joke, had a hidden meaning behind it. One just had to read between the lines to get it. He practically did things that others preached
I believe miracles do happen and the miracles of all miracles happened to me the day I met my Guru. My mother and I have been associated with Guruji for many years and though this book has mostly our own personal experiences, we do not wish to publicise or glorify ourselves. This book is written with the sole purpose to give a clear insight into guruji’s life and teachings through our experiences and conversations with him.
Many years ago Guruji had told me that I would write a book but I never knew when that would be and about what, until just before writing this book, I started to get hints in every newspaper I opened, every sms I received or every TV Chanel I browsed. I truly believe that this book reaching you today is no coincidence. It will only reach you at a time when you need it the most.
If this book can answer even one individual’s unanswered questions, or can guide someone to find a true guru or can help them reach Guruji’s temple and get cured of an illness, then my mission behind writing this book will be fulfilled.
With love

It’s an honor to have been asked to write a small forward for this fascinating book. I have personally known Sukhmani for a few years now and we share a common interest in designing, creativity and travel. When she told me that she was writing a book, I couldn’t help but be amused. Writing a book is not easy. Writing a book which will keep the reader gripped till the last page is yet even more difficult. I thought that it was just a passing phase…How wrong I was. “Surcharged with divine love” is the result of her tenacity and single minded approach to all that she does.
Sukmani is a highly creative and talented professional. Her columns on Interior and landscape designing appear regularly in the Chandigarh Tribune. She has with this book surpassed expectations of all and come into her own as a fine author.

This book is a fascinating account of the author’s journey through life with her spiritual guide, mentor and guru.
Guruji’s love for his disciples is manifested in every stage of this book and in every stage of Sukhmani and her family’s life.
By reading this book you will learn just how important a Guru is to your spiritual journey. You will discover how to genuinely feel compassion and respect for all living beings.
“Surcharged with divine love” , is just that…it has opened my eyes to the world in many different ways as I hope reading it, will do to yours.
Abbas Razvi
School of Architecture, University of Southern California

I was hardly 4 years old when I started talking about snakes and how they came and danced with me and played with me almost every night. I remember the first time I told my mother; that I see snakes with small bells tied to their tails; and that they come and dance with me, she laughed it off and put it down to the crazy imagination of a four year old. The second time was different though; I got a tight slap across my face! I was lectured on how it is a ‘bad’ thing to lie and make things up, and the importance of speaking the truth. I thought grownups were a rather strange lot and even though I kept seeing the snakes for a long time after that, I never said a word.
It was my 10th class farewell, and having studied in a convent, the sisters held a prayer meeting before the party. We were all given a rose bud each, around which was wrapped a piece of paper. We were told that Jesus Christ himself had sent us all a message regarding our future. I believed the convent sisters were a strange lot too! I tried to look pleased when I went up to the principal to collect my ‘message’. All my friends seemed happy on reading theirs, some were told they would reach great heights, some were predicted to find money; some were told they would find true love. I was very disappointed on reading mine; it said “Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see GOD!” I told Christ I would have been happier had he sent me some of the other stuff too. Little did I know that within a few years I would actually meet God in the form of my Guru and the ‘other stuff’ would have absolutely no meaning thereafter.
It was late at night and I switched off the bedside light to go off to sleep. I tried to relax and tell myself that what happened the night before was probably just my imagination. I have always had pictures of Guru Gobind Singh ji and Baba Sri Chand ji in my room. That night I sent out a silent prayer to both of them to protect me. Scared and in anticipation, I waited for it to happen again. I waited an hour or so and just as I was about to fall asleep, it happened. I felt someone come into my room and sit on my bed. The bed shook and I heard and felt the mattress sink. I quickly reached out to put on the bedside light but there was no one. I sat up all night trying to make sense of it all. This happened every night till the day I met Guruji. Over a period of time I stopped fearing the presence in the room, in fact I felt safe and protected. I soon realized that my bedside table, that was constantly full of medicines, had now become empty as I was enjoying good health. Many years later Guruji asked me of this presence in my room and told me that it was He himself who used to come, sit on my bed and watch over me.
Ever since childhood I have felt a protection around me and my family. Many times we have escaped death and severe accidents by merely a few seconds. My life too seemed to be guided by an unknown force that had a plan of its own. In retrospect I realize now that I was being given subtle hints of what I was headed towards but was too ignorant and foolish to take notice of them. I didn’t realize, till much later, that it was guruji who had been watching over all of us. The day we first met guruji, he welcomed us by saying, “Sada parivaar wapas aa gaya.” – My family has finally come back to me. This was the begening of a beautiful journey with guruji.

“Where are we going?”  I asked my mother hoping it wasn’t another trip to some saint or some religious place. Being a very pious and a spiritual person, my mother loved taking such trips and my sister and I always got tagged along. Although I never saw my sister protest, I wasn’t too keen on visiting any more saints. I had met too many and each one had something or the other to say to me. ‘You must pray more, your stars are bad’ or ‘Your future life is not going to be a very happy one’ and one even told me that my birth chart wasn’t even worth reading since there wasn’t a single ‘Good’ thing in it. Having heard such negative things about my life endless number of times, from endless number of ‘saints’ and ‘soothsayers’, I wasn’t ready to hear it one more time. “We are going to meet Guruji in Jallandhar, I’ve heard he is very powerful and can change a person’s destiny.” I couldn’t believe my mother had fallen for this one. “Change a person’s destiny? That’s a new one!” Mom gave me one of her looks that told me that my not going wasn’t an option. Soon, along with my mother, grandfather and my sister, I was on my way to meet the great Guruji who changed destinies.
We reached the temple in Jallandhar at about 11.am and were told that it was closed for the day as Guruji was resting. As soon as we were told this, word came from Guruji that we should be permitted to come in. We were made to sit in the temple and were offered tea. Guruji walked in soon after and asked us to sit next to him.
How do I describe Guruji? I guess I can say he was bald and wore silk robes that seemed out of the world. But the truth is, even an ordinary person like me could see that there was something very different about him. His face had a glow of a thousand bulbs. There was a fragrance around him that smelt divine and his eyes – His eyes seemed to pierce through a person’s soul. He had the aura of a king and yet was as humble, kind and loving like a father. I was speechless. “Tera naam ki hai?” – What is your name? he asked me. “Sukhmani” I answered proudly, since I was very fond of my name. “Bada changa naam hai.” – It’s a very nice name, he replied. He gave me a long look and told me about the health issues I had been facing since a few years. I couldn’t believe that someone who had just met me briefly could tell me about my illnesses. I remember all the other saints I visited had to be told of the problems I was going through, but this was the first time I had met someone who already knew. He seemed to read me like a book. Guruji was like a magnet I could not pull away from. Even though I had a few questions, I didn’t however have any doubts that I had finally come to the right place…I had come home.  In the few hours that we spent with him that day I felt so much of love and affection from him and for him that by the end of the day, I didn’t want to go back home.
We were told to come regularly for the next 15 days and strangely, I looked forward to meeting him again. To the amusement of my family, I used to be the first one to get ready and waiting to be taken to Guruji. The next day when we entered the temple, Guruji suddenly looked at my mother and said “Tu Karminder Kaur di beti hai.” – You are Karminder Kaur’s daughter. No one could have possibly told him my grandmother’s name. “Tenu pata hai tu mere kol 70 saal di tapasya baad aayi hai?” – Do you know you have come back to me after 70 years of meditation? My mother was only 43 at that time, which only meant he was talking about her previous lifetime. He told her that she had been with him in her past two lifetimes. Being a student of Psychology, I was greatly fascinated by the subject of past life and life after death. Needless to say, he knew about my fascination. He came and sat next to me on the floor and looked me in the eye. I tried to be brave and looked into his and what I saw in them sent shivers down my spine. His eye balls started to rotate and in them I saw something; but I was so scared, I quickly looked away. Guruji smiled and asked “do you know what transmigration of souls means?” I knew what it meant but I couldn’t find my tongue. Transmigration of souls is a belief among various cultures, where it is believed that a soul never dies and keeps taking birth in a different body.  He further asked, “Do you also know that a lot of souls from the west have taken birth in India at this moment?” On hearing this; my jaw dropped because since a few years I had been seeing flashes of my past lives and in most of them I wasn’t an Indian. (All that I saw about my past lives was later confirmed by Guruji) I could only but stare at him in amazement. How did he know?  Seeing me badly shaken up he turned to my mother and said, “Aj main teri beti nu Shiv ji de thore darshan karwate.” – Today I have given your daughter a bit of Shiv ji’s darshan. It is then that I realized that the image that was taking shape in his eyeballs was probably that of Shiv ji.
“Bring betel leaves worth rupees 100, I shall do Sukhmani’s operation tomorrow.” Guruji told my mother before giving us leave for the day. I had heard that Guruji cured people by placing betel leaves over the affected area. I had also seen a spoon next to his aasan (chair) which he used to carry into the room known as the ‘OPD’ room. “This is scary business!!” I told my mother that there was no way I’m going to let anyone take me to that OPD and do some kind of an unconventional operation. The next day I very hesitatingly went back to him and the first thing he asked my mother was about the betel leaves. All day I tried to get a glimpse of the room everyone called the ‘OPD’. The door always remained shut and my imagination ran wild. Does he actually cut open people inside that room? What does he do with the spoon; scoop things out? The thought was enough to make me panic and sweat. All this while Guruji was reading my thoughts and having a laugh at my expense. He gave me a smile and finally asked my mother to hand him the betel leaves. He held them and said some prayer and handed them back to her saying “Put these on Sukhmani’s stomach for an hour when you go home and after an hour, dispose them in flowing water or bury them in a clean area.” I took a breath of relief. We went back home and did as we were told and I instantly felt an improvement in my health.
“Apni beti mainu de de.” – Give your daughter to me.” Guruji told my mother one day. I was shocked to hear this and I actually thought my mother may just give me away to him. I imagined cleaning, sweeping, mopping and cooking in his temple for the rest of my life. At that time the very thought seemed depressing! “Guruji, meri dono betiyan main aap ko deti hoon.” – Guruji both my daughters, I give to you. Said my mother. I looked at Guruji hoping he didn’t mean what I was thinking. He laughed at my foolish thoughts and said “Dono meriyan khaas betiyan han.” – They are both my special daughters.
My family and friends thought I was a Nastik (atheist), and I never bothered to correct them nor did it hurt me to be called so.  One morning, as I walked into his room, he said “Lo aagayi nastik!” – “here comes the atheist!” for the first time it hurt me to hear that from him but I kept quiet. He gave me one long look and then said “Nai nastik nai hai, rab naal naraaz hai. Tenu lagda hai rab dusare loka da hai tera nai.” – No, not an atheist, you are angry with god. You feel that god does for everyone else but not you. Due to some incidences in my life this is exactly how I had started to feel, and it gave me some solace to know that Guruji was aware of the facts. “Main har janam wich tera guru siga, tenu ki lageya main tenu is janam chad deyanga?” – I have been your Guru in each of your past lives. Said Guruji in a very loving tone, “What makes you think I would let you go this time?”
“come and press my feet.”  I quickly got up and started pressing his feet. In the few days that I had seen him one thing was certain – not everyone could touch Guruji and if he asked someone to press his feet, it was considered a great honour. I realized that the more I pressed; stronger was the fragrance coming from his feet. “Mere dono pairan te padam hai.” – I have padams in both my feet. said Guruji. At that time I had no idea what a padam was and neither did I understand the Importance of what he had just told me. My mother, who was asked to press Guruji’s hands, noticed that his hands were turning blue. She immediately pointed it out thinking maybe something was wrong with him. “Guruji why are your hands turning blue?” mom asked, sounding concerned. “Asi Shiv.” – I am Shiv, was all he said and smiled.
Guruji lovingly called my mother ‘Sukhi aunty’. One day he called her and said “Sukhi Aunty, tu roj do baje sawere uth ke guru Nanak nu ardaas kardi hai ki niche aao te meri betiyan di shaadi karao.” –  You get up at 2.am every morning and pray to Guru Nanak; asking him to come down and get your daughters married? “Yes Guruji”, was all my mother could say. She was amazed to see how he mentioned her ‘ardaas’ exactly word to word as she had been saying it for the past many years. Guruji smiled and said “Tu rab nu bulaaya kardi si, le main hun aa gaya haan.” – You asked God to come down to help you and now I’m here.. We were all so dazed that we didn’t understand and register the depth of what he was saying.  He took us all in his room and made us eat lunch with him. I noticed that he hardly ate much and distributed most of his food among us. “Har kisi nu mahapurushan da mahaparshad naseeb nai hunda. Khaao te dekho sari bimariyan door ho jaan gi.” – Not everyone is lucky to get ‘mahaparshad’ from a ‘Mahapurush’, eat and your ailments will disappear. said Guruji.  And we all ate like it was our last meal.
In these 15 days Guruji gave us a lot of his time and very patiently answered all our questions. Every day the sangat was given food first and Guruji ate after feeding everyone. This was the first place where I saw that 4-5 people ate from one plate without hesitation. Eating with spoons was highly discouraged by Guruji and this was a major problem to someone like me who didn’t know how to eat with my hands. Each time I tried to sneak into the kitchen he would catch me and send me back saying “no spoons” Many times I was left with a lot of curry and no chapattis to eat it with. There were days when I had to use paper to scoop my curry.  I also noticed that I was the only one who was given a green chilly everyday by Guruji. Each time I sat down to eat, he would come and give me a green chilly or a chilly pickle. I was never fond of eating chillies and this seemed very strange to me. Many years later, when Guruji was in Delhi, he said “I see you don’t have the kind of a temper you had when you first met me.” I agreed and laughingly said “Guruji, even I am surprised that I don’t get angry very often now.” Guruji laughed loudly and said “Mirchaan khila khila ke tera main gussa kateya hai.” – Its thanks to all the chillies I have fed you!
These few days with Guruji were like heaven. He had embraced all of us and taken us under his wing. He was what my mother was searching for all these years. His love was what I was looking for all my life. “You all have been given admission.” Said Guruji. “What does that mean?” I asked foolishly. Guruji replied “I have accepted you all as my disciples.” I was obviously very happy to hear this but I had to ask him another foolish question. “Guruji doesn’t everyone become your disciple once they come to you?” “No.” He said “Nai, har koi mera chela nai ban sakda. Hale ta kai loga nu admission form hi nai mile.” – “Thanu sareyan nu admission ta mil gayi par tusi saare different classes wich ho. Kaun kis class wich hai oh mahapurush da secret hunda hai. Asi nai bata sakde.” – Not everybody who comes to me can become my disciple. Some people haven’t yet been given admission forms. He continued “Even though you have got admission, you are all in different classes, and that is a secret that saints don’t reveal.” “Although I treat everyone equally but my blessings are according to your individual levels.”
Guruji was soft and kind yet at times no one could be as stern as him. Ego was something he never tolerated and often told people to leave theirs behind before coming to him. All he ever wanted from his disciple was unconditional love and surrender; and whoever gave him these, their every little need and desires were looked after.
This is where my journey with my guru started, or should I say this was the point in time from where I resumed my journey with my Guru, in this lifetime….

Guruji was born into a humble family on the 7th of July 1954, in Dugri Village, district of Malerkotla. This family had always been blessed by the birth of saints and fakirs through generations; but according to Mataji (Guruji’s mother), she had no idea that a mahapurush of such a high level would be born to her. According to the midwife, the day Guruji was born, she saw a snake and a strange kind of a bright light fill up the room. When the pandit (priest) prepared the birth chart, he clearly told mata ji that this child is not just hers but belongs to the entire world.
Even as a little baby, there was a fragrance in his urine and he never soiled his clothes. As a young boy he was often found in the fields sitting in Samadhi (meditation), completely unfazed by the burning sun or strong rains. His classmates would often make fun of him since he never seemed to enjoy the kind of things they did.
His friends have many times narrated this incident in front of Guruji as to how he would often fill ink in pens that had run out. I have personally seen Guruji do this one time in Jallandhar. Guruji had a diary in which he wrote down the addresses of a few people who visited him.  That day I happened to be the one sitting next to his aasan and each time he wanted to write somebody’s address he would ask me to pass the diary to him. The pen in the diary wasn’t working. Since morning I was borrowing pens from the   sangat for him to write down the addresses. In the evening, Guruji wanted to write down someone’s address and before I could ask someone for a pen he looked at me, blew into the pen and started writing. I wanted to make sure if the pen was actually working so I raised myself on my knees to look and yes, the pen was working! He again gave me a smile and continued writing.
One of Guruji’s classmates often narrated an incident where he went to pick up Guruji for college on his scooter. On reaching Guruji’s house, Guruji told him that he had some work and would meet him in college. Guruji never possessed a scooter, yet guruji was standing and waiting for his friend at the college premises. Just to test him, Guruji’s friend rode back to Guruji’s house to find Guruji present at his house as well. There have been various incidents where Guruji has been seen present in more than one place at the same time.
Guruji went to school at the Dugri primary school and Government High School. He did his college from the Government College at Malerkotla. Guruji was double M.A in English and Economics. He spoke fluent English and had a beautiful hand writing. Yet, just to put a veil on all of us, he would often ask us to spell certain words for him.
In another incident, Guruji’s friends wanted to teach him how to swim. Since he never liked getting wet he would often resist. One day they all got together and decided to throw guruji into the village well. One of his friends went down the well and the other remained on top to push guruji into the well. When guruji was pushed into the well, his friends were shocked to see that he didn’t hit the water but was infact floating over it. His friends got scared and before they knew it, guruji was out of the well besides them; with his clothes completely dry. No one till today understood how guruji came out or why he didn’t hit the water.
Guruji disliked getting dirty or having his clothes soiled. He was not keen on doing the typical chores in the agricultural fields. One day Guruji’s father insisted he work with them in the rice fields. Just as his father was about to push him into the fields, two men came on a scooter and said Guruji was wanted somewhere, and took Guruji away with them.
Mataji would often send Guruji to get wheat or maize ground from the village grinding mill. He would take the wheat and maize from home and after having it ground, he would distribute it among the poor and needy.
One day Guruji brought a truck load of people home at night and much to the annoyance of his mother, asked her to prepare food for them all. After feeding them he distributed woven mats made by his mother among them and asked them to all rest until he finally let them go early morning. On being asked why he did such a thing he told his family that had he not stopped them and brought them home, they would have had an accident and died.
He had no inhibitions about going into the grave yard at night and would often be found meditating there for hours. Much to the dislike of his family, he often kept the company of sages. Guruji Left his village and home in 1975 (as reported by his classmates) and after college he briefly worked for the Punjab Schol education board, in its field office at Sangrur as a clerical assistant in 1983.
Guruji told us that by the age of eight, he had full control over all his desires. He devoted all his time to meditation.
Guruji’s father never believed nor liked Guruji’s way of life. He thought his son was just pretending to be a godman, until a day in Jallandhar temple, when in the early hours he woke up to a strange sound. He saw Guruji walk into a room with a big lion behind him. He got scared and woke up the caretakers only to be told that that particular room is locked and that Guruji is sitting in meditation. After that day Guruji’s father understood that his son was no ordinary human being and that he was special.

When we met Guruji, my mother wasn’t keeping very well. She was putting on weight without any reason and her complexion was turning dark. We went to every skin doctor, beautician and pundits but no one could tell us what was wrong with her. My elder sister used to get the feeling that our mother would not be with us for long. On the second day of our meeting Guruji, he called my mother to the aasan. ““Get your car to the door, I have to go make a phone call.”  My mother brought the car to the gate and Guruji sat down in front with my sister at the back. They went to the army cantonment. “No, not this road, I think we should take the other one.” Said guruji, each time they would take a turn. My mother didn’t understand what was happening but she carried on with Guruji’s instructions. Finally he said “stop the next car that turns round that corner. It will be a black Fiat.” As soon as he said that a black Fiat turned the corner and mom stopped it. It belonged to one of Guruji’s disciples. When they saw Guruji, they stopped and got down to touch Guruji’s feet. They then took Guruji, mom and my sister to their home. He made the required phone call and finally told mom to drop him back at the temple. It was almost 2am when Guruji came back to the temple. My grandfather and I, besides the caretakers, were the only ones in the temple. I was unhappy about the fact that Guruji took my sister out for an outing and I was not even asked. Sitting there sulking and waiting, I almost went off to sleep when I finally heard them all come back. As soon as Guruji entered, he said “Aj kalyaan karta tera” meaning that ‘today I have done something major for your welfare.’ I wondered why he’s telling me about my welfare when I wasn’t even asked to accompany him. I was sulking big time!!
That night as my mother drove down home to Ludhiana, she felt unwell. She saw the speedometer at 90 yet she felt she wasn’t driving. She never saw any towns or any other vehicle on the road. When she reached home she never told anyone about what she felt and put it down to tiredness. Next day as we entered the temple, Guruji was waiting for us. “Sukhi aunty, kal gaddi 90 te chal rahi si.” –  “Sukhi aunty, you were driving at 90kph yesterday.” My mother immediately understood that she wasn’t driving but it was Guruji who was himself controlling everything. “Kal main tera saara toona apne utte le leya. Tuna inna strong si ki sirf ek mahapurush hi kad sakde si. Tu 45 di umar cross nai karni si te teri death ahi ji honi si ki koi dekh nai sakna si. Tere baad eh toona Sukhmani wich te used baad us de agge bacche wich jaana si.” – “Yesterday, I took all the black magic done on you on to myself. Your black magic could only be taken off by a true mahapurush. You would not have crossed the age of 45 and would have died a death that your family could not see. After you this effect would have gone into your younger daughter, Sukhmani and after her death it would have further gone into her daughter.” This is when I understood why Guruji came into the temple and said to me “Kalyan ho gaya tera” On hearing this, my sister and I started crying. I asked , “Guruji, this time you have removed it, what if someone does it again?”  “Main thanu sareyan nu apni sharan wich le leya hai. Hun koi kuch karega ta us nu mera samna karna paye ga. Daran di koi lod nai.” – “I have taken you all under my wing. If anyone tries it again he will have to deal with me. You have nothing to fear.” I was so hurt on knowing that someone in my own family had wanted to hurt us so badly.
I asked “Guruji, how can someone ruin another person’s life like this? Won’t you punish him? Is there a punishment for such cruelty?” “Yes” he said. “People who indulge in black magic will have to face severe punishment in hell because they are harming people and interfering with god’s plan.”  He also said “99% of people today indulge in black magic and visit tantriks to find short cuts through their problems; they don’t know what seeds they are sowing.”
That day it finally struck me that he actually was the Guru who changed destinies…he had certainly changed ours!! “Tenu new life ditti, Sukhi aunty, aish kar.” – “I have given u a new life Sukhi aunty, enjoy!” said Guruji and we all fell at his feet and thanked him from the core of our hearts.
Today envy and jealousy reign supreme. People are not happy to see others happy or prosper, thus they resort to black magic to harm others. All those who think they can alter the conditions of their existing lives for the better by the use of black magic or tantric knowledge, or think they can hurt people who have hurt them by using such powers don’t know that they may be able to achieve their desired goal for a while but what they don’t know is they will end up paying for it very heavily.
The only way to protect yourself and your family from the evil influences of black magic is to come under the protection of a true mahapurush and prayers. Prayers said with a true intent and a pure heart, have the power to alter or cure anything. Devote your selves to prayer, seek the blessings of a true guru and sit in his ‘sangat’ if you wish to evade evil influences. Only a true guru has the power and authority over evil.

5. Guruji gets my sister married
My mother had been praying for years to god to come down and help her get her daughter married. She always wanted a son-in-law who didn’t drink and was of a religious bent of mind, just like her. On meeting my mother for the first time, Guruji told her everything about the ‘ardaas’ that she used to do to Guru Nanak ji regarding the marriage of her daughter.
“Get your elder daughter married.” Guruji told my mother one day. At first my mother just said yes and kept quiet. After a few days he again forcefully told her “Sukhi aunty, tu roz swere uth kar rub nu kendi si meri beti da vyah karan waste thale utero, hun main aaya hoya haan tat u sundi nai.” – “Sukhi aunty, you always prayed to god to come down and get your daughter married; now I’m here to help you and you are not listening!” My mother said “Guruji, but I don’t know where to find a suitable match for her.” “That is not your problem.” He said, “The boy and his family will be coming tonight to the temple.”
My sister’s marriage was fixed with the same boy we saw that day. He told my mother that Atley (my brother-in-law) was her son in her previous birth and that he will be the best choice for her son-in-law. We never questioned Guruji’s decision and my sister’s wedding date was fixed. The day he fixed the wedding he even told my mother that he had blessed her with a grandson.
My mother had asked for a dress to be made for Guruji and a day before we were to go pick it up from the boutique, she took out the required money from the cupboard. She realized that a bundle of 50 rupee notes was all that was there in the cupboard that day. As she was about to put it in her bag she saw that they were the most rotten and torn notes she had ever seen. She was a bit disappointed because having the notes changed from the bank the next morning, meant delay in meeting guruji.  The next day we told someone to rush to the bank to get the notes changed. Just as my sister handed him the notes he asked in confusion “Why do you want these notes changed?” My sister told him about the rotten condition of the notes. He flipped through the notes and said “But these are brand new notes!” “That can’t be true.” Said my sister and went to examine the notes herself. To her amazement, the notes were brand new! My mother felt there may have been a mistake as probably there was more than one bundle of notes in the cupboard. We checked the cupboard from top to bottom but could not find any more money. Still confused but in a lot of hurry we left for Jallandhar to collect Guruji’s dress before going to meet Guruji.
Guruji’s dress and matching shoes were ready but the dress needed to be dry-cleaned before we could present it to guruji. We decided to give the dress to Guruji on another visit, and went to his temple for his darshans.  As we entered, he said “Sukhi aunty, what have you got for me?” Not wanting to give him the dress in a bad condition, we said “Guruji, we haven’t got anything.” “No, you have had a dress made for me and matching shoes, bring them to me I want to see them.” We had no choice but to give him the dress as it was and Guruji very humbly and lovingly accepted it.  “For this dress I had to come last night to your house and change the bundle of money!” said Guruji. “Guruji, so you changed the money?” asked my sister in surprise. “Yes I had to or you would have been late.”
During the preparations of my sister’s wedding, Guruji would often help us with our shopping. He even told me before hand as to what I had planned to wear and on what function. My mother wanted to buy a coloured kundan tikka (A piece of jewellery worn on the forehead) matching to the set my sister was to wear on her wedding. We searched for it all over but none of the jewellers had a tikka in coloured kundan, as white kundan was now more in vogue. “Sukhi aunty is your shopping complete?” he asked my mother one day as we visited him. “Guruji, I can’t find a coloured kundan tikka anywhere. I have been to all the old jewellers but none of them have it. What should I do?” mom was very worried as we didn’t have enough time to have one made especially to match her set. “Go tomorrow to Patiala and you will find one.” said Guruji. My mother was not too hopeful since she had already visited all the jewellers there just a day before. The next day my mother went again to Patiala and one of the old family jewellers came up to her and said “We have found a few boxes of tikkas, lets open and see if there are any coloured ones in there.” In the first box he opened, we found a coloured kundan tikka matching exactly to my sister’s set. Everyone in the shop was shocked to notice the similarity between the tikka and the set, as if they were made together by the same craftsman.
3rd February was the date of the wedding and a week before; the weather took a turn for the worse. The rain seemed as if it would never stop and we had the arrangements in the open at Mount View, Chandigarh. It was too late to now go looking for a covered area to accommodate everyone. My mother panicked and rushed to meet Guruji. “Guruji, how will I accommodate so many people if the weather remains so bad?” “Don’t worry.” said Guruji. “It will be a warm and sunny day on the 3rd.”  Sure enough the rain finally stopped on the 2ed and on the 3rd, it was indeed a beautifully warm and sunny day!
On the 3rd, the boy’s side was to meet up with Guruji and his sangat at a particular point, before coming together for the wedding. One lady in the sangat lost her necklace during this trip and was very upset. She didn’t want to tell her husband for fear of getting a shout so she decided to keep quiet till after the wedding. All through the wedding she was upset but she didn’t tell anyone. After the wedding, Guruji ordered his sangat who came with him from Jallandhar to follow him back to the temple. When this lady reached the temple she quietly sat down in one corner feeling miserable over the loss of her necklace. Guruji walked up to her and threw her necklace in her lap. “Here aunty, is this why you have been sulking all through the wedding?”
As told by Guruji much in advance, my sister was soon blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy. During the first few months of my sister’s pregnancy, her test results were not coming normal. One day he asked “where are you showing her?” “Who is the doctor?” When we named the doctor he immediately said “Don’t go there, there will be a death at her clinic.” Guruji instructed us to change the doctor and gave us the address of another lady doctor. As soon as we started going to the new doctor, all my sister’s test results came to normal. Guruji would often call her to the temple and bless her. He even said that her pains will start in the temple itself. Sure enough on the 6th of Febeurary, at about 9 pm my sister was having langar at the temple when her pains started. Guruji blessed her and we got her admitted to the clinic. My sister was in a bad shape. The mouth of the uterus would not open so the doctor finally took a call to wait another few hours before doing a caesarean. Since Guruji had told us it would be a normal delivery, my mother and I rushed to him to seek his guidance. He told us that it will be a normal delivery and that there was nothing to worry. Just as we got back to the clinic, we saw the doctor taking my sister to the operation theatre. She told us that it’s very strange but the uterus had opened and she is hopeful for a normal delivery. On the 8th of February, my nephew was born. Guruji kept his name Rajdeep and told my mother “sukhi aunty, I have given you a soul by choice. You can make his birth chart if you wish and you will be surprised to know what I have given you.”
One day, soon after the delivery, Guruji called me into his room and asked me “Sukhmani, go ask that lady doctor if she felt anything in the operation theatre. She will tell you that she feels a presence in the theatre each time she does a case.”  He said, “Ask her if she joins her hands and prays to god before doing deliveries. And tell her I have been watching over her for the past many years.” Doctors being doctors, I wasn’t very hopeful on getting a reaction from her. As soon as I asked her about feeling a presence in the operation theatre, I could see tears in her eyes. She told me that she always prayed to god to help her and has each time found two extra set of hands working with her on a case. She was shocked to know that I already knew all this because not even her family was aware of this fact. My job here was done, the lady doctor became a follower of guruji soon after.
I must mention here that in the previous nursing home, where we were forbidden from taking my sister, there was a delivery case on the same date as my sister’s. The baby died and the mother was so critical that she had to be rushed to PGI (Hospital). This is when I understood why the nursing home had been changed and why Guruji had said there will be a death there.
Four years later Guruji again blessed my sister with a daughter. Each time the parents would go to guruji to ask him for a name, he would say “I’ll keep it after thinking about it.” This went on for about two months and one fine day Guruji called up my sister late at night and said, “You are to name your daughter Pearl. Don’t call her anything but Pearl. Even diamonds have imperfections, but a pearl is pure.” I thank Guruji for giving us these children as they have brought a tremendous amount of happiness into all our lives.

6. GURUJI BLESSES OUR ROOM.. One day the temple curtains got changed. The old ones were washed and ironed and kept aside. Just as we walked in, Guruji told one of the caretakers to put all the old curtains in our car saying “The curtains in Litlu’s room need to be changed. The one near the dressing table is torn.” My sister was always called Litlu by guruji, he never used her real name.  As much as we tried to recall, we could not remember any curtain to be torn or damaged in that room. He further added “All three of you must sleep in the room with the new curtains.”  By all three he meant my mother, sister and me. We never understood why Guruji wanted us all to sleep in one room but we had learned over these few days never to question him. When at night we reached home, the first thing we did was to check for a tear in our old curtains. Sure enough, as mentioned by Guruji, the curtain next to the dressing table had a slit. Since it was never fully drawn, we never noticed it.
Guruji had never been to our house, physically, but he seemed to know more about it than we did ourselves. We put up the curtains that very night and made arrangements to sleep together. Hardly three days had passed since we put up the curtains; and we all started noticing that they were getting unnaturally black and soiled. Everything they touched; windowsills or doors; started to turn black. We took them down, washed them and put them up again.
Hardly a few days would pass and the same thing started to happen again.
The curtains were a light grey and a pale pink spray of flowers but by the end of a week, one could hardly make out the pattern, since they used to become so dirty. After having washed them a couple of times we finally decided to ask Guruji about this strange phenomenon. “Guruji, why are the curtains turning black?” my mother finally took the courage to ask him. “I am curing the negative influences of planets on all three of you. Since my temple curtains are charged with my energy, they are taking all the effect on to themselves.” said Guruji. “Keep sleeping in the same room.” We did as we were told, and for over a year the curtains kept getting black until one day we realized, they weren’t getting as black as they used to.
Anyone who walked into our room would feel a change in vibrations. We had pictures of Guruji on every wall. I noticed many people loved to come and sit there and felt peaceful while there were many others who could not step in and felt restless. Over the years we have witnessed many of Guruji’s blessings in this room.
My mother and I went to a temple and saw beautiful idols of Lord Shiva made in clay. We could not resist buying one each. On coming back home we placed these in our respective praying areas in the room. We would sit and say our prayers in front of the idols and would meditate on them. Soon we realized that the idols would become life-like each time we concentrated on them.  The eyes would open and shut, the skin on the face would twitch, and the chest would seem to rise and fall as if the idol was breathing. For many days my mother and I saw the same things in our respective idols but we kept it to ourselves and dared not tell each other. We would put it down to imagination or something or the other but refused to believe what we were seeing. Many days passed before my mother finally asked me if I could see anything strange in my idol. We were amazed to find out that we were both seeing the same things. Finding it very strange, we decided to ask Guruji about it in our next trip.
“Guruji, the Shiva idols in our room seem to come alive and breathe each time we pray to them, is it our imagination?” asked mom. “These are blessings, don’t stop here. You must go beyond this. Go back and do away with the idols. Leave them in some temple.” Said Guruji.
On another occasion, one of Guruji’s pictures in our room started to suddenly glow at night. It caught our attention and as we looked at it, we were given the divine darshans of all the ten sikh gurus. One by one they kept coming on to the picture like a TV screen. My mother and I again thought we may be imagining all this so we called my grandfather into the room and just casually asked him if he could see anything. To our surprise, he saw the exact same thing.
The next day, someone in guruji’s  sangat called; saying ,  “We were sitting with guruji last night and guruji mentioned that your entire family has been given the divine darshans of all the 10 sikh gurus, is it true?” Before we could say anything he further added “Guruji has given us instructions to come see the room where you were given the darshans.” This confirmed what we had seen the night before.
On my first visit to the Bada Mandir (at Bhatti Mines) I had clicked a photograph of the Shiva idol on the fountain. This photograph was one among the many I had put up in my room. One day my mother and I were generally talking about the world being a ‘man’s world’ and that lord Shiva is partial towards men. “We need to protest and appeal to Parvati ji, (consort of lord Shiva) maybe she will have a soft heart for women and their endless problems.” I had barely mentioned these words when the photograph of lord Shiva seemed to smile. His image blurred and in his place my mother and I saw the image of a lady. We presumed it to be Parvati ji, as she was in a saree and wore ornaments. We were shocked at what we had just seen, and since we were seeing a lot of things that were strange, we decided to keep quiet about it till guruji confirmed what we saw.  Within a few days we managed to take a trip to guruji. He was in his room when we entered the temple, and as we sat down, guruji‘s caretaker came to us saying we were wanted inside. Just as my mother opened the door of his room Guruji laughed and said “So? Did Parvati ji finally give you darshans that day?” We put our heads down and were ashamed of our foolish conversation that day. Guruji laughed and hugged us both.

7. Guruji starts to show his presence in our room. Each time I would go to Guruji, he would say something to me like, “Last night you got up twice to go to the toilet.” Or “This afternoon you had two chapattis.” Or things like “sukhi aunty, before coming to me you wanted to colour your hair but since there was no colour at home you first went to the market and bought one, coloured your hair and then came.” We would all wonder how he knew. “Not only that, then when you left your house, Gill uncle (my grandfather)  forgot his watch so you turned back from the sector 36 roundabout and went back. Isn’t that right?” asked Guruji. “Yes Guruji, this is exactly what happened.” My mother answered. I would often think as to how he knew all the minute details but never got around to asking him.
One morning Guruji called up home and told us all to chant 11 ‘malas’ of a particular path. He told us not to use the prayer beads but to use 11 almonds to keep track of the number of malas done and to use 108 black grams as beads instead. This path was to be done at 2 am every morning for a few months. Needless to say, I found the path extremely difficult to pronounce and many times would fall off to sleep in the middle of my chanting, only to be woken up and told by mom to re- do everything. Every morning before starting my prayers I would make sure to tell Guruji never to give me such a ‘tongue twister’ again. On one such day, just as I was about to fall off to sleep, again, I heard and felt someone pull my blanket and fold it neatly at my feet. I suddenly woke up thinking my mother was trying to wake me up but mom was sitting far away from me with her eyes closed, deep in meditation. Who could have possibly done that? I was confused, scared and totally awake! An hour later, when I was concentrating on my prayers with my eyes closed I again heard my almonds make a noise. I opened my eyes to see that all my almonds that were earlier scattered all over the bed were now neatly kept in a pile in front of me. I again looked at mom but she was sitting far away and could not have done this. I told my mother of the two incidences that took place with me that morning only to be told that many times during her prayers too, she had heard guruji behind her coughing or clearing his throat and when she would turn around she couldn’t see anything. I was convinced it was Guruji in our room that night.
After completing the path we were told to visit guruji. That evening we reached late and guruji told us to stay for a few days. The next morning we were surprised to see guruji’s driver knock at our guesthouse room door. “Guruji has sent his car for you and wants you to join him for langar. I have instructions to take you and sukhi aunty in guruji’s car and have been told to tell gill uncle to follow in his car. We must leave now.” He said. I was super excited to travel in guruji’s car. The car was full of guruji’s fragrance and the experience was divine. Guruji was waiting for us at a disciple’s house. As soon as we touched his feet and sat around him he told my mom, “Sukhi aunty, every morning when you said your prayers I used to be present.” Very foolishly I asked again just to confirm, “Guruji, did you actually come to us, all these days?” He smiled and said “Yes, weren’t you the one who kept cribbing about the path to be a tongue twister?” I got my answer but I needed more proof. Reading my thoughts he added “go back home and check, at the moment you have white bed sheets with blue flowers on them.”  He was right of course and I was rather ashamed of myself for doubting him.
Many times over the years we have felt Guruji’s presence in our room and still do. Although guruji has physically never been to our new flat, he told me, every little detail about the place and even mentioned that I had a very beautiful dressing table.
Jin prabh dhiaaeiaa tin sukh paaeiaa vadbhaagee darsan paaeeai: Those who meditate on God find Peace. By great good fortune, the Darshan is obtained.
Over the years that I have spent with Guruji, I noticed that he had the power to give darshans to his sangat anywhere, anytime and in any form they desired. How does he do that? How can he ask god to come to his disciple and give darshans? Does he have that much of an authority? Obviously so, but then, who is he? These were the many questions that ran through my mind ever since I heard the sangat speak of Guruji giving them darshans. I tried to understand his position in the divine cosmos. Who can give life? Who can control death? Who can control nature? Who can cure ailments such as cancer? Try asking yourselves these questions and you, like myself, will come up with just one answer – GOD or the supreme power himself!
Getting a Darshan is the most holy of all holy experiences. Many people in Guruji’s sangat have been blessed by the same. I remember talking to a Sikh gentleman, who narrated his experience to me. He heard about Guruji from someone he knew and came to seek his blessings. On seeing Guruji, he wasn’t very happy to know that guruji was bald and not a sikh. Disappointed, he went back home only to be woken up by Guruji at night, lying down on a bed besides him. Badly shaken and scared, he sat up and guruji changed his appearance to that of Guru Gobind Singh ji. Addressing the gentleman by his name, guruji said “You came back disappointed because you saw I was bald?” Feeling rather shameful of his assumptions, he fell at guruji’s feet and thus became a disciple, and visited guruji often.
Another spiritual gentleman, whom I have known for many years, visited Guruji along with his elder brother. Guruji called them both inside and filled up his double bed with diamond sets. He asked the elder brother to pick up any one that he fancied. He joined his hands and begged guruji not to put him in the web of maya (materialism). Guruji then asked the younger brother who was very spiritual, “what do you want?” asked guruji. “Guruji, please give me the divine darshans of Guru Nanak Dev ji.” He replied. Guruji smiled and walked out of the room. After about three months, the younger brother was in meditation in his prayer room that was locked from inside. Guruji called out to him and said, “Wake up! You wanted darshans of Guru Nanak and now the time has come.” Guruji disappeared and for about 45 minutes this gentleman had darshans of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Later on this same person was blessed with the darshans of all the ten Sikh gurus, Meera ji and Kabir ji.
Many people in the sangat have seen Guruji in the form of Shiv ji. A friend of mine, sitting next to me in the temple, suddenly started crying. She got up and ran out as if not being able to see guruji. It seemed very strange to me as I had never witnessed anything like this before. On being asked what is causing her to cry like this, all she could say was that she couldn’t look at guruji’s eyes. “His eyes are shining so bright that its blinding me. I cant see guruji sitting on the aasan, instead I see Shivji.” She said. I tried to calm her down and each time I took her inside to sit among the sangat she would start to cry again. Guruji called me and told me to take her to his room and calm her down. “Guruji, what is wrong with her?” i asked. “I have given her the divine darshan of Shivji, but she is unable to bear it. Not everyone can handle being given a darshan, people can even go mad.” This is when I realized that it’s easy for guruji to give darshans but it’s not easy for us humans to bear the impact of such an experience.
One day while sitting with Guruji, he told me “I have blessed your grandfather with the darshans of Shiv ji, next is your turn.” Needless to say I was on top of the world. My grandfather was a saintly man and never told anyone about his spiritual experiences. After probing him for two long days he finally admitted to having had the darshans and all he said was that it was an amazing experience that cannot be explained in words.  Every day, after visiting guruji, I would go home hoping to have Shiv ji’s darshans. I would clean up my room which otherwise never got cleaned, thinking shivji would probably not like coming to a messy room like mine. I made sure to wear decent night dresses every night, but still I never had Shivji’s darshans for almost a year. One night, when I had totally forgotten about guruji’s promise to me, I finally had Shivji’s darshans. It was an amazing experience to say the least and I understood what my grandfather meant when he said; ‘it can’t be expressed in words.’
In Delhi, while sitting next to guruji’s aasan, I suddenly felt a bit dizzy. I blinked a few times and looked up at guruji, and what I saw was something that was totally out of the world.  Since I was sitting on the right hand side of guruji , I could only see his side profile. On his face I saw a big beautiful golden eye with thick long eyelashes. As I looked in awe, Guruji smiled at me and soon everything was back to normal. I was hesitant in telling anyone of what I saw, as again, I wanted to be sure it wasn’t my imagination. Guruji must have sensed my doubt, for as soon as I reached back home to Chandigarh, someone came over and gave me the ‘Narad Puran’ to read. In the first few pages, the Narad Puran describes Shiv ji as the one with ‘big beautiful golden eyes!’ I got my answer.
Apart from giving physical darshans to his sangat he also gave darshans on his body. The body of a Mahapurush is not ordinary. Many times a shivling and a naag have been sighted on guruji’s forehead by many in the sangat. While massaging his feet, my mother has seen lions in an embossed form on his feet, and many faces with eyes on his legs. On being asked why she sees lions on his body so often, Guruji would tell my mother that a lion is a symbol of Shiv. There were times when faces would develop on all ten finger tips of my mother’s hands.  She again asked Guruji why she was seeing such things on her hands and he would smile and tell her that they were all the different ‘roops’ (faces) of shiv ji. I too was blessed with the darshans of Shirdi waale Sai Baba on Guru Ji’s tongue.
Once, on the day of shivratri, I was unable to visit guruji in Delhi, so my mother and I decided to keep a fast instead. We went to the market to buy some fruit along with my grandfather. Just as we parked our car in the parking lot, a sadhu knocks on the window where my grandfather was sitting. He pointed towards a jeep and said that a ‘mahapurush’ is calling you. As we turned to look back, we saw a blue jeep with another sadhu sitting in it, sipping a glass of milk. The jeep must have just materialized because there was no vehicle in the parking lot when we came and there is no way a diesel vehicle could come behind us without us hearing it. And what’s more, we were parked at the only entrance to that market area. My grandfather got down and walked up to the jeep while I sat in the car trying to observe the mahapurush’s mannerism.  Although the mahapurush looked nothing like guruji, yet there was something about him that attracted me towards him. He was dark in complexion, had long hair and was dressed in a saffron robe. I noticed that the way he drank his milk was very much like guruji had his….with small sips. He spoke to my grandfather but kept looking towards us and I was convinced it was Guruji. I noticed the jeep had ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ written on it and the number of the jeep came to a total of 7. Somehow I was convinced it was Guruji and decided to ask him later when I went to Delhi. About a month later while sitting with Guruji, I asked him if he was the one who gave us darshans on shivratri day, making sure I didn’t give too many details. To my surprise he said “Yes, I came in a blue jeep.”
That day I realized that my guru can come to me in any form and I may not be able to recognise him the next time. “Guruji, god can come to us in any form, even as a beggar. We are not always polite to beggars. Please tell us how we can save ourselves from making a mistake of shunning away god if he ever comes to us in such a form?” I asked guruji, feeling ashamed of the number of times I had been rude to beggars. Guruji, ever so understandingly replied “Kuch de nai sakde ta hath jod ke man wich keh do ki maaf karo. Je oh asli sant howega ta samajh jaayega.” – “If you can’t give anything to a beggar, don’t be rude. Just fold your hands and say please forgive me, and if it’s a saint or god, in a beggar’s disguise, he will understand.” He further added “Gupt daan deya karo. Is tarah daan deyo ki right hand ko pata na chale ki left haath ne kya diya hai. Hamesha left hand se daan do kyonki left hand khulla daan karta hai. Right hand hamesha sochega ki main kuch wapas rakh lawan. Gupt daan aur gupt path se garbh jooni se mukti mil jaati hai.” – “You must indulge in charity, but charity must be done in such a way that your right hand does not know what your left hand has given.” “Always give with your left hand as it will give freely. Your right hand will always want to hold some things back.” He said, “Charity and prayers done on the quiet, without anyone knowing is the only way to liberate your soul from the cycle of life and death.” “Guruji what else can we do to attain moksha?” I asked. “Help the needy, feed the hungry and read the shiv puran. This is the easiest way to attain liberation in this kalyug.”

9. GURUJI ‘S STAY IN CHANDIGARH- My mother and I were fortunate enough to serve guruji during his stay in Chandigarh. It was then that I had the opportunity to observe him from close quarters. What people in general saw; were probably his silken robes; and assumed he liked luxury and comfort, but what we saw was completely different. The silk robes were given to him by his disciples, some as a ‘thank you’ for saving someone’s life or maybe on the marriage of their children. These dresses he wore once or twice and then gave them away as parshad to any one of his many followers. He had absolutely no possessions of his own except a shaving kit, which too was given by someone. He ate simple food, half of which he distributed amongst those sitting around him. Every night, we would prepare his bed on the floor, for he never slept on the bed. Having been his disciple for many years before this, I had never seen this side of him. His simplicity, humility and innocence put many of us to shame. I remember an incident where guruji was distributing chapattis during a stopover at his village. One chapatti fell down, and as my mother lifted it up to put it aside, he told her not to throw it and that he would eat it himself. Such was his humility and kindness. He never ate before his sangat and never let anyone go without feeding them. No one was allowed to put money at his feet, like it is usually done in India, as a sign of respect to a saint. Whatever gifts he received from the sangat he would further distribute them. He kept nothing with himself.
We were instructed by guruji to bring halwa parshad for him to distribute among the sangat. We were also told that apart from the family and one of our maids, Saraswati, no one else was to enter the kitchen while the parshad was being cooked. We took great care to follow his instructions. My mother and I were given the duty to sweep and mop the entire house where guruji stayed as well as wash his clothes. Since we didn’t want to be late for our duties, the major work of preparing the parshad fell on our maid Saraswati, who too was a follower of Guruji. The prashad used to be brought to the mandir just before the sangat started to arrive. I would then cool it enough for Guruji to distribute it with his hands. One day as soon as Guruji touched the parshad, he asked me “Sukhmani, who has made the parshad today?” I presumed like always, it must be Saraswati and I told him so. “No. Today the parshad is not nice, someone else has touched it.” Although he still distributed it but kept telling me it wasn’t nice. I never noticed anything wrong with the texture; it looked the same as always and didn’t understand what was wrong. I rang up home to ask saraswati what had happened and she said that the second maid had entered the kitchen for a few minutes and she did touch the parshad.
I apologised to guruji for the mistake but was still confused as to why some people were allowed to touch his food while others were forbidden. Sensing my dilemma, he said “Asi har kisi de hath da khaana nai khaa sakde.
Kise kise di vibrations negative hundi hai te khana banan de time oh vibrations khaane de wich aa jandiyan han. Main har kisi de ghar bhi nai khaa sakda, kai logan da paisa sakhat hunda hai. Sirf mainu hi pata hai kaun mera khana bana sakda hai.” “A mahapurush cannot eat food prepared from just any hand. Some people have negative vibrations, which while cooking goes into the food. That food then harms us. Also I can’t eat food from certain families, even though they may be very nice. Only I know who can prepare my food and who cannot.” “Guruji what is the significance of this parshad that you distribute?” I asked. “Is parshaad wich meriyan blessings hai. Eh parshaad sirf aj de waste hi nai, main 25 saal agge tak thanu is de naal bless kar sakda haan. Parshad mandir wich hi khaa ke jaaya karo, aithe dawai bahar mathai.” – “The parshad I distribute to you all is charged with my power. I take all your bad karmas and give you blessings. My blessings may not be for just today but may be for an event 20 years down the line.” He further added “Eat all of what is served in the temple here itself, for here it will act like medicine. The moment you take it home, it becomes less effective.”
Every evening we would bring fresh flowers for the temple as well as his room. I soon noticed that the ones in the temple stayed fresh for at least 3-4 days while the ones in his room had to be changed every day as they would get burned. Not able to stop myself, I asked him “Guruji, why do the flowers in your room get burned around the edges while the ones in the hall remain fresh for many days?” “Sade wich jedi power hai oho ag de gole wangu hai. Jado main meditation wich baithda haan, inni power produce hundi hai ki sanu overflow karni paindi hai. Is heat naal tere phool murjha jande han. Jadon main sangat wich aasan te baithda haan, us wakht main thaude saareya utte is power nu udel da haan.” – “The power in me is like a ball of fire. The heat generated during my meditation is what causes the flowers to get burned.” replied guruji. “Every night when I sit on meditation, the power in me builds up to such an extent that I have to let it overflow. When I sit on the aasan amongst all of you, is when I let the power overflow.” I now understood why people who came to the temple were getting cured without saying a word to guruji. His aura was so strong that whoever came within its range instantly felt better. “Paani, chai, langar aur parshad wich meri power hai, jo milda hai khaai challo, mana na karo. Kade bhi parshad nu bandna nai.Jo parshad thanu mileya hai usnu tusi hi khaana hai, je bandoge ta na tuhada bhala howega na hi jis nu ditta, us da.” – “The water or the tea that you drink here, the langar and the parshad, are all infused with my power so never refuse anything that gets served here.” Said guruji. “And most importantly never share your parshad with anyone. What I give you is for you alone and not for anyone else. If you share it then neither you nor the person you share it with get benefitted.” It is then that I understood the importance of everything that got served in the temple. What others thought to be normal tea and food were actually divine amrit.

Ever since I met guruji for the first time I was aware of a beautiful fragrance that came from him. I used to wonder if it was something that guruji used, maybe a perfume, but could never quite understand. Each time I pressed his feet, the fragrance would start coming from my hands as well. Everything he touched would become fragrant. Each morning when guruji got up from meditation, I would go into his room to clean it and the fragrance would be so strong that I sometimes had difficulty breathing. It was as if a hundred bottles of perfume had been broken in that room. Being the curious person that I am, I just had to know the source of this beautiful fragrance. I asked him “Guruji, what is this beautiful fragrance all around you?” He laughed at my foolishness and said “It’s not perfume.” I felt a bit sheepish but I had to probe. “Then what is it? Guruji please tell me why was the room so fragrant when I entered it this morning?”  Guruji then explained, “Eh khusboo meri body di natural khushboo hai. Carora, arban mahapurushan wicho kisi ek wich eh khushboo hundi hai. Shiv ji wich eh khushboo hai.” – “This fragrance is in my body. One in a billion mahapurush will have this fragrance. Lord Shiva has it.” At that time I never understood the importance of what he had just told me. He then made me smell his hands and feet. The fragrance was divine. In the same room where guruji meditated, there was a photograph of his feet kept on a wooden niche. “Sukhmani, look at that photograph, everyday amrit flows out of it.” I got up to see the photograph but I couldn’t see the amrit flowing. I did however notice that the photograph, although laminated, was getting puffed up as if due to moisture. I was asked to smell it and sure enough the photograph had the same fragrance. Every day, when I entered his room to clean it I would first go to the photograph hoping to see the amrit flow. For many days I could not see it till one day, as soon as I opened the door, I saw amrit flowing from the picture. My mother and I both witnessed the miracle and I, being me, had to taste it. I took a drop of it and tasted it, and I cannot describe how tremendously divine it tasted. I scrutinized the photograph, turned it upside down, wiped it dry, but still the amrit continued to flow. Ever since that day this was my daily routine. I would wait for guruji to get up from meditation and leave the room so that I could taste a bit more of his divine amrit. No doubt guruji was aware of my drinking the amrit, and made sure it never stopped flowing for as long as he stayed in Chandigarh.
One day as I entered guruji’s room to clean it, I noticed a yellow patch on the green coloured carpet. Assuming someone had dropped something, I began to scrub the patch vigorously. Just then guruji walked into the room. “what happened?” asked guruji. “Guruji, there is a yellow patch on your carpet that I’m trying to clean but it’s not going.” “Oh that! That patch got burned last night therefore its discoloured. Now touch it and see, I have just taken out amrit from that patch as well.” Although I was scrubbing the area with a dry cloth, the patch now was wet. I smelled it and it had the same divine fragrance of his amrit. The patch remained fragrant as long as guruji was in Chandigarh.
After cleaning the temple and guruji’s chamber, I would then wash his clothes. Needless to say, his clothes too were drenched in divine amrit and had the same fragrance. I tried washing them till the fragrance could go but that was just my stupidity. The more I washed them, the stronger the fragrance grew. No matter through how many waters I took them out of, the fragrance remained. No perfume could pass this test!
I always had a habit of collecting things that guruji discarded, things like a plaster on his finger, seeds of fruits that he ate, or an old towel or old glasses. I soon had a bagful of things belonging to guruji. I would replace his toothbrushes, sooner than they needed changing, and keep the old ones. I even collected the dust that got swept out of his room, for me, even that was more precious than anything in the world. Guruji was obviously aware of my activities and was rather amused. If by chance I would forget to collect something of his, he would quietly push it towards me and point out, “sukhmani, don’t you want this?” I would then quickly grab it before anyone could think of throwing it away. One thing that I always had my eyes on were his shoes. I was fortunate enough to be given his dresses as parshad but I always had my eyes on his shoes. Each time he would give them away to someone, he would look at me and smile but he never gave them to me as long as he lived in his physical body. The day guruji took mahasamadhi, I cried in front of his photograph and said “Guruji, if you truely loved me like your daughter, send me your shoes. I don’t care how you make it possible but until you do, I won’t believe you loved me enough.”  Within two months I had guruji’s shoes in my hands!
For a short period guruji switched from wearing silk dresses to cotton ones. My mother got one dress for guruji prepared in cotton. Just as soon as she had it stitched, guruji went back to wearing silk again. Feeling a bit ashamed of presenting him with an ordinary cotton dress my mother decided not to give it to him. One night I saw guruji in telepathy and he asks me to bring to him the cotton dress that my mother had got stitched for him. I managed to convince my mother to give it to him, but instead she just quietly kept the dress in his room. While giving us leave for the day, he told us to come the next day at 2.pm. On reaching the temple at 2pm, as instructed, we were told that guruji had gone out and had instructed us to wait. Within 10 minutes guruji walked in wearing the cotton dress that my mother had got made for him. A guru doesn’t see the value of a gift offered by a disciple, what he does however see is the love and intention with which it is offered.
“Close the mandir today and tell everyone I have gone out.” Guruji told my mother and I. “Sukhi aunty, you distribute the parshad on my behalf and after everyone has gone come and tell me what happened.” As instructed, we closed the temple and told everyone that guruji had gone out. We distributed the parshad from the gate to the sangat as and when they came. Some accepted his orders, took parshad and went back. Some questioned us about his whereabouts while some got angry with us and never took the parshad. As we finished and went in, guruji told us exactly what had happened at the gate. He named the people who didn’t accept the parshad that day. “Do the same thing tomorrow.” said guruji. As instructed, we stood at the gate the next day to distribute the parshad. Again the same people questioned us and got angry with us, some accused us of telling lies some quietly accepted guruji’s orders and went back. After we finished and went in, Guruji again gave us the details of what had happened. “Guruji, what was the reason behind this?” I asked. “Jis tarhan tusi koi cheez nu khreedan to pehla test karde ho, main bhi chela banan to pehla test karda haan. Ahankaar rab di raah te chalan nai denda. Kade bhi apne guru nu discuss na kareya karo te hamesha us di gal maneya karo.” – “Just as you test something before buying it, I too test people before I make them my disciples.” He then said “Ego is the biggest deterrent on the path of spirituality. Never question the guru’s orders and never try to probe about your guru.”
My mother and I were sitting with Guruji in his room when suddenly he said, “The shiva idol at the Bada Mandir has been installed.” I knew that guruji’s temple was being constructed in Delhi but beyond that I knew nothing. “I was there and I even took out a sound from the idol.” I could just say ‘yes guruji’ as I didn’t understand how he could be in Delhi when he was here with us all the time. The next day, a caretaker from the Delhi temple came with a box of sweats to meet guruji and tell him that the shiva idol had been installed the day before. Guruji just looked at me and smiled. Similarly, we were again with guruji when he asked both my mom and me to press his feet. “Press my feet and I shall take a nap.” My mother and I were busy pressing his feet when he woke up and asked, “How much time has passed?” I looked at the clock and said, “Half an hour guruji.”  “Just half an hour? I have already been to America.” A saintly person visiting guruji once asked me, “Do you think guruji is sitting here?” I looked at guruji and said “Of course he is, he’s sitting on his aasan, can’t you see him?” He smiled and nodded, “This is just his body, Guruji is somewhere else.” That’s when we realized that guruji had the ability to be at two or more places at the same time.
One disciple visiting guruji in Chandigarh felt heartbroken at the fact that he could not get to sit close to guruji and wondered if guruji even knew of his existence. Feeling sad and dejected, he closed his eyes to pray and as soon as he did so, he saw guruji sitting with each and every disciple in the hall. It doesn’t matter where you sit, close or far. It doesn’t matter if you can see him or not. Your guru will always be able to see you and is always near you. All you have to do is call out to him sincerely and he will be with you. Guruji often said, “Jeda mere bahut nazdeek baithda hai us da kalyaan main last wich karda haan Main ta kone wich baithe logan da pehla kalyaan karda haan.” – “People who come and try to sit close to me are the ones I bless last, I bless those who patiently sit at the back or in corners, trusting in my ability to see them even through walls.”
“I feel like eating paneer tikkas today.” I told my mother as we were getting ready to go to guruji’s temple. As soon as I entered guruji’s temple, I completely forgot about having made such a statement. Guruji was getting ready to attend a function at a disciple’s home that day and asked us to join him. After the function guruji instructed a few of us to follow his car. I presumed he was going back to the temple, but instead he drove into a five star hotel. Going straight into the coffee shop he sat down and asked us all to order whatever we wanted. I still didn’t remember the comment about the paneer tikkas and ordered a cold coffee and sat down to enjoy it along with guruji’s divine company. I never came to know when Guruji ordered a plate of paneer tikkas, and as it was brought to the table, guruji pushed the plate in front of me saying, “Aj saadi beti nu paneer tikke khan da man hai, saari plate khaa ja.” – Today my daughter feels like eating paneer tikkas, eat the entire plate. Never had I ever felt so loved and cherished before, and so, I ate away with tears in my eyes.
One night as guruji retired into his room, I gathered all the parshad utensils and his bed sheets that needed to be washed, and started to walk towards my car parked outside. Just as I sat down at the passenger side, there was a knock on the window. I was a bit startled to see guruji. How could this be possible? I just left him in his room; there is no way he could be out here as well. With all these thoughts going on in my mind, I rolled down my window and before I could say anything, he said “Sukhmani, from tomorrow learn how to drive. There will be a time when you will drive in Delhi to come and see me.” “Me? And Drive? Didn’t he know I was mortally frightened of driving because of a massive accident I had on the Bombay – Pune Highway?” I asked my mother. “There is no way I’m going to learn how to drive.” My stubborn resolve only lasted a day and I was soon enrolled with one of the driving schools in Chandigarh. Every afternoon Guruji would tell me about my progress or rather the lack of it! “You couldn’t put the fourth gear today?”  or “You can’t reverse the car well yet.” This was all I would hear for the 15 days training I took with the school. Finally guruji instructed a young boy, who I thought drove like a maniac, to teach me how to drive. There was an open ground next to his temple and as soon as I finished cleaning and washing at the temple, I was instructed to learn driving. The young boy would put bricks and chairs and would ask me to drive between them or create the digit ‘8’ in reverse gear. Half the time, being elder to him I would scold him for making me do crazy things and all this while; guruji monitored my progress. I soon started driving well. I realized that maybe some time in the future I may be needing this skill and little did I know that within a few years my grandfather would be critically ill and my being able to drive would prove to be an asset. I learned that a guru can see the bigger picture and one must never question his decision. Where our thinking stops, his begins.

10. GURUJI AND DOCTORS- During his stay in Chandigarh, guruji would often visit various hospitals. He would either walk through wards or have his tests done and all this while he would be blessing patients and doctors. It seemed as if guruji was going to these hospitals to answer prayers and call for help by the thousands of patients there. Many times I have heard him say that “I go to those who can’t come to me.” And this was so true!
Many doctors were his followers and each one of them had one thing to say – “Medical science has failed in front of guruji.” I have personally seen guruji bring his pulse down to 40 beats per minute and then suddenly back to normal. The doctors who examined him would be baffled by the results. On one particular incident, a doctor testing guruji’s blood came out of the room looking awe struck and he actually asked us if guruji was from this planet or not.
We again happened to be with him on one of his visits to the Military hospital in Chandimandir. He would go there often, maybe because he had a very soft spot for the Army. One of the doctors there was his follower and guruji would go to his cabin and lie down on the examination bed. He would soon enter into meditation. My mother and I waited for him to come out of his meditation and when after a few hours he did, My mother asked him, “Guruji , why do you come to hospitals?” “Sukhi aunty, have you read the shiv puran?” My mother replied in the negative and guruji further added. “Kai baar shiv ji nu guru da roop le ke aana painda hai apne bhagatan nu moksh dilawan waste.” – “Many times Shiv takes birth in the form of a guru to free his people from the cycle of birth and death and grant them moksha.” Again, such strong words went right over my head. Now as I write this book, 5 years after his mahasamadhi, I have realized who he actually was. He gave me many hints but I took him for granted. We have read the maha shiv puran many times since and it is very clearly mentioned there that except for Lord Shiva not even Bhramha or Vishnu can grant moksha.
An ayurvedic doctor often visited guruji and guruji would humour him by getting his pulse read, or by taking some medications from him. “Guruji you are not unwell, why do you eat all these medicines?” I asked. “Meri body tuhadi bodies wangu nai hai. Meri body light hai. Eh sab dawaiyan mera kuch nai bigad sakdi.” – “My body is not like yours. It is full of light. All these medicines cannot have any effect on me.” As usual, the words didn’t sink in. The doctor came everyday and I would frown each time he gave guruji more tablets. On sensing my unhappiness, he then explained. “Main Ayurveda nu bless kar raheya haan. Ik time aaoga jadn Ayurved bahut demand wich howega. Main is doctor nu bhi award dilwana hai.” – “I am blessing Ayurveda through him. There will be a time when Ayurveda will be much in demand. I am also blessing him so that he can win an award soon.” In less than a week after this discussion, the same Ayurvedic doctor won an award.
One morning guruji visited a dentist who was his follower, for a tooth extraction. He called my mother to accompany him to his clinic. On reaching there they were told that there was n electricity. Guruji sat on the chair and told the doctor to do the extraction. “Guruji there is no light.” explained the doctor. “Just plug the machine in and it will start, I don’t need electricity.” The doctor did as guruji said and sure enough the machine started. The extraction was done successfully and guruji was given a list of medicines to eat. In the afternoon, I made a list for guruji stating what medicine is to be eaten at what time. He read the list and said “This is very confusing, give me all the medicines now and let’s be done with it.” “Guruji you can’t eat all of them!” I said. “Do you want to eat one? You can eat one too.” said guruji. “No guruji I’m fine.” To my horror, he took all of them, about 6 or 7 in number, and gulped them down in one go. “Now I’m fine.” He gave me a sweet smile and went out of the room. So much for the list!!
One morning guruji rang us up from Delhi and instructed us to bring a certain ayurveda doctor to him immediately. “Guruji does he know about you?” I asked. “No, just tell him your guru is unwell and you need him to go check him up.” said guruji. We were given his address and told to leave immediately. At his clinic, as I sat waiting, I noticed that he had pictures of Lord Shiva all over the place. I understood that he was a devotee of Shivji and guruji may be wanting to bless him. As we told him about guruji and guruji’s ‘ill health’ he told us that it was impossible for him to travel to Delhi as he was himself very unwell. He was having pain in his abdomen and was undergoing tests. We tried to convince him and with guruji’s grace, he agreed to accompany us. All through the journey he kept throwing up and we were worried that if anything happened to him, his family would not spare us. We reached Delhi at 10 pm and guruji called us all inside his room. “Dr. saahab, mera pancreas kam nai karda, koi dawai de deo.” “Doctor, my pancreas isn’t working well, give me some medication for it”said guruji. He checked guruji up and priscribed some medication. Guruji then instructed us to leave for Chandigarh immediately after langar. As soon as this dctor had langar at guruji’s temple, his pain disappeared and slept peacefully all through the journey back to Chandigarh. Guruji called us the next day and told us that had the doctor not come to guruji, his appendix would have burst.
Being slightly on the plump side, I was forever trying out different things to lose weight. A popular product in the market promised desired results in 2 weeks, and I went ahead and bought it. Every morning I ate the capsules and skipped lunch to have the shakes instead. Hardly a week passed when guruji suddenly landed up at our house. He went straight to my bedroom and sat on my bed. “What are all those boxes and medicines on your table?” he asked me. “Guruji, I’m taking those to lose some weight.”  I said.  “Really? You can lose weight like this? Give me your capsules and shake to drink also.” I went to the kitchen and quickly made him a glass. He ate the capsules too. That day he never mentioned anything but after a few days when I went to Delhi to meet him, he told me that by drinking the shake and eating the capsules that day he had taken all the negative effects on to himself and that if I do not stop taking these things my kidneys would eventually fail. He gave me his leftover water in his glass and told me to drink it. “Go home and check your weight, I have made you lose 2 kgs.” Sure enough, as I reached home and weighed myself, I was 2 kgs lighter.
Many times guruji would take on a disciple’s illness on to himself and all night would remain in pain. It would break my heart to see him in such a condition. My mother and I would feel helpless on such occasions. Knowing he was powerful and could do anything, I would often wonder why he can’t just cure someone. Why does he have to take things on to himself and suffer? I got my answer much later when one day he told me that by taking the pain onto himself he wants the disciple to realize the true worth of a guru. He wants us to realize what all a Guru does for his disciple. All of us, whose lives he has touched, blessed and no doubt, made easier, can never ever even come close to thanking him.
Sab Dharti Kagaz Karu, Lekhan Ban Raye.
Sath Samundra Ki Mas Karu , Guru Gun Likha Na Jaye ~Kabir~
“Even if the whole earth is transformed into paper with all the big trees made into pens and if the entire water in the seven oceans is transformed into writing ink, even then the glories of the Guru cannot be written. So much is the greatness of the Guru.”

11. PRODUCING WATER ON A BARREN LAND When in Chandigarh, Guruji would often go on a particular piece of land with the wish of constructing a small temple there for his disciples. Somehow, the plan changed and guruji asked my grandfather to buy that piece of land. My grandfather, being a true follower of guruji, didn’t even question him and went ahead and did the deal. The previous owner however refused to give us the original papers in spite of us having bought the land. Upset over his behaviour my mother and I approached guruji. We were told to go to his house the next day and request him again. As instructed, three of us went to his house and requested him to hand over the papers to us. He refused to give us the papers and spoke very rudely. In the afternoon, when we went to do our daily cleaning of the temple, Guruji called us into his room and asked. “Have you got your original papers from him?” “No guruji, he has point blank refused to give them to us.” At that moment he kept quiet and the day went on as usual. We stayed with guruji till 6.am and just as we got home we got a call from guruji to come back. Guruji again expressed the desire to be taken to the Military Hospital in Chandimandir. “Sukhmani, get me something to wear.” I opened his cupboard and took out a newly dry- cleaned dress. I cut the dry cleaner’s tag and made guruji wear it myself. At the hospital he went to one of his disciple’s office and sat down on the examination bed. He sent the doctor and the few others who were there on various errands and only my mother and I were left. Suddenly guruji put his hand in his pocket and produced the original documents. “Congratulations Sukhi aunty, here are your original papers, now you own a farm.” I knew his pockets were empty when I made him wear that dress, so where did they come from? “Guruji, we have been with you throughout, how did you get these papers?” I asked, still in shock. “Guruji can do anything.” He said and smiled.
Often we would be told to develop the farm and put up a tube well and grow vegetables. We tried to dig for water but inspite of going down very deep, we could not get even a trace of water. The surrounding farm owners would come and tell us that we had been cheated and that this piece of land does not have any water. Guruji, on the other hand would call up and ask us to hurry up and grow vegetables. Not understanding guruji’s will, we got a survey done on the land. The report came negative. The land was completely dry! We went to Delhi and guruji asked us about the tube well, “Have you put up a tube well yet?” “Guruji there is not a drop of water on that land.” He smiled and said, “That is not possible, drill again at the right hand side corner of the plot.” We went back and got the land drilled at the same spot where guruji had instructed, and we didn’t have to go too deep before we struck WATER!!
The area from where the water came out had blue coloured pebbles, which I have never seen anywhere before and the water was sweet. “So sukhi aunty? Sitting here in Delhi, I have taken out water on your land. Water in that area had dried up since the past 100 years, for you I have blessed that area with water.” He further added “Distribute this water to everyone who requires it but don’t ever charge money for it, if you do, the water will dry up.”
When the land was being prepared for sowing, there was a pair of ‘Naags’ (snakes) that were sighted. Unfortunately the workers and villagers got together and killed them both. When news got to us we were very upset and went to guruji. “Why did you kill them? They were a pair of ‘ichha dhaari’ nags.” said guruji. We were extremely upset on hearing this and told guruji that we were not at the site when the incident took place. Had we known, we would not have let it happen. Guruji then told us to do an upai (remedy) to rectify the wrong that was done. The day the upai was done, that same night I saw two naags in my telepathy. They both came on to my bed and said thank you before they finally disappeared. When next we met guruji, he told us that both of them had been finally liberated.
All of us are scared of snakes. So if not to kill them, what should one do? This was a question on my mind when one day we were asked to go to the Bada mandir to make some preperations for guruji, before he brought with him someone who wanted to see the temple. We had the lights switched on and as we went to switch on the pump for the waterfall, we saw snakes. As guruji entered the temple, he asked, “Why haven’t you turned on the waterfall?” “Guruji there are snakes sitting on the switch, we are scared to go in.” We replied. “Go now and switch it on, the snakes have gone.” We again went and saw there were no snakes and turned the pump on. “Jadon bhi saap dekho ta hath jod ke guruji da naam lo te oh chale jaange.” – “Whenever you see a snake, fold your hands and ask it to leave, it will leave without harming you.” That day, I got my answer!
The Bada Mandir is so blessed that when the construction started, there were a lot of snakes on that land. I had heard there was a pair of ‘Itsha dhaari naags’

there as well. “Guruji, are there any itcha dhaari snakes or is it just a myth?” “Yes they do exist, there was a pair on the bada mandir land, but now they have gone.” Said guruji. “Why did you decide to make a temple at chattarpur? Is there a reason behind it?” I was curious to know if the land had any significance. Guruji replied, “Eh succhi  than hai. Aithe bade mahapurushan ne bhakti kiti hui hai. Aithe di vibrations badi high hai.” – “This land is very pious; a lot of rishis and saints have meditated on this piece of land over many years.” This explained the high vibrations that a lot of us have felt as we set foot inside. The surrounding areas used to become barren due to the heat but the temple grounds were always lush green. All plants could be grown all the year round.
The shivling, although hollow, supports a heavy chandelier thanks to guruji’s blessings. Many of us have witnessed amrit flowing down the shivling and according to guruji one day there will be milk flowing on the shivling instead of the amrit.
The Ganesha idol at the entrance too has its own powers. The day the idol reached Delhi, it was ‘lohri’, a function celebrated in January. My mother and I, along with guruji’s mother and another lady, were instructed to go and leave the idol at the Bada Mandir. Just as we kept the idol down and did ardaas, the idol opened its eyes as if it was real. All of us who were present there saw small green eyes that moved. We were all taken aback by what we saw. How could a stone idol open its eyes? We were all very shaken by the incident and when we went back to guruji, the first thing he said to us as we entered was, “So then? Did Ganesh ji open his eyes for all of you to see? Small green eyes?” We realized that what we saw was not just our imagination.
The Guru Nanak Dev ji’s photograph in the Bada Mandir, we were told, is one that resembles him the most. All photographs of gods and goddesses are the imagination of the painter and did not resemble the true gods.
The brass idol of shiv ji too turns its head sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right. Many such things that are aking place and yet to take place at the Bada Mandir were predicted by guruji much before the temple was open for sangat. Eh mandir sach di than hai. Main apni bahut powers is mandir wich paiyan han. Jinni very is mandir wich aaoge, tuhade bure karam sudhran ge.”“This temple is a place of truth. I have put a lot of powers in this place. Your bad karmas will keep getting better each time you visit the Bada mandir.”

12. GURUJI TEACHES US HOW TO MAKE TEA Tea was one beverage I had never developed a taste for, nor was I good at making it. Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I dislike making tea . I could never quite get the colour right. Guruji on the other hand served tea lavishly at his temple. There were days when I had to drink 4-5 glasses of tea on a single visit. I tried telling him that I don’t like it and each time I would try to open my mouth, he would stop me by sayng, “Don’t say no to tea that gets served here, it’s not just tea, it’s my blessings for you.” That would shut me up.
“Let me teach you; mother and daughter, how to make tea.” Guruji said one day as we sat in the Jallandhar temple. My mother and I were asked to watch and learn as guruji busily went about making tea. What I saw was a big vessel half filled with water and half milk. In that guruji put two handfuls of tea leaves, four handfuls of sugar and one handful of green cardamoms.  Doesn’t guruji know about the invention of spoons? I thought to myself as I watched in horror. “That tea is going to taste too sweet.” I whispered to my mother. “Do you know how to make tea boil faster?” guruji asked. “No guruji, is there a way?” I asked. “Yes, watch this!” He took a big ladle and kept it inverted in the vessel full of tea, and within seconds, the tea came to a boil! He strained it and took two containers with which he cooled the tea and worked up froth on top. “This is how I like my tea.” Said guruji. He then poured it into glasses and made us drink it. “Sukhmani, Tell me if you have ever had better tasting tea anywhere else.” As I took a sip, I was actually surprised to know that the tea tasted perfect. It was neither too sweet, as I thought it would be, nor was it too strong. “Guruji, this tea is just perfect!” I sheepishly admitted. “Good, now that you know how to make it, Sukhi Aunty, you will make my tea and sukhmani, you will make tea for my sangat.” I nearly dropped my glass of tea on hearing this, and guruji gave me a look, that meant ‘It’s an order!’
Well what can I say about my first day in the kitchen? I too took two handfuls of tea leaves out on a plate and measured them with spoons, now that I had a number; I did the same with the rest of the ingredients. I made pots full of tea each day in Jallandhar as well as in Chandigarh, and my measurements worked out to be just perfect. Making tea now seemed to be a piece of cake until one day guruji asked me to make just two glasses of tea. How does one make tea for just two people? What about the measurements? No one told me how much of what goes into making two glasses? As my mind went from one question to another, Guruji sent word from inside to hurry up. Not wanting to take a chance I decided to stick to what I knew best, a pot full of tea!
“Guruji is calling you inside.” Someone was sent from inside to call me. Since my pot of tea showed no signs of coming to a boil, I left it as it is and went into guruji’s room. “What is taking you so long to bring tea?” questioned guruji. “Guruji, tea takes time to boil, give me five more minutes.” I whispered. “How much time does it take to make two cups of tea?”he impatiently asked. I gathered all my courage to finally tell him, “Guruji, I didn’t know the measurements for two cups, so I’m making a pot full of tea.” As I braced myself for what I thought would come next, I was pleasantly relieved to hear guruji  laugh.
Over the next few days I asked my mother to teach me how to make a single cup of tea. I thought if need be I could multiply those measurements with as many cups of tea guruji would ask for.  Just as I thought I was well equipped with the art of making tea, Guruji decided to test my skills, yet again. “Make a good cup of tea for my brother-in- law, and make it quick as he has to leave soon” Guruji instructed me one day.  I ran to the kitchen and tried to remember the exact measurements for one cup. This was NOT a good time for a complete blank out, I kept telling myself, but I just forgot! I tried whatever I could and finally took a cup of tea for guruji’s visitor.  As I entered guruji’s room, guruji looked at me, smiled and said “today, you have finally learned how to make tea.”
“Guruji, why do you serve so much tea in the temple?” I happened to ask him one day. “Jedi chai tusi mandir wich peende ho oh meri blessed kiti hundi hai. Kai log ta bas mandir wich chai pee kar hi cure ho jande han. Yaad rakho, jeda glass tusi chak leya oh tuhada hai, kisi hor nu pass na kareya karo, blessings transfer ho jaangiyan.” – “The tea that you drink here acts like medicine because I put my power in it. Half of the sangat gets cured by just having tea here at the temple.” He further added, “Only pick up a glass for yourself, and don’t pass it down to anyone else. What you pick up is for you and you alone.”

“Guruji, I want to start working.” I told guruji the day I finished my studies. Since Guruji had forbidden me to pursue my dream of becoming a clinical psychologist, citing the reason that it was a subject for the crazy, I picked up an alternative line in Interior designing. I understood why he was discouraging me from studying psychology. I remembered a few of my past lives and guruji didn’t want me to go deeper into it. It’s not that Psychology is a subject for the crazy; probably I would have gone crazy delving too deep into my past.
Assuming he didn’t hear me, I repeated my request, “Guruji I would like to start working now.” I said. “No. I don’t want you to work just yet.” “But why?” I pleaded. With a very stern look on his face he told me not to question his decision. I got involved with seva at the temple and the thought of working never came up until 2005. I saw all my friends were earning well and had great jobs by then and it hurt me to see I hadn’t progressed. In 2005 guruji finally started talking about my working. He would send me to go give interviews in Delhi and asked me to come straight back give him a feedback. Each time I gave him a feedback he would take out some point and told me to disregard the job completely. This kept going on till one day he asked me to bring my resume. I got my resume typed and I felt ashamed at having to give it to him since it was only half a page long and I had absolutely no work experience. Not having the courage to go up to him with my resume, I sent my mother to give it to him. She was then asked to keep it under his aasan in the room. Many days went by and when I didn’t get any response from guruji, I asked him, “Guruji, when I had finished my interiors, someone in Delhi had promised to give me a job, please can I join him?” Guruji asked me details of that person and after a long thought he said “No.” I was very upset that guruji had once again said no and that too without giving me a valid reason for it. Many days again passed when one day guruji called me to his aasan and introduced me to an IAS couple sitting with him. Guruji then told them about my job offer with that particular person in Delhi and as soon as the wife heard his name she said, “Don’t ever think of working with that man, he has a very bad reputation.” Guruji then looked at me and asked “Now tell me, do you still want to go work for him?” I felt bad that I doubted my guru’s decision and said “No guruji, I will do as you say.” Shamefaced, I walked back to where I was sitting and decided never to ask him about a job again. Although I kept my promise not to ask him again, the need to do something and become something was getting stronger by the day. Just before guruji took mahasamadhi, he called my mother and told her that I was remaining upset and that he had given me the permission to start working. On hearing this I never felt as happy as I probably should have. I had other issues worrying me like who will give me a job or how will I explain my not working for so many years. Guruji left his body on 31st May 2007, and it was after his mahasamadhi that I finally decided to work. When I stepped out into the world I realized I needed to upgrade my skills. I studied further and worked under an architect for a while before I started working on my own. I setup my own company and built a team of workers. Not having any work experience, I started off with small projects like one room renovations, and slowly built up a reputation. Wanting to further add to my skills, I trained under a landscape architect in Hyderabad, who appreciated my work so much that he offered me partnership in all his projects. Today, with guruji’s grace, my resume is a couple of pages long.
It was my first major project where I was to landscape the office of the Chief Information Commissioner at Hyderabad I was given just a week to prepare the plans and was told that my design will be one among a few others and that the board will finally decide and choose one. In a hurry to complete my plan on time I made a major mistake of showing a double road as single. The architect of the building had proposed that the officers will be dropped off at the entrance and the cars will take a ‘U’-turn and go out the same way. This plan was already approved. I instead; gave a single road and after dropping officers at the entrance; showed a back gate where the cars would go out from and get parked. I sent my drawings to Hyderabad on the very day of the meeting and while getting the printouts taken, my partner realized the mistake. Since it was too late to change the drawings, my partner said he would show the design as it was. “You have messed up and we don’t have much time to make corrections, so you better pray to your guruji to help or we’ll have to wash our hands off this project.” He said. I was heartbroken at the thought of messing up my first project and prayed to guruji to help. It so happened that the commissioner himself was present at the meeting and he along with the board selected our design. The plan was approved as it was and the architect was instructed to keep the road single.
‘Neechon oonch kare mera gobind’ was a line Guruji narrated to me many times but its significance I understood now. By not letting me work, he gave me an opportunity to serve him and when he did let me work, he lifted me above all the other friends I used to compare myself with. I am what I am today because of him.

Once an individual is accepted as a disciple by a guru, it becomes the duty of the Guru to protect him and keep him safe. Here again I would like to mention that a guru only gives you three chances. If you don’t listen to him, he then allows you to exercise your free will. So if you are not ready to accept his word, don’t go to a guru.
Guruji kept telling a family to put off the wedding of their son as it is going to cause them great harm. The family disregarded guruji’s advise and after warning the family three times, guruji kept quiet. It so happened that within the first month of the marriage, the girl filed a case of dowry against them
and in return claimed much more than she had actually brought. The entire family was behind bars and they lost their house and business in the process. If it is the duty of a guru to protect, it is also the duty of the disciple to listen and accept his word as final.
A lady while crossing the road got caught in traffic from both sides. A judgment error brought her face to face with a vehicle that had no place to go but over her. Thinking it was all over she closed her eyes and remembered guruji with all her heart. When she opened her eyes to see why the vehicle didn’t hit her, she saw around her, a wall of guruji protecting her. I happened to be sitting with guruji when she walked in and fell at his feet.” Aunty, bacha leya main aj tenu.” – “Aunty, I have saved you today.” He said. All women disciples were affectionately addressed to as ‘Aunties’ and the men as ‘Uncles’. “Yes guruji, this is the third time you have saved me.” She said.  “Ki karan? Main tenu utte bhej ta haan te rab tenu thalle bhej denda hai. Tu hale ik – do weri hor up down karengi.” – “What to do? I keep sending you up to god and he keeps sending you back, it seems he doesn’t need you to bother him yet. So you will keep doing this up – down a few more times.” Guruji had an amazing sense of humour.
In another incident, there was great enmity between two landlords of a particular village. One of them happened to be guruji’s devotee. He was being threatened by the other party, that if he tries to cut his crops, they would kill him. He came with is problem to guruji and guruji said, “Go tomorrow and cut your wheat crop fearlessly.” “But guruji, they have threatened to kill me if I step close to my fields.” He told guruji. “Don’t fear, just do as I say.” The next day when he reached his fields, he saw a huge wall of guruji surrounding his entire land. He cut his crops fearlessly and even went and sold them and his enemies never bothered him after that day. Such is the power of a true guru!
My mother and I were travelling on the Bombay – Pune highway when we met with a serious accident. The impact was so huge that the ambassador car we were travelling in was completely written off. We however walked away from it with minor scratches. Guruji later told us that he was watching the accident and that he had saved our lives. Many people in the sangat have had similar experiences where their accidents could have been fatal but they got saved by the divine grace of guruji.
A family kept getting up to take leave from guruji as they felt it was getting very late and guruji would make them sit down. “Not now, sit with me for a while longer.” said guruji. When finally they were allowed to go, we asked guruji why he kept them for so long. “The gas cylinder in their house has leaked. Had I allowed them to go earlier they would have gone home and switched on the light, which would have caused the house to go up in flames and resulted in their death. Now it is safe for them to go back.”
A guru not only protects his disciples but also protects their belongings. A family was carrying a big amount of money in a briefcase for some work. When they reached home, they met someone and while talking to them forgot they had kept the briefcase on the scooter. The briefcase, with a couple of lakhs stayed put on the scooter all night in a busy street. Next morning when the family realized their briefcase was missing, they ran out to look for it. The briefcase was there as they had left it the night before. When they went to guruji, the first thing he said to them was, “Aunty, you kept me standing out all night. I had to brave the cold to protect your money.”
My neighbor is someone who visits pundits and soothsayers pretty often. One day her daughter was very upset so I gave her a small photograph of guruji to keep with her. The next morning however, she came running to me, “my mother wants me to return this photograph to you, and I hope you don’t mind.” “No, I don’t mind at all, but what happened?” I asked her. “The pandit my mother goes to said that there is some presence in the house that is not allowing him to do anything, and that it must be removed.” Although I felt pity for such ignorant souls, I was amazed to see how much protection a small photograph of guruji in the house, can give. Nothing bad or evil dare enter a house where guruji is present.
“Guruji, I saw my house surrounded by a beautiful light, what is it?” I asked guruji after I had witnessed a beautiful glow over my house. “Eh meriya blessings han. Meri protection tuhade saare ghar de utte hai. Jis de ghar main chale jaawan, us parivaar nu kade path karan di lod nai paindi. Tusi saare protected ho.” – “That is my blessing and protection to your entire family. Any house I visit need not bother to do prayers for the rest of their lives.” “You are all always protected.”
Guruji has his ways of protecting his disciples. Anytime a car broke down in the wilderness there would always be help at hand. He would call for you if he saw any illness coming to you and would cure you without even telling you. Many times travelling alone and late at night, we have felt guruji’s presence with us right up to our doorstep.
The following parable will illustrate the protective shield of a guru. King, who was hunting, suddenly decided to visit his Guru in the forest. Unfortunately, he was thrown off his horse and it bolted, leaving him alone in the forest. With great difficulty he reached his Guru’s ashram, all bruised and in a bad state. He asked his Guru why he had to suffer such a fate when all he wanted was to visit the Guru. The Guru just smiled and told him that he would get his answer when he reached home. On reaching his kingdom the next day, the King came to know that he had escaped an attempt on his life. The servant, who decided to sleep on the King’s cot in his absence, was beheaded by an enemy soldier, who mistook him to be the King. The Guru’s grace had made the King want to visit his Guru and thus protected him.
Always have faith in your guru. Even though at that moment you may feel nothing is making sense, but remember, everything a guru says or does has a purpose. And the purpose is the benefit of his disciple.

“Guruji, you have the strangest ways of curing people.” I asked him one day. “Mainu tuhanu cure karan waste kuch karan di lod hi nai hai. Meri power hi thanu cure kar dendi hai. Tusi human beings di mentality ahiji hi ki jadon tak main kuch karan nu na dewaan, tusi believe nai karonge ki main cure karta hai.” – “I don’t need to do anything to cure you people. My power is enough to cure you once you come near me. If I don’t tell you to do something, you will not believe I have cured you. A human being’s mentality is such.” He said. “And why do you cure diabetics with sweetmeats and jalebis and ulcers with hot spicy chutneys? These are the things one must avoid when diagnosed with these illnesses.” I asked. Guruji laughed and with a naughty look on his face answered, “Eh mera test hai. Main dekhda haan ki kaun mere te full faith rakhda hai. Jera ta mere te faith rakh ke khaa janda hai us di sugar main jad ton kad denda haan. Jo insaan agar magar wich fas jaanda hai, us da pura cure nai hunda, jad tak main na chaahan.” –  “That is my test. I see if you have enough faith in me to trust me with your life and health. Those who do eat the sweetmeats without hesitation, inspite of high diabetics, those are the ones who pass my test and whose illness I eradicate from the root.” He further added, “Those who get into ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ will not be cured fully, unless I choose to.” He went on to explain, “Mere kol illaj mangan na aaya karo. Mere kol sharda te pyaar naal aana chahida hai. Mainu sab pata hai. Mangan naal tusi mahapurush nu apne level tak thalle khich lende ho te khud nastik ban jaande ho.” – “Don’t come to me for cures, come to me with faith and love and I will cure you without you asking me to.” “Don’t bring a mahapurush down to your level by asking him to cure you, by asking you become a ‘nastik’”
“Guruji, what about the spoon that you use to cure people, how does that work for you? I asked “That spoon is my stethoscope; I can see everything in it.” I remember being treated numerous times by the application of that spoon and there were days when the spoon became so hot that one could not hold it. I never had to tell what was hurting and he would always seem to know. Apart from the spoon, I have had many a treatment done by use of beetle leaves. They were always kept over the area that needed treating and many a times they too used to become hot and seemed to burn with the heat. “Why beetle leaves? Can any other leaves be used?” I asked guruji. “Beetle leaf is the purest; it’s because of this reason that it’s a favorite with all gods.”
“Guruji, what about the copper vessels and pots you bless and give to certain people to drink water out of?” I asked. I wanted to know if it was good to drink water out of copper vessels in general or was there something more to it. “Tambe di garvi meri blessings hai thanu tuhadi full life waste. Usda paani roz amrit baneya karuga te tuhanu bimaariyaan to door rakhega.” –
“Those are my blessings to you for your entire life. The ones I have blessed will remain blessed and the water will turn to ‘amrit’ and will keep you away from diseases.”
Mahaparsaad or the remnants of a guru’s food and drink has such high potency, that when taken by the disciple can cure him of the most incurable diseases and can elevate him spiritually. Guruji gave mahaparsaad to a very few selective disciples. The day anyone of us got his mahaparsaad, we would be on top of the world.  The value of a guru’s mahaparsaad will become clear with the following incident.
My mother and I were sitting with guruji, in the Jallandhar temple, with a few others, when there walked in two women dressed in their fineries. Guruji was having his tea when he suddenly placed the leftover tea in front of one of them and said, “Aunty, drink it.” She in return told guruji that she doesn’t drink anyone’s leftover tea. We tried to tell her it was his blessings that he’s giving to you in the form of his tea but there was no reasoning with that woman. She was adamant and didn’t want any of it. Guruji smiled and gave it to someone else, who grateful drank every last drop of it. After about a month, we happened to be sitting with guruji again when late at night there was a knock on guruji’s temple door. We saw four men bringing a lady on a stretcher and putting her at guruji’s feet. They were all crying and told guruji that the doctors had given up on her. We recognized her to be the same lady who had refused to drink guruji’s leftover tea. “Aunty, jadon mai apna mahaparshad tenu ditta si, te tu kehendi si I don’t drink jhootha, us din main is hi bimaari da illaj ditta si. Je tu us din meri chai pee lendi, ta is haalat wich na hundi.” – “Aunty, that day when I gave you my tea, you said you don’t drink other’s leftover tea, but I had foreseen your illness and had given you my tea for this reason only. Had you accepted my blessings that day you wouldn’t have been in such a condition.” We all knew that our guru was too kind and forgiving and would still save her and that’s exactly what he did!
“Guruji I don’t like going to the dentist. I hate that chair and I’m very scared.” I told guruji one day. With all due respect to all dentists around the world, I never was their biggest fan. “What happened?” he asked. “Guruji I have been diagnosed of a deep bite, I had it rectified as a child but it seems to have relapsed. The doctor suggests braces.” Being in college, I was, just as any other young girl, not keen on having my looks spoiled. “Does that mean your teeth will fall off sooner than other people’s?” he asked. “Well yes, something like that. What should I do?” “You don’t want braces?” he inquired. “No guruji, I won’t look pretty.” Guruji chose to test me at that moment. He said, “There is a fakir in Panchkula who applies a paste on a person’s teeth and the teeth remain good for 5 years, go to him.” “Fakir? Why should I go to fakirs when I have you? Besides, he can just cure me for 5 years. What happens after 5 years? I want a permanent solution.” He laughed and said, “Can’t have you look old with all your teeth falling off, show me your teeth.” On seeing my teeth, he commented, “You have teeth like mine.” He pushed some of my teeth, then pulled at some and finally said “there you go, I have cured your problem. They won’t fall off now.” I was mighty pleased and needless to say, never went back to that dentist. The next day when I reached the temple, I was told guruji had gone out and that I should wait for him. Within a hour, guruji walked in and went straight to his room. He called my mother and me inside and I saw he was in pain. “Guruji what happened?” I asked. “I have had an operation done on one of my teeth, and that’s hurting badly. Tomorrow I have to go and have the same procedure done on the other side.” He answered. My heart sank, I had a real bad feeling about this and as I was about to ask him, he nodded in affirmation, “Yes I have taken all your dental problems that were yet to come on to myself.”
A patient of hernia once came to guruji in severe pain. “Guruji please bless me I don’t want to undergo an operation.” He begged. Guruji looked at him and said, “Ok, if you don’t want to undergo an operation then do one thing for me while I’m out.” “I’ll do anything guruji, please help me.” He went on. “Carry all my flower pots that you see here to the terrace, and bring all the ones on the terrace down. Remember you mustn’t take anyone’s help.” Having said this guruji went out of the temple. In guruji’s absence, he very sincerely did as he was told. Inspite of having pain he had so much of faith in his guru that he was willing to die trying. He soon realized that the more pots he carried, lesser was his pain. When the last pot was left to bring down, guruji came back to the temple and called for him. “So, how many pots are left?” “Guruji just one more to go.” He replied. “Bring the last one down as well or else the operation I have performed on you will be incomplete.” Guruji jokingly said. He brought down the last pot and that was the end of his pain. He never had the problem of hernia again.
In Chandigarh, where guruji used to go for his evening walks, there was an old lady with a stick who could hardly walk.  One day guruji just kicked her walking stick and continued walking. That lady became so furious with guruji that she walked behind him hurling abuses at him. Guruji continued walking unfazed. After having taken almost half the round of the park, guruji stopped and turned around to talk to her. “ Mata ji, Instead of abusing me why can’t you see that you have walked all this distance without a stick where as earlier you could hardly even walk with its support.” She seemed to be in shock because she could not talk. She would sometimes look at her stick and sometimes at guruji and couldn’t believe that she walked all this distance without one.
Ever since childhood I have experienced pain on the left side of my chest. Many times I would get myself checked but no one could tell me why I was experiencing this pain. The doctors told me that it could be either a muscular pain or something psychological. I never mentioned this to guruji and one evening, after having finished my work at the temple I was called to sit beside him. “You have always had chest pains.” “yes guruji, ever since childhood.” I replied. “You have a tiger’s paw on your chest that is why it hurts.” I never understood the meaning of what he said, I still don’t. With his finger he traced a line on my chest and said, “Today I have changed the direction of one of your nerves. Your chest will not hurt after today.” I have never had that pain again.
I have seen guruji bring; a person suffering from a stroke; back to normalcy by just holding his pulse for a while, or doing a person’s dialysis through his photograph. By just one touch he would bring down a person’s high fever or lost memory. He has cured incurable diseases like AIDS and cancer, blindness and deafness. I have also seen him Join broken ribs by sprinkling amrit on a person’s chest. He would make our pimples disappear by just touching them. “Guruji kalyaankari bhi hain aur shingaarkaari bhi.” he would often say. Sitting in Delhi, he joined a broken hip of an 80 year old woman in Chandigarh. People who could not walk properly have absolutely no problem dancing today. Skin diseases have disappeared overnight with his blessings. Some people would be told by guruji to travel by air to a particular destination. He would stress on the the fact that the travel must be by air and not by train or road. “Guruji, they could easily have travelled by road. Why did you stress on them flying down?” I asked. “Kai logan da illaj n ate zameen ten a paani te ho sakda hai. Is layi mainu unha nu hawa wich udana painda hai cure karan waste.” – “There are some people who cannot be cured on land or on water; therefore I tell them to take a trip by air so I can cure them in air.” There was nothing that he couldn’t do.
“Asi mahapurushan da mood hunda hai. Sanu pata hai keda best time hai tuhanu bless karan da. Je main 11 baje thanu bless karna hai te tusi 10 baje uth khade ho ke kaho ki asi hun jaana hai ta tusi meri blessings miss kar jaaonge. Fir saadi mauj 5 saal nu aaye ya 50 saal nu, asi keh nai sakde. Is layi jadon mahapurush agya den, ta hi ghar jaao.” – “We, mahapurush have our moods.  We know when it is the best time to bless you. If suppose my mood has come to bless you at 11.pm, and you get up to take leave at 10.pm then you will miss out on my blessings. My mood to bless you again may or may not come in the next 5 or 50 years, I don’t know. Therefore, always leave when I tell you to go and not before.”
“Je main kisi nu hath la deyan ta us da rom rom shudh ho janda hai. Je tusi mainu hath la lo ta 1000 pathan da phal milda hai.Je main thanu gale la leyan ta 5000 path da phal milda hai. Sirf ek mahapurush hi panj choran to mukti dila sakda hai.” – “If I touch someone, his every pore gets purified. If you touch me, you get the benefit of a 1000 prayers. If I embrace you, you get the benefit of 5000 prayers. Only a Mahapurush can grant you freedom from the five vices namely, Pride/Ego, Anger/Temper, Greed/Urges, Attachment/Dependency and Lust/Addiction.”
Such are the ways of a guru. One may never completely agree with them or understand them, but everything he does or says has a meaning behind it. Remember, only a guru can see the bigger picture, you and I are not equipped with that kind of a vision.

“Langar chalai gur sabad har tott na aavee khatteeai”– “The dining hall of the Guru’s word is open; its supplies never run short.”
Langar is the divine food served at religious places, something like a community meal. Langar at guruji’s temple was given a lot of importance and no one was allowed to go without eating it. The meals served at guruji’s temple were so simple yet so delicious that everyone who tasted it could not stop raving about it. His blessings made the difference between the food served at his temple and the food cooked at home.
Guruji insisted on making people sit together in small groups and eat out of the same thali (a big plate). This was a sign of equality. Every individual who came to guruji was treated equal, weather he was an officer or a villager. No one was ever divided according to religion, cast or creed. In Jallandhar, where the sangat was less, guruji would himself make small groups during langar time and he only decided who would sit where. Guruji would then serve the chapattis himself. Some of us would get 3-4 chapattis and we would eat them all and still not feal any discomfort. I remember a day in Jallandhar, when one of guruji’s disciples, distributing langar told guruji that the dal (lentil) may fall short as there were a lot of people that day. Guruji very calmly ordered that disciple to cover the utensil containing the dal, with a cloth. “Dal de donge te kapda paa deo aur paayi challo, kapda chuk ke dekhna mat. Dal sab nu poori ho jaaogi.” Meaning – “Cover the dal utencil with a cloth and don’t lift the cloth to see. Continue serving from it and it will be enough for all.” Sure enough, the dal was served to all and did not finish.
A lady visited guruji’s temple for the first time. She had an ailment that guruji pointed out and she agreed, “Yes guruji, I have been suffering from it for a long time.” “Langar khaa ke ja.” Meaning – “Have langar and then go.” Guruji ordered her. During langar guruji gave her three chapattis to eat. She ate two and kept the third in her purse thinking she would go home and eat it sisnce she was already feeling quite full and had to travel. The next time she visited guruji, guruji asked her, “Ki haal hai aunty? Bimaari door hui ke nai?” Meaning – “How are you feeling now? Has your problem disappeared?” “Guruji, I’m much better but still about 20% of it is left.” She replied. “Oh is waste kyonki tu ek roti guruaan di purse wich paa ke le gayi si, ki guruji nu ki pata chalna hai. Jadon main kuch khan nu didnda haan, oh is mandir wich hi khaani chahidi hai, ithe dawaai te bahar mathai.” – “That is because you smuggled a chapatti out of my temple thinking you will eat it later and guruji will not come to know. When I give you something to eat, it is to be consumed in the temple itself. Once it goes out, its ordinary food.”
The langar served at guruji’s temple was blessed and charged by his powers. It was so blessed that many people got cured just by eating langar. The langar was always vegetarian and made by only those who guruji instructed. Many times spicy chutney would be served along with the langar and guruji would announce that people suffering from ulcers must eat the chutney, as it would cure them.
During the initial days when we met guruji, spoons were not allowed and the curries were to be finished with the chapattis. Many times I would try to get a spoon and each time guruji would catch me by my hand and take me back to my plate. “Spoons not allowed” he would say, and smile at our incompetence. If you had curry left on your plate, you had to eat another chapatti; it was as simple as that. In Chandigarh thankfully, the spoon finally showed its presence!
In Delhi, Guruji started giving us langar seva. Each time we went to Delhi, he would say, “Chal sanyasi mandir mein” which meant we were to partake in the making of the langar. My sister, mother and I would reach the Chattarpur temple in the morning where the langar was prepared for the night. The preparation of the langar was an enjoyable experience and we all thank guruji for considering us worthy enough to prepare langar for his sangat.
I had heard that each chapatti that was made in the langar had an ‘om’ or an ‘ek omkaar’ or a ‘swastik’ sign on it but had never believed it. One day I sat down to make a few chapattis and I saw that each and every chapatti had a sign. I picked up chapattis at random and could not find even one that did not have those signs.
One day a lady requested guruji to allow her to make langar, to which he said “Aunty tenu hale 25 saal hor lagan ge mere langar wich kam karan nu. Har koi mere langar wich kam nai kar sakda” – It will take you anoher 25 years to be ready to take on this sewa. Not all are allowed to prepare langar.
Since we used to prepare the langar, we were aware of the amount of chapattis made and could roughly guess the number of sangat that had visited guruji on that particular day. One day after langar was served; guruji sat down next to me and said that a certain number of people had visited the temple to eat langar. The number was much higher than the chapattis we had made that day and my mind made some foolish calculations. “That’s not possible Guruji, we didn’t have that many chapattis.” The moment I uttered these words I realized I had made the mistake of doubting my guru. I quickly apologized and kept quiet. “Thaanu ki lagda hai sirf tusi hi aithe langar khaa ke jaande ho? Thaanu ki pata tuhade naal kaun kaun langar khaa ke janda hai. Tusi log ta langar di keemat hi nai jaande ho. Utte ta rishi muni tarasde han is langar da ek niwaala khan waste. Mere hukam naal oh bhi langar chak ke jaande han. Jadon main kehenda haan ki inne loga ne langar chakeya hai, us de wich unha di bhi ginnati kar ke kehenda haan.”  – What do you know? You think its just you people who come and eat langar here? You don’t know who all come and eat langar with you. You people don’t know the value of langar, where as rishis and sadhus in the astral world feel blessed to come and eat this langar. When I say so many people ate langar today, I count them in as well.
Many times after that day Guruji would smile at me and quietly tell me the number of people for langar on that particular day and I never indulged in calculations again, not that I was good at them to begin with, and I never doubted my guru again.
Regarding preperations of food at home guruji always insisted that the wife must cook food with her own hands. “Aurat nu apne hath naal ghar wich khaana banana chahida hai.”
Guruji would always eat his food after feeding his sangat. Not only his sangat, he made sure to feed all the drivers and people at the gate before he sat down to eat. No one ever returned without being fed.

Telepathy, to define it simply, is a direct communication between minds. It means transmitting some information from one person to another without actually involving our senses or without physical contact.
After having guruji’s darshan’s for the first time, I felt as if I had finally come home and so, didn’t want to leave. I’m sure a lot of you will relate with this feeling. Sensing my hesitation to leave he said, “Fikar na kar, main tere naal telepathy karanga.” – “don’t worry, I’ll be in touch with you through telepathy.” Being a student of psychology, I knew what telepathy was but had never experienced it. That night when I went home and slept, I had my first telepathy with guruji. Next morning, we decided to ask guruji about it. As soon as we entered guruji’s temple guruji asked, “Kyon fir? Dekhe nazaare? Main tere kol tin weri aaya si.” – “So, did you see what all i showed you? Last night I came to you thrice.” “Guruji, those dreams…..” I could just say this much when he interrupted me. “Dreams na keh, oh dreams nai han. Main tere naal telepathy de through gal kiti hai. Jadon bhi main dikhda haan, oh mere darshan hunde hain. Mera dream koi nai le sakda, mera dream le kar ta dikha!” – “Those were not dreams. Don’t call them dreams. I came and spoke to you through telepathy. No one can dream of me. It is only when I choose to appear to you, will you be able to see me.”
Many times guruji warns people through telepathy of an incident about to happen. My mother had a telepathy where guruji tells her to carry her driving liscence with her or she will get caught at the lights of sector 22. In the evening she forgot about it and sure enough at that very point, she was pulled over and she didn’t have her licence.
I am one who enjoys listening to music before going to sleep. One night, my walkman just refused to work and would stop after 2-3 minutes without any apparent reason. Finally i gave up trying and decided to sleep. That night guruji scolded me. “Main tere naal telepathy karan waste wait kar rehaan haan te tu eh teen tabar sunan ton hatdi nai“ I have been waiting to do telepathy with you and you just don’t stop listening to this nonsence you call pop music.”
In another incident, Saraswati and I were watching TV and I just happened to comment in a light mood that “If I had a better figure, I’d too love to wear such skimpy clothes.” I meant it as a joke and completely forgot about it till that night guruji came again and scolded me. “Kamliye, eh chote kapdeyan wich kuch nai rakheya. Tu suit wich soni lagdi hai, suit hi paya kar.” – “Foolish girl, there is nothing in these small clothes. You look nice in suits, continue to wear suits only.” The next time I went to Delhi and guruji was doing a satsang where he is telling someone, “Dilli waaleyaan nu pata hi nai mahapurush nu kiwe Milan aana chahida hai. Kudiyan chote chote kapde aur penta pa ke aa jaandiyaan han. Mahapurush nu Milan aan layi suit pa ke aana chahida hai. Main bhi kirpa suit waaleyan te zyada karda haan.” – “People in Delhi don’t know how to dress before a mahapurush. Girls wear small clothes and pants to the temple. They don’t know that to meet a mahapurush you must be decently dressed in a salwaar kameez (suit). I bless those in suits more than the others.” And he looked at me and gave me a big smiled.
In one telepathy guruji gives me the full address of someone and tells me that someone is very sick. Since the address was of Delhi and I was in Chandigarh on that day, I asked Jo aunty (a follower of guruji in delhi) to check out if the address was valid. I told her about the signs I had seen, like a railway track next to the house and a bit about the house. The next day this is what she had to say ––‘I went looking for the house and sure enough the number was right. I tried to knock but no one came out. Just as I was about to give up, a gentleman came up to me and said, should I knock at the door for you? He knocked and a girl of 17-18 years with her mother behind her opened the door. I made up a story to get some information. I told her that Mrs Bawa from Chandigarh has sent me are you Mrs Grover? The girl immediately replied, aunty you have the names mixed up. My mother is Mrs Bawa and we have relatives in Chandigarh whose name is Mrs Grover. I was shocked at the coincidence. Then I asked them if someone in the house was sick, and she said yes they had someone who was rather unwell.’
After Jo aunty told me this I decided to ask guruji what has to be done next. We told guruji that Jo aunty had been to the house so what are we do do next? Guruji replies, “Bas hun theek hai, ho gaya.” – “Now its allright, what needed to be done is done.” Maybe by sending a member of his sangat guruji had actually sent blessings to the person who was unwell in that house. Guruji’s ways of working is beyond our understanding.
In one of my telepathies, guruji shows me that I am a small girl of 3-4 years. He is showing me my parent’s wedding. He then tells me you have to go into this family. “Tu meri pyaari beti hai, tu is parivaar wich jaana hai.” I get up in the morning and describe the place where I see my parents getting married, to my mother. She agreed that the place was exactly as i had described. I had a telepathy during the days when I didn’t even know what line I would choose for my career. I always wanted to be a clinical psychologist but just to test Guruji I prayed to him to show me what I would become in the near future. That night I see guruji sitting among a little sangat and I am sitting besides him. I see a few of my classmates and as they enter, Guruji predicts what each one of them will become. One friend of mine who was always a third divisioner, walks in and Guruji tells him that he will be an executive officer in a big firm (and today he is working in one) In my dream I am thinking that if a third divisioner can get a good job then Guruji, what about me? Guruji turns towards me and writes something on my forehead with his finger. All I remembered was that the letter ‘i’ and ‘e’ were part of the word that he had written. Many years passed and I would always wonder what Guruji had written on my forehead. Just recently it struck me that I had become an interior and landscape designer and both the words interior as well as designer have the letters ‘i’ and ‘e’.
Guruji, in his telepathies tells us a lot, not just about the immediate future but about many things yet to happen down the years. He comes and even cures his sangat through telepathy. I remember suffering from a very painful boil and the doctor had asked me to come back the next day as she wanted to operate upon it. That night I prayed to Guruji and begged him to save me from the painful procedure. That night Guruji, in my telepathy comes and gives me a white paste to apply. Next morning when I woke up I realized I had no pain and as I looked for my boil, I couldn’t find it anywhere! By applying a paste in my telepathy, he cured me of a painful boil. What was more; there wasn’t even a mark left that could suggest I had anything there.
Just before my grand father was to fall ill, I had a telepathy where I am standing under a huge mountain and all of a sudden the mountain starts to crumble and fall. I am looking up and I know that I’ll get crushed under the debri. Just as I think this I see bright light and Guruji with his hand raised as if sending his blessings. None of the debris falls on me and I am able to walk out of there unhurt. I woke up in the morning and could not decipher the telepathy. It’s only after my grandfather passed away that I was able to understand the meaning of this telepathy. The mountain crumbling was an indication of the hard times that were to follow. My grandfather falling sick and passing away was nothing less than a mountain of sorrows breaking on our heads and by giving me his darshans he assured me that we would survive the hard times with his blessings
There is no doubt his telepathies are always true, Sometimes they may be very clear and at times they may seem to have more symbolism involved. Every telepathy that you have has a meaning, even though at that time it may seem strange or meaningless to you.
After guruji’s mahasamadhi my mother gets woken up by a strange light coming from an idol of shivji that I keep in my room. Since the idol was made of a material that glows at night, my mother didn’t think much of it and went off to sleep. At night guruji comes to her and tells her, “Sukhi aunty eh murti hun khatam ho chuki hai, is nu mandir de aa te mera bal roop le ke aa.” – “Sukhi aunty, this murti is now of no use, go leave it at some temple and get my childhood form.” In the morning when she tells me about the telepathy, I understood why he said that the idol was of no use. While cleaning it I had accidentally broken a part of the trishule. It is believed that one should not keep a broken idol at home but I was so fond of it that I still hung on to it. The next day we went looking for Shiv ji’s photograph as a child and were unable to find it anywhere. Finally we prayed to guruji and left it to him. The next day my mother went to buy some medicines and at the shop next to it hung a beautiful picture of shiv ji in his baal roop. We approached the owner and he very willingly gave it to us to make a copy of it.
“jadon bhi tusi mainu dekhde ho, uth kar 15 minute om namah shivaya da jaap kiya karo ya ho sake te Samadhi laya karo kyonki main uthe hunda haan.” – “Whenever you see me in telepathy, get up and chant om namah shivaya for 15 minutes or if possible, meditate because I am very much there.”

A few months before my grandfather was to fall ill, Guruji started giving us hints. “Sukhi aunty, your father is a saint, you must keep him happy. Take him out somewhere and all of you enjoy.” guruji often told my mother. We were sensing that something was probably going to happen to him and started spending more time with him. On the 11th of May 2001, guruji’s mother was cremated at Dugri village. After the cremation, guruji told his family to feed my grandfather langar first. “Give langar to Gill uncle first, he has to go” said guruji. We didn’t realize the meaning of his words since according to us Daddy, as I lovingly called my grandfather, had no plans of going anywhere. After langar, we were the first ones to be given agya or permission to go and as my grandfather bowed down before guruji, he said “Gill uncle, Full blessings. It’s now time to go.” I still didn’t understand the meaning of guruji’s words until halfway to Chandigarh, my grandfather showed signs of sickness. As soon as we reached Chandigarh, he had a major paralytic attack and his left side was paralyzed. I tried to ring up someone who I knew would be with guruji at that time and requested him to give the phone to guruji. Guruji came online and said “I have given him my full blessings, don’t worry, just take him to the hospital.” We rushed him to the Government Hospital in sector 32, Chandigarh with just Rs 4000/- in our possession. Since my mother and I were living with him, we never questioned him about any of his bank accounts or where he kept his money. As we reached the hospital I saw we were not alone, guruji had sent his sangat to help us with the initial formalities at the hospital and for emotional support. The major issue that was bothering me and my mother was money. How and where were we to get it? The very next day my mother’s cousin came and handed her Rs10.000. with the help of which my grandfather’s treatment was started till my Uncle (mother’s brother) took over.
My grandfather stayed in hospital for three months with a break of one and a half month, where he was sent home. “Your grandfather will come home just once.” Guruji had told us much before time. In the first phase of his stay in hospital he was conscious and would always be doing path. His eyes would be closed but he could describe everything going on not only at the hospital, but at home as well. One day I rushed to the hospital without having my milk and as soon as I opened the door to my grandfather’s room he said, “Today you have not had your milk, you are hungry.” My uncle would give me money by the day for the medicines and tests and at night I had to return him everything that was left. I could not however, use that money on my mother or myself. My mother and I would leave at 8.30 in the morning and do our duty at the hospital till 8.30 at night. We would pack our lunch with us and eat it at the hospital. We had absolutely no money of our own and completely depended on what my uncle gave us to run the house, which was not enough. Soon the kitchen became empty and all we were left with was a drum full of lentils that came from the farm. For three months we had nothing but lentil and chapattis for lunch and dinner.
During the 12 hour stay at the hospital I would sometimes feel hungry and there would be no money to eat anything. I rang up guruji and told him of our situation and he said, “Je rab rijak patthar wich baithe keedhe nu bhi didnd hai ta tenu kyon nai dawuga? Rab saareyaan da intezaam karda hai.” – “If god can provide food to the insects living in stones, why would he not provide for you? God looks after and provides for his each and every one of his creations.”  One day I decided to change the purse I was carrying since it was too small. I had bought a purse from Bombay (now Mumbai) that I had never used and decided to take that instead. It was a brand new purse with its paper stuffing still inside it. I removed the stuffing and transferred all my stuff into it. I saw it had an inner pocket that was zipped closed. As I opened it I was surprised to see that it was full of five rupee coins! At the hospital, whenever we got hungry, we would use that money to buy something from the canteen and eat. I noticed that no matter how much I took out from it, the pocket never got empty. This was guruji’s way of providing for us. The money in the purse never finished till the day my mother and I were financially stable.
Guruji’s blessings and presence in the hospital room was not only felt by us but also by the doctors, nurses and many others who would just walk into the room, touch my grandfathers feet, and leave. There were times people would come and ask us as to what we were using to keep the room so fragrant. It was guruji’s fragrance that kept coming off and on in the room. My grandfather too would talk about guruji visiting him and would often talk to him. I questioned guruji about the strange happenings in the hospital room and the things my grandfather was talking about. Guruji told me, “Tenu ki pata us kamre wich ki kuch ho raheya hai. Tere nanaji jo keh rahe han sab sach hai. Main unha nu roz nazaare dikha raha hoon. Main unha nu sab kuch dikha ditta. Unha ne inna kuch dekh leya ki hun thalle aan da unha da man nai howega.” – “You don’t know what all is going on in the room. What your grandfather is talking about is all true because I am showing him what lies on the other side, I have shown him everything. He has seen so much that now he will not want to come back.” “That means he won’t get better?” I asked. “Oh bimaar sirf tuhade waste han. Apne bache hue karam khatam kar rahe han. Hun mur ke janam maran wich nai aange. Teri te teri maa di sewa likhi hai, hass ke kar lo.” – “He is not sick; he is just clearing his debts and working out his karmas so that he won’t ever come back into the cycle of birth and death.” Guruji further added, “He is in bed for the two of you (My mother and me) it is in your karmas to serve and look after him. Do so with a smile.”
My grandfather soon showed signs of recovery and the doctors were amazed at the progress. He continued to talk about seeing guruji and sometimes seeing guruji as shivji. Whenever he was seeing things, his body language and voice would seem to change. I would run to him with a pen and paper and write down everything he said. These were a few things he would talk about –
“God is light and light is love. I see light of all colours.The light says – you are mine” 
 “Daddy, who is god? Can you see him? I asked. “Yes I see god. God is light.  “The light speaks to me. It says here love is your guide. I see love and I see light, Light is reality.” 
 “Daddy, will I ever see the light?” I probed. “Yes, you can see the light when you learn to love. Love even those who you dislike, love your enemies and the light will love you.” 
 “Will this light cure you or will it take you with it?” I asked. “Mujhe saath rakh le gi.” – “The light is here to take me and keep me with it.” 
 “The light speaks to me. It says I am here. Light loves you and you love light. The light says you must come to me. When you love light the light will love you.” 
 “Daddy, who is Guruji?” I asked him one day when he seemed to be seeing things. “He is light.”  “Guruji aaye hain, kehte hain sab theek ho jaayega. Jo hoga theek hoga, jo hona chahiye woh hi hoga. Chinta mat karo”. “Guruji has come, he is saying that what is happening is for the good, don’t worry.”
“Daddy, how long will you be in hospital?”I asked. “A short while, not very long.”
  “Guruji is Shiv. He sometimes comes to me as guruji and sometimes as Shiv ji. “Guruji, shiv ji hain. Mujhe kehte hain, kuch der ki takleef hai, theek ho jaayegi.”  Guruji is Shiv. He’s telling me that everything will be all right and this illness is only for a short time.”  
“Why has Guruji come into this world?” I asked. “To look after his people and to cure them. He has a lot of power and can do anything.”  
“Sachkhand mein din raat path chalta hai. Guruji ki kirpa se wahan bahut aadmi hain.” – “In Sachkhand (heaven) there are prayers going on all the time. It is very peaceful and because of Guruji, there are a lot of people who have come here.” 
 “Guruji maalik hai, saari duniya aap chalate hain. Jo chahe kar sakte hain. Agar apni asli power dikha de toh duniya paagal ho jaayegi.” – “Guruji runs the entire universe himself. Whatever he wants can happen. He is very powerful and if he showed his power to people in the world, they would go mad.”  “Guruji aaye hain, keh rahen hain sab theek ho jaayega. Tumhare parivaar se mere purane sambandh hain. Mujhe is ghar mein aakar bahut accha lagta hai.”- Guruji has come. He is saying everything will be all right. I have an old relationship with you and your family. I love coming to you.” 
“Daddy, kya sambandh hain?” Meaning- “Daddy what relation did we have with guruji? I probed. Mahapurush nahin bata sakte. Apni marzi se aate hain. Hum sab se bahut pyaar karte hain.”  – “Mahapurush never tell. He comes and goes at will. He loves us all very much.” 
 “Whenever I get a bit worried, Guruji comes to me and tells me not to worry. He has a strong light on his forehead. This human form that he has taken is only for you, he is pure light. He controls everything and has everything in his hand. Many times he comes and sprinkles amrit on me.” 
 “Don’t ask for anything. If you have to ask, ask for Guruji.” 
 “Guruji ke matthe se bright light nikalti hai,jis cheez ko haath laga dete hain, who safed ho jaati hai.” – “There is a bright light coming from guruji’s forehead. Whatever he touches becomes white.” 
 “Guruji has come; he is sitting on my bed but is not saying anything. He is constantly looking at me.”  “Guruji aaye hain, kehte hain, ghabarana nai. Main kehta hoon maalik, aapke hote main kyon ghabaraoon?” – “Guruji has come, he is saying not to worry. I reply that guruji, with you I don’t need to worry.” 
 “Guruji has come, he is telling you (my mother and me) to remain happy.”  “Guruji is in the room. He is saying be happy. Why are you not happy? I only need your love.” 
 “Guruji aaye hain, kehte hain, Gill uncle jitthe tu pahunch na si pahunch gaya. Jahe ji mauj karda si karenga. Tainu sab kuch mil gaya hai. Hor ki lena hai? Iston zyada hor kite nai milna. Guruji de bagair light nai hai.” – “Guruji is again here, he is telling me that he has given me everything. He is saying Gill uncle, you have reached where you had to reach. What else do you want? There is nothing else beyond this. Without guruji, there is no light.” 
 “Today guruji showed me ‘chitte kapre waali duniya’ a place where everyone is dressed in white and everything seems to be white. It is a very beautiful place and ‘guruji maalik hain. Maalik kehta hai ek hi rab hai aur rab light hai. Baaki maalik da hukam nai hai thuaanu hor dasna.”   – Guruji is the creator and he is telling me that there is only one god, and god is light. Rest I don’t have the permission to tell you.  “Guruji aaye hain, kehte hain tum bhi (my mother and me) duniya mein fase hue ho, aur – aur maangte ho. Don’t demand. Jo maalik deta hai liye jaao.”  – “Guruji is here and is saying to me and my mother that we too are stuck in worldly desires and keep asking for more. Guruji is saying don’t demand, whatever god gives you, just keep taking it.”  Maalik kehta hai, mang le jo chahta hai. Maine kaha maalik, jo tune diya woh bhi theek, jo tune nai diya woh bhi theek. Toh maalik ne kaha, is liye nai diya ki kahin mujhe bhool na jaao.” –
“Guruji says (Daddy had started addressing guruji as maalik) Ask me whatever you desire. So I said that whatever you have given me is good, and whatever you haven’t given me is good too. So Guruji replies, I never gave you everything because I didn’t want you to forget God.” 
 “Maalik kehta hai apna udhaar chukka le warna pachtayega. Mera chai aur khaane ka udhaar hai. Monday shivji ke din logon ko chai aur langar khila do.” – Guruji says, Pay your debts or you will be very sorry. I have a debt of feeding someone tea and food. On Monday; which is shiv ji’s day; feed people from my side and give them tea to drink.  
“Aaj subha ghantiyon ki aawaz aayi, guruji mere paas matti colour ke kapron mein aaye aur bahut hase. Maalik bahut sundar hai.” – “This morning I heard bells ringing and guruji came to me wearing mud colour clothes. He laughed a lot. God is very beautiful.”
“Daddy what does god look like? I asked. He said, “Agar shakal pata chal jaaye toh log duniya chod de, itne khoobsurat hain.” – “If we come to know what he looks like, we would probably want to leave this world and go to him, he is so beautiful.”
“AAj guruji ne mujhe ek aisi duniya dikhaayi jahan bahut bade aur sundar phool hain. Sau saal tak un phoolon mein khushboo rehti hai. Raajaaon aur maharajaoon mein in phoolon ke peeche jang ho jaati hai.”  – “Today guruji showed me a place where there are big beautiful flowers. The fragrance in them remains for hundreds of years and sometimes there is a war between kings for their possession.”  “Oopar ki duniya bahut sundar hai. Zyada der tak nai dekh sakte kyonki aankhe chundhiya jaati hain. Jin logon ke karam khatam ho jate hain, wahi sachkhand mein rehte hain.”  – “The world beyond is very beautiful. You can’t look at it for too long as it’s so bright that your eyes get blinded with the glow. Only people who have finished their karmas can live there.” 
 I asked Daddy if I too had many debts to pay off. Debts like food, clothing money etc. He replied, “Haan, bahut karz chukane hain. Khaana khila, kapde baant par oopar paisa nai chalta, sirf pyaar chalta hai.”  – “Yes, you have many debts to pay off, feed the hungry, cloth the ones who don’t have any but remember up there, there is no such thing called money. There is only love.” 
 “Guruji maalik hain. Sab se oopar hain. Shakal alag hai. Guruji shiv ji hain. Shivji ko dekhna bahut mushkil hai. Insaan ghabara jaata hai. Par main nai ghabaraya.”  – “Guruji is the creator. He is at the most highest position. He is shiv. To see Shiv ji is not easy as people get scared. But I didn’t get scared on seeing him.”
“Daddy, Have you seen Shivji?” I asked. He replied, “Haan, maine bahut baar dekha hai. Mujhe darshan dete hain. Kabhi main unke paas toh kabhi woh mere paas aa jate hain. Mujhse kehte hain, yeh duniya woh nai jo tu samajhta hai.”  – “Yes, I have seen him (Shiv ji) many times. Sometimes I go to him and at other times he comes to me. He tells me that this world is not what you see or think.”
“Guruji di saade oopar puri kirpa hai. Jab tak guruji hain hamaara koi kuch nai bigaar sakta. Maalik da saade oopar hath hai.” – “Guruji has his full blessings on us. As long as we are with guruji, nothing bad can happen to us. He has his hand over all of us.” 
 “Zarooratmand ko chorna nai. Khilaao, pilaao, daan karo. Gareeb ko do. Ek ki jagah dus aayenge. Khud bhookhe reh jaao par bhooka aadmi ghar se bhookha nai jaana chahiye. Yeh nai kar sakte toh tumhara kya faida hua?”  – “Don’t ever desert a needy person. Feed people, give charity. If you give one thing ten things will come to you in its place. Remain hungry, but make sure no one goes hungry from your house. If you can’t do this much, then what are you worth?”  
“Guruji tumse is liye pyaar karte hain kyonki tum dono khaane ka daan karte ho. Is daan se uncha koi daan nai hai. Daan na dene se tumhara nuksaan hai aur kisi ka nai.”  – “Guruji loves you because you both (Mom and me) give food to the hungry. There is no bigger charity than to feed the hungry. If you don’t indulge in charity, it is your own loss.”  
“Kaho ki hamaare paas sab kuch hai, kisi cheez ki koi kami nai hai toh fir sab kuch milega. Agar kahoge ki kuch nai hai toh tum kangaal ho.” – “Always say that you have plenty and there is nothing that is lacking. If you say this you will have everything but if you keep saying you don’t have enough, then you will be a pauper.”   
One day Daddy repeated what I had already seen, Light around our house. “Guruji ka koi roop nai hai. Shyaam ko khade hokar dekho tumhare aas paas kitni roshani hai. Hamaare ghar ke aas paas guruji ki light hai, guruji ki kirpa hai.” – “ Guruji is formless, he has no form. Look around you in the evening and you will see guruji’s light glowing around you. Even our house is surrounded by his light, by his blessings.” 
 “Guruji se maangna band karo. Patience seekho. Wait karna seekho aur maalik ki raza mein raho. Jaise woh rakhe us haal mein rehna seekho.” – “Stop asking for things from guruji. Learn patience and learn to wait. Remain in god’s will. Learn to live in whatever circumstances he wishes us to live in.”  I asked Daddy if I too could ever see guruji the way he was seeing him and he replied, “You will have to work for it.”  
We were going through hard times and sometimes I would ask Daddy if we too would ever see happiness and he would reply, “Tumhare paas guru hai, is se badi khushi duniya mein koi nai hai.” – “You have a Guru, and to have a guru is the highest form of happiness in this world.”  
“Daddy where does guruji live?” He replied, “Guruji ki kutiya hai. Usme bade bade heere jade huae hain. Itni light hai ki koi dekh nai sakta. Tum soch nai sakte woh kitni sundar jagah hai. Who kutiya pahad ki choti par hai.” – it. You cannot see it because the bright light is so blinding. You cannot even begin to imagine how beautiful it is. It is located on the peak of a mountain.”  “Whenever guruji comes to me, he comes with his sangat. He doesn’t like being without his sangat.
“Guruji ne mujh par bahut bakshish ki hain. Mujhe uda kar le jaate hain, maine saara world unke saath dekh liya hai.” – “Guruji has blessed me immensely. He makes me fly with him and with guruji I have seen the whole world.” 
 I asked Daddy one day, “Daddy, is there someone above guruji?” and he replied, “Haan, unki bhakti. Inke level tak koi nai pahunch sakta. Woh toh aap maalik hai. Mujhe sab kuch dikha diya hai.” – “Yes, if there is anything above guruji it is his devotion.
 There is no one who can reach his level. He is the creator himself. He has shown me everything.”  “Daddy, Why did guruji take form and come himself if he was the creator? Couldn’t he send someone else?” To which he answered, “Duniya itni khraab ho gayi hai ki decision  lene ko inki power ki zaroorat hai. Sab unke hukam se hota hai.” – “The world has become so evil and bad that to take decisions, his power is needed. Everything happens with his wish.” 
 Since guruji’s mother had recently expired, I was curious to know where and how she was. We were with her during her last days in hospital and had grown a special bond with her. “Daddy, where is maata ji (Guruji’s mother)? “ Maata ji bahut change thaa te hain. Othe har koi nai jaa sakta. Hun asi bhi chale jaana hai.” – “ She is in a very nice place where all cannot reach. Now it’s time for me to go as well.”
Daddy spoke of his past life where he owned a shop and guruji often came and sat there with him. “Guruji used to call me Mr. Clean, because I kept my shop very clean.” He said. “That is why he is so fond of all of us now in this birth.”  
 My grandfather made rapid progress and was finally discharged from hospital. The doctors were amazed how someone with cancer has no pain and has recovered so fast. Throughout his illness he never once complained of pain and the doctors were shocked and told us that such patients receive injections worth lakhs just to subside the pain.
During his one and a half month stay at home he continued to talk about guruji visiting him with his sangat. Not only guruji, he now started seeing my late grandmother and his own mother.
On one particular day, I am ashamed to admit, I was too tired to even get up when Daddy instructed me, “Make tea for guruji and his sangat.” Unable to even move my hand, I took advantage of Daddy’s closed eyes, thinking he couldn’t possibly see, and said, “Yes Daddy, I have made it.” “You call yourself a disciple of your guru? You have not made the tea. You have lied.” He said. Feeling ashamed I pulled myself out of the bed to make tea for guruji. Wanting to test my grandfather’s ability to see even with his eyes closed, I put the mug of tea in front of guruji’s photograph kept in another room and prayed to guruji to accept it. I then went to my grandfather’s bed and asked him if guruji had got the tea? “Yes now Guruji and his sangat have got their tea.” He replied.
On another occasion Daddy told me his mother was with him and that I should make tea for her. As I got up to make the tea, he said, “She wants to have tea in the pretty tulip mugs in the kitchen. She finds them very beautiful.” The mugs with the pretty tulips were given to me by my sister, during Daddy’s stay in hospital. He had never seen them nor was he ever fed from them. There was just no way he could have known about them, but he did!
Many people kept visiting him including guruji and I was constantly making tea for his ‘visitors’. “Guruji has shown me that very bad times are going to come.” He told me one day. “Daddy, how do you see all this?” I asked. “It’s like a TV screen in front of me; I am shown a lot of things like this.”
On the 24th of July,2001 I woke up to see Daddy very restless. On asking him of what was the cause for his restlessness, he replied, “Guruji aaye the, mujhe kehte hain aithe aa. Maine kaha guruji main to apahij ho gaya, chal nahin sakta, kaise aaoon? Fir bhi main ghisat kar unke peeche chala. Main gate se 4 feet andar ko woh jagah hai jahan guruji ne mujhe japphi daali aur pyaar kiya. Mujhe guruji kehte hain, tujhe maine promote kar diya. Aaj ke baad maine tujhe sab kuch diya. Maine kaha, guruji, main itna sab kuch le kar kya karoonga? Toh guruji ne kaha, tere jaise aur bahut honge tu unme baantega.”
Meaning – Guruji came to me and asked me to follow him. I said I have been paralyzed and I can’t walk. Yet I dragged myself to go after him. Near the front gate, 4 feet on the inside, is where he blessed me and hugged me. Guruji then said that he has given me everything. I asked guruji what I would do of all that he has given me and guruji replied that there will be many like me to whom I can give.
My mother and I were instructed to go to that very spot and click a picture. “Jis jagah par guruji ne mujhe bless kiya hai, wahan unki nishaani milegi, uski photo kheench lo. Jis din us photo ko tum apne puja ki jagah par lagaaoge, sab kuch ho jaayega.” Meaning – “The place where guruji blessed me will have a sign of guruji’s presence. Click a photograph of that spot. The day you get the photograph developed and put in your prayer area, everything will happen.”
With these instructions we went outside in the driveway, and 4 feet towards the inside, we saw a shivling made on the concrete floor. I clicked a photograph of the shivling. I could not see anything else. Daddy’s condition began to deteriorate and I forgot about the photograph completely. Daddy was shifted back into the hospital and was operated upon. After the operation, he never came out of his unconsciousness. I remembered about the photograph I was asked to put up in my prayer area and immediately went to have it developed. That photograph, when developed and blown up to a bigger size, revealed things that one could never imagine. It had images of the entire universe. I put up this photograph in my prayer area on the 5th of October, and on the 12th of October, (within 15 days as Daddy had told me) Daddy finally left us. I asked guruji about the strange photograph that daddy had asked us to click and guruji then said, “Now, you can dispose the photograph in running water.”
I cross checked the information given to us by Daddy during his stay in the hospital and Guruji has credited each and every word to be true. In fact, just before guruji’s mahasamadhi, Guruji had started asking my mother to narrate the things my grandfather told us about. In the last satsang that guruji did with the sangat before his mahasamadhi, he called my mother and told her, “Sukhi aunty, dus saareyan nu, main tere father nu ki nazaare dikhyein hun, main rub dikaata saare pariwaar nu.” – “Sukhi aunty, get up and narrate to all of the sangat, the things I have shown to your father. I have made this family see god.”
And thus, this was one of the many things he made my mother narrate during his last satsang. The lessons we have learned during the three months of my grandfather’s sickness would have otherwise probably taken us many lifetimes to learn. This experience has brought about a turning point in our lives.
Many people came and asked me a question that bothered me a lot. “Why when guruji called your grandfather a saint, did he suffer so much?” One day I asked guruji the same question. “Guruji please explain why he suffered so much when he never harmed a soul in his life. He was so pious and kind. WHY?” Guruji very patiently explained,
“Sukhmani, tenu ta sirf is janam da hi pata hai, mainu ta unha de 84,00,000 janam da pata hai. Tin mahine hospital wich rakh ke main unha de karam khatam kite han. Sirf thore je karma picche unhanu nai ta fer janam lena painda. Hun oh free han.” – “Sukhmani, you only know of his karmas in this life. I have his files of all his 84.00.000 lakh janams. By keeping him in hospital for 3 months, not only his but your karmas were being worked on. He had just a few karmas left, and by keeping him for 3 months I have made him clear them else he would have had to take another birth just to clear this little bit that was left. Now he is free.”
I finally understood and decided never to question guruji again, for he is the supreme master and what he decides for us will be for our benefit.
I thank you guruji, for teaching us all such hard and difficult lessons in life, by making them so much easier for us to bear and for helping us all work out our individual karmas and become better human beings.

“Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore.” ~ Guru Nanak ~
The word ‘Guru’ is derived from the Sanskrit language and has a very deep spiritual meaning. Its two syllables Gu and Ru stand for the following:
Gu means spiritual ignorance and darkness that most of us are in.
Ru  means light or radiance of spiritual knowledge that dispels the darkness of spiritual ignorance.
In short, the Guru is the One who dispels the darkness of spiritual ignorance and gives them spiritual knowledge.
“7 janam jadon guru nu paan di itcha aur kosish karde ho tad jaake tuhanu pooran guru milda hai” Meaning – “you have to desire and seek a guru for a period of 7 lifetimes before you can find a true guru.” ~ guruji ~
“Har maa apne bacche di guru hundi hai jadon tak baccha 10 saal do nai ho jaanda. Usde baad asi mahapurush take over kar lende haan.” – “Every mother is the guru of her child till the child reaches the age of 10 yrs. After that we mahapurush take over.”
Who is a guru?
Kumti Keech Chela Bhara, Guru Gyaan Jal Hoy | Janam Janam Ka Morcha, Pal Me Daare Dhoy || ~Kabir~
A disciple is full of mud of ignorance. A Guru is water of knowledge. Whatever impurities are accumulated in many births, he cleans in one moment.
A guru is one who holds the key to your liberation. Without a guru, one keeps coming and going and is stuck in the cycle of birth and death. From time to time, a true guru appears to save human beings from the clutches of ‘Maya’ He makes us realize that life is not all about eating, drinking, sleeping or gathering material things. We have all come on this earth with a purpose. A True guru, thus comes to remind us of our true identity and purpose. As guruji once said, “Khaana, peena te sona ta asi saari jooniyan wich karde haan. Manush janam wich rab ne dimaag dita hai ta ki asi us rab nu pa sakiye. Jadon baccha maa de garbh wich hunda hai ta cheekha maarda hai ki hey rab, mainu maaf karde. Main duniya wich jaa ke tera naam japanga. Par jadon baccha bahar nikalda hai, te usnu duniya di hawa lagdi hai oho sab kuch bhul jaanda hai.” – All life forms eat, drink and sleep but only a human being is one who has been given a brain so that he can realize god. When a child is in the mother’s womb, he cries out in pain and begs god to forgive him. He says after birth he will take god’s name but as soon as a child is born, he forgets his promise to god.” It is to remind us of this promise that a true guru appears.
A guru helps us to get rid of the greatest disease called ‘EGO’, which otherwise is impossible to leave. A guru is perfect, pure and all powerful. If a guru so chooses, he can rid us of the cycle of birth and death. He saves us from drowning in the sea of desire and materialism. He comes to remove our doubts and superstitions.  As guruji said, “Main tuhade bharam door karan aaya haan. Tusi kehnde ho ki billi rasta kat jaaye ta kam kharaab ho janda hai. Billi waddi hai ki rab? Rab de agge kuch nai tik sakda.”                             – “I have come to rid you of your false believes and misconceptions. When a cat cuts your path, you believe it will bring bad luck. Who is bigger? The cat or God? Nothing is greater than god or his name.”
When he gives you the stamp of his approval, nothing can stop you. You are then fully blessed. “tuhanu pata hi nai main tuhanu kina bless kita hai. Kuch saal baad thanu pata chaluga jadon tuhade saamne koi khada nai ho sakuga te tuhade saare dwaar khul jaange.”
Meaning – “You cannot make out how blessed you are. You will realize this after a few years when you will see that no one can stand in front of you and all your doors are opened.”
“Asli guru rasik – vairagi hona sikhande hain. Pura rasik hona, narkaan wich paa denda hai te pura vairaagi vi grihasth chada denda hai.”
– A true guru doesn’t tell you to wear saffron robes and go to the jungles to find god. He will in fact tell you to strike a balance between his duties in this world and his duties towards god. If an individual is stuck in materialism, he is walking towards hell and if an individual leaves his home and duties to search god, he will never succeed. “Grihast bahut zaroori hai, grihast wich reh ke rab nu yaad karna chahida hai. Jadon husband wife di sewa karda hai aur wife husband di, ta isto wadda sukh kahin nai hai, eh hi swarg hai.” – “The life of a householder is a must, and remembering god, while staying in the family is important. When a husband looks after his wife and a wife looks after her husband, then there is no happiness greater than this. This is heaven.”
“Jadon rab rooth jaanda hai ta guru sambhaal lenda hai par jadon guru hi rooth jaaye ta fir kite jaan di thaa nai.” – “If god is happy with you, you still have a guru who will help and guide you, but if your guru is displeased with you then you have no place of refuge left in the entire universe.” Such is the importance of a guru.
“Guru lakh di bhi te kakh di bhi blessings kar sakda hai. Guru blessings de kar waapas bhi le sakda hai.” – “A guru has the ability to bless you with a million things and if you don’t know how to take from a guru, you can end up with a blessing worth nothing. Also if a guru sees that his blessing is causing you to develop an ego or if you are using his blessings in the wrong way, he can take back his blessings.”
A guru puts us under the hammer to bring out our essence, yet keeping his loving hand over us so that we don’t break. He then prepares us to receive his knowledge. A guru deals with our soul. If you are not prepared to keep your logic and doubts out, you will never progress. Guruji too believed that logic has no place in his temple. “Jadon mere kol aande ho, apna logic aur dimag jodeyaan kol chad ke aao.” – “when you come to me, leave your logic and brain out where you remove your shoes.” If you cannot leave your logic behind, don’t come to a guru.
Guru Bin Gyaan Na Upjai, Guru Bin Malai Na Mosh | Guru Bin Lakhai Na Satya Ko, Guru Bin Mite Na Dosh ||~Kabir~
There can’t any knowledge without a Guru, there won’t be any salvation without a Guru, there won’t be any realization of truth with out Guru and there won’t be any removal of flaws without  a Guru.
Do not be your own guru, when you go to a true guru, leave everything to him and do as he says. We only see in parts but a guru sees the whole picture. All your problems become the guru’s headache once he takes you under his wing. He only seeks complete surrender. Once you give him that, all your worries will be taken care of.
A guru is above god. “Guru number one Te hai, Guru di sangat dooje number te hai te rab teeje number te hai.” – “A true guru is at number one position, then comes his disciple and on number three, is God.” “Rab tuhade lekh likh ke tuhanu niche bhej denda hai, guru tuhade puthe lekhan nu sidha kar sakda hai. Guru agge, rab di bhi nai chaldi.” – “God writes your destiny and sends you to earth. A guru is one who can change your destiny if he so pleases. In front of a guru, even god does not have much of a say.”
Many people have questioned us as to why Guruji makes people stand up and narrate their personal incidences. The answer is simple. “Guru di ustat karni path karan to bhi waddi hai. Saare grayh seedhe ho jaate hain te zubaan shudh hondi hai.” – Praising your guru is much greater than doing prayers. All your bad karmas get sorted out. A guru not just purifies your speech, but also your soul. “Guruji, how does the soul look?” I asked. “Tuhadi soul maachis te lage masale jinni hai. Jadon tusi mere kol aande ho, main tuhadi soul hi dekhda haan. Baaki mainu kuch nai dikhda, tusi sab chote chote keede makore wangu lagde ho.” – “Your soul is as big as the black spot on a matchstick. When you come to me I only see your soul. I cannot see anything else. You all seem like small insects to me.” He replied. Guruji then narrated a story to us – Pandavas went to Lord Krishna and asked him, that when they were following him for so long, then why he gave the entire kingdom to the Kauravas. On hearing this Lord Krishna replies, “By giving them the kingdom and all the wealth, I have put them in maya. As for you, I’m cleaning your soul.” “Main bhi tuhadi aatma shudh karan aaya haan, jis din tuhadi aatma shudh ho jayegi, us din tuhanu sab kuch mil jayega.” – “I too have come to purify your souls, the day your soul gets purified, you will find everything.”

A B C of Guruji –
Guruji once told us that there is an ABC that applied to his disciples.
A – No Accusing
B – No Blaming
C – No Criticizing and
Unconditional love and Hope.
“Mainu bina kisi itcha de pyaar karo, fer dekho nazaare.” Meaning – “love me without any conditions and expectations, and then see what I will do for you.”
“Hope kade nai chadni chahidi. Jadon hope chad dende ho taan negitavity attract karde ho.” – “when you give up hope, you attract negativity.”
“Guruji, how does one find out who is a true guru and who isn’t?” I asked guruji. “Puran guru nu kade bhi publicity nai chahidi hundi. Oh kade bhi bodyguard aur gunmen nai rakhu ga. Je guru wich power hai ta oh apne aap nu protect bhi kar sakda hai. Je oh apne aap nu nai protect kar sakda, ta apni sangat nu kiwein protect karuga? Os de wichon khushboo aandi hai jo 100 saal di tapasya baad mildi hai. Us de mastak wich noor howega. Us da mattha roshni waangu chamku ga. Mahapurush nu kutte, more ate hor jaanwar pehchaan jaange te rola paan lag jaan ge.” – “A true guru does not require publicity. A true guru will never keep a bodyguard or gunmen around him. If the guru is true, he will have enough power to protect himself.  If he can’t protect himself, how will he protect his disciples? His body will be fragrant, and fragrance comes from meditating for a 100 years. His forehead will have a shine. His face will glow. Dogs, peacocks and other animals will sense if a true guru is nearby and will start to make a lot of noise.” I have noticed all the above signs in Guruji. Whenever guruji went for a walk at the lake in Chandigarh, the moment he put his foot down, thousands of peacocks and dogs would start making a commotion.
“Guruji, we cannot give you anything, what should a disciple then offer to you or to your photographs.” I asked and he replied, “Mahapurush pyaar de bhukhe hunde han, saanu bas pyaar te sharda hi chidi hai. Guru nu phool chadaya karo. Kade bhi badam te pista nai chadhana chahida hai.” – “A true guru is only hungry for love and faith. You must always refrrain from putting almonds and pistachios in front of my photographs. Always put flowers instead.”
A guru likes a disciple who is humble and devoid of any ego. Ego is one thing that a guru will never tolerate in a disciple and will constantly keep testing him till he lets go of this evil. “Kis gal da ahankaar? Neeme ho jaao. Neeve rukhan nu hi phal lagde han. Neevi than te jiven paani aap chal ke aanda hai us tarhan hi neeve loga kol blessings aap chal ke aandi hai. Moorakhon ke hum daas, bas eh gal yaad rakho.” – “Why this ego? Become humble and remember that trees that bear maximum fruit on them are always leaning low. Just as water flows on its own to low lying areas, similarly, Blessings come on their own to those who are humble. Don’t argue with the ignorant.”
Never be arrogant as it never pays in the long run. “Bakri saari umar main main kardi hai, par jad mardi hai usdi cham da tumba banda hai jisdi aawaz tu tu hundi hai, fir oh pachtandi hai te rab nu kendi hai, rab, bas tu hi tu hai.” – “A goat, all its life does main main (me – me) but when it dies, its skin is used to make a musical instrument that takes out the sound of tu – tu (you – you) after its death it realizes its mistake and then tells god, that god, there is only you and no one but You!”
A guru, to test you, may give you everything you want and then quietly watches if you are able to handle it or will you get arrogant. If even a bit of arrogance or ego creeps into you, you are at a risk of loosing everything. “Main 8 podiyaan fata fat chada denda haan, nauvi paudi te aa ke main pichli 8 paudiyaan khich lenda haan. Jine ahankaar na kita oh theek hai warna banda ahankaar de mare fir pehli paidi te pahunch jaanda hai.” – “I, in order to test my disciple, will at first make him climb the 8 stairs to spiritual progress quickly. When he reaches the 9th and the final step, I remove all the other 8. Most of the time the disciple will develop ego and arrogance and will fall down to the first step again. Very few, one in a million can pass this test.”
A guru will many times praise others in front of you just to see what thoughts go on in your mind. If you don’t get jealous of anyone, you are a true disciple. Don’t let jealousy eat into your soul; for then even the guru will forsake you till you can overcome jealousy on your own. “Jadon tusi sochde ho ki guruji ne usda kam karta te mera nai kita, tusi 5 saal piche par jaande ho.” Meaning – “when you think that guruji has done someone’s work and not done yours, then your spiritual progress goes back by 5 years.”
Never ask from your guru. A guru will know what to give and what is the best time to give it. If your guru is not giving you something, remember there may be a greater good in the delay or maybe that thing is not good for you at all. Let the guru be the best judge of it. “Guru to ek mangna hunda hai te ek man na hunda hai.” – “There is something called asking from a guru and another thing as believing and accepting a guru. “Mangeya na karo. Jadon baar baar mangde ho ta saanu dena pe janda hai. Tusi galat cheez mag lende ho aur saanu deni pe jaandi hai. Tusi choti cheez mang lende ho . Kya pata asi tuhanu kinni waddi cheez dena chande haan. Mango na. Jis haal wich rab rakhe, rehna chahida hai.” – “Never ask for anything from a guru. You don’t know what is good for you. When you keep asking, I have to give. You may ask for something that is not good for you or you may ask for something too small. I may want to give you something bigger, so don’t ever ask. The way your guru keeps you, remain happy in those circumstances.”
Guruji would often tell my mother “Sukhi Aunty, you have 1Kg gold in your locker” and my mother would always correct him and say “No Guruji, I hardly have anything.” Many times he would out of the blue tell her,”You will have a house in Jaipur” or “open up a petrol pump”  and again my mother would say that she didn’t want anything but him. Then finally one day guruji made these vachans. “Kade bhi mahapurush nu toko mat. Main jado bhi kuch keh reha hunda haan, oh meri blessings hain tuhade waaste. Mere kahan naal hi oh gal ho jaandi hai, par je tusi mainu toko ge taan blessings othe hi khatam ho jaandi hai.” – “Whenever I am saying something never stop or try to correct me because this is my way of blessing you. By my saying something, things will happen and if you stop me then the blessings stop there.”
In Jallandhar guruji had his astrological chart made by another very saintly person who was known to be very accurate with his calculations. My mother and I were present there when he read out guruji’s chart. “Guruji de saare grah ik hi khaane wich hain sivaae shadi te maya. Eh inne powerful han ki je chaahan, suraj di kirana nu apne hath naal gira sakde han. Biba, inha nu guruji na kaho, eh taan maalik hai, jagat di jyot hai, inha nu creator kaho. Inha nu tin lok aise dikhde han jis tarhan sade haath te rakha hua aamla.” – “Guruji has all his planets in one section of his chart, except the ones that deal with his marriage and money. He is so powerful that if he wishes, he can drop the rays of the sun with his hand. He then told us not to think of guruji as just an ordinary guru, he is infact the light of this world, the creator himself. He can see the three worlds on the palm of his hand like we humans would see a gooseberry kept on our palm.”
While sitting in his room, one day, guruji asked my mother “Sukhi aunty, dus tu mainu ki samajhdi hai?” – “tell me who do you think I am?” My mother replied, “Guruji, mere waste ta tusi maalik ho, nirankaar ho.” Meaning – “I think of you as my master, the creator of this world.” He then did the following satsang with the two of us – “Mera koi form nai hai, main light wichon form le ke aaya haan. Main shiv nai, mahashiv haan. Main apni file aap kad ke aanda haan, marzi naal aanda ha ate marzi naal jaanda haan. Main koi guru nai dhaareya. Main dus dwaar toh bhi utte haan. Mainu tuhade warga ban ke, thuhade wich reh ke tuhada kalyaan karna painda hai. Je main apne asli roop wich aa ke baith jaawan taan tusi log dar ke mare mere kol na aawoge. Roz sawere suraj mainu namaskar kar ke chad da hai. Mere samne saare grah hath jod ke khade hue han ki maalik, hukam karo te asi tuhade waste mar bhi sakde haan. Tusi log ta kitchar wich ho. Main kitchar wich aaya haan tuhanu kaddan waste. Mainu hath laan naal tuhada rom –rom shudh hunda hain. Mere kol chal ke aan naal tuhanu 10 ashvmegh yagya da phal milda hai. Tuhade bure karam jal jande han te acche karam ubhar ke aande han. Main apne body da har ek part alag kar sakda haan. Tusi log mainu pehchaan nai sakde, urdi hui chiriya nu sab phad de han par jera tuhade naal baitha hua hai usdi koi keemat nai karda. Jadon main chala jaawan ga, fir yaad karonge ki kaun aaya si. Main ta jagat tamasha dekhan aaya haan.” – “I do not have a form, I have taken form from light. I am not Shiv, I am Mahashiv. I take out my own file and come to earth. I come and go at will. I have no guru. I am above the 10 dwaars. I had to look like one of you to come and bless you all. If I show you my real roop, you will all run away with fear. You people are living in dirt; I had to come in this dirt to take you out of it. By touching me your every pore of your being gets purified. Each time you come to me you get the benefit of 10 Ashvamegh yagyas. With my blessings, your bad karmas get burned and good karmas are brought out. I can separate each part of my body. You people cannot ever understand me. Like a man runs after a flying bird and does not notice the one sitting next to him, similarly you run after false gurus and pundits but are unaware of who I am. When I leave this body, then you will remember me and realize who had actually come to bless you.”
The true blessings of a guru can only be achieved when you remember him at all times and think of him to be next to you always. It is very important to love your guru and to love your guru with respect. “Guru naal inna pyaar howe ki jadon lipstic bhi laao ta os wich bhi tuhanu guru hi dikhe.” –
“Love your guru to such an extent that you see him in everything. Even when you are applying lipstic, you should see your guru in the lipstic.” “Pyaar karo guru naal par dar ke pyaar karo.” – “Love your guru by all means, and love him true, but you must also have a fear of him.” The day you loose the fear of your guru, your spiritual progress will stop.
“Log mere kol choti choti cheeza mangan aande han, asli cheez koi nai mangda, jisda mere kol bhandaar hai.” – “People come to me asking for small things, but no one comes to ask me for the one thing that I have in abundance.”
A spiritual master has within him the powers to carry a million souls in his arms and take them through all the relams and grant them liberation. How many of us go to a guru with this aim in mind? We have all, at some point of time, asked for small meaningless things like wanting children, jobs, a house, cure from an ailment etc. A living guru is a blessing not all of us are blessed with and If you have one, or had one, then you are truly blessed. Whenever you go to a guru, even if the guru asks you as to what you want, always say “Baksh de” or bless me. Never ask for anything. A true guru is aware of your problems and needs and when the time is right will give everything without your asking, In fact will give you more than you could have ever asked for. Such is the greatness of a true master. “Je mang ke litta te ki litta?” Meaning – “Taking a bessing by asking for it has no charm.” Guruji often said this and stressed on the fact that a guru should never be told about your problems. A guru always knows. If a guru has to be told of your problems, then he is not a true guru. Getting something from your guru without having to ask for it has its own charm.
“Kalyug wich rab bahut cheti mil jaanda hai.” – “In this Kalyug, it is very easy to attain god.” “Main taan saste wich mileya hoya haan, tuhanu meri kadar nai. Kar lo mere sir te aish jinni karni hai.” Meaning – “You have not had to go through struggles to find me, you have found a guru easily therefore you don’t know my value. Enjoy while you can at my cost.”
The meaning and importance of these words by guruji never struck me till I came across this small sakhi – Raja Janak was a very spiritual king. Before sitting on his throne he would touch the feet of 9 rishis and take their blessings in order to remain humble and grounded.
Sehdev muni, did meditation for 12 years in order to make Raja Janak his guru. One day when sehdev muni goes to Raja Janak, he sees him dressed in his finest clothes, wearing loads of jewels and pronouncing a sentence of a 20 year imprisonment to a decoit. Sehdev muni is not impressed and goes back to do meditation for another 12 years. Once again he goes to Raja Janak and sees that he is busy listening to satsang when one of his soldiers come to him and tell him that the kingdom is at risk of getting burned. “Go away; can’t you see I am listening to satsang? Don’t disturb me.” After some time, the soldier again comes and says that the fire has reached the gates of his kingdom. Again Raja Janak scolds the soldier and tells him to go away. Sehdev muni had left his few belongings that he had at the gates of the kingdom and runs to save them from getting burned. Raja Janak then tells Sehdev, “Just to save a few of your belongings you ran away, look at me, my whole kingdom was at risk yet I didn’t leave the satsang. You are not yet ready to have a guru.”
Sehdev muni goes back to meditate for another 12 years and on his way he starts to criticize Raja Janak. Narad muni, taking pity on Sehdev, and not wanting him to lose his spiritual progress by criticizing a true saint like Raja Janak, comes to his rescue. He takes the form of an ordinary man and goes to sehdev muni who is sitting under a tree. There is a river flowing not far from where sehdev muni is sitting. Narad ji takes a basket full of sand and starts to put it into the river. For one hour he keeps digging sand and puts it into the river. After an hour when Narad ji comes to sit with Sehdev muni, Sehdev muni questions him, “What have you been doing with the sand?” “I was trying to make a bridge.” Said Narad ji. Sehdev muni laughs and says “You have wasted your time, all the sand you had put in got washed away with the current of the water. You have wasted one hour!” Narad ji replies, “I have just wasted one hour of my time, but by criticizing a saintly man like Raja Janak, you have lost six years of your spiritual progress.” By criticizing or hurting someone who has a clear heart, good karmas get burned out very fast. Sehdev muni realizes his mistake and goes back to Raja Janak after 12 years of meditation.
On seeing Sehdev again, Raja Janak orders his servants to throw him out. This time Sehdev does not feel bad and is humbled. After passing this test, Raja Janak orders Sehdev to go stand under the window from where all the rishis are throwing out their leftover food.  Sehdev goes and stands under the window with all leftover food being thrown on him. This also does not affect him since he has learned to be humble. Again Raja Janak hands Sehdev a bowl of oil full to the brim and tells him to roam the palace. He sends a guard with him with the orders that even if a drop falls out, Sehdev is to be beheaded. To test Sehdev, Raja Janak displays his jewels, all over the palace and has girls dancing to distract him. On his return, Raja Janak asks him,”Did u drop any oil? Didn’t you see my jewels and diamonds?” This time Sehdev muni falls at Raja Janak’s feet and finally after 36 years of meditation, he is accepted by his guru.
After having read this I realized what guruji meant when he said god can be found easily in Kalyug and am ever so greatful to him for accepting us all and taking us under his wing so easily. He was one guru who was easily accessable to his disciples.

The relationship between a guru and a disciple is the most loving and most precious of all relationships.  Most of the times, this relationship is carried over from many lifetimes. When a Guru sees that his disciples are struggling to keep afloat in the seas of illusions and maya, he takes a physical form to guide them back home.
The word ‘Bhagat’ (Disciple) has the following meaning –
Bha – meaning bhaav or pyaar (Love)
Ga – meaning gyan or knowledge and
T – for tyag or sacrifise
So primerarily, a disciple must have love and respect for his guru, must be ready to accept the knowledge that his guru imparts on him and should be ready to sacrifice for his guru, to be called a disciple. Besides the above mentioned qualities, he must also be loyal, truthful, and obedient. He must have a clean heart and must have in him the desire to walk on the path that his guru has laid out for him. He must try to become a better human being by practicing in his daily life, all that his guru teaches and has faith in his guru.
“Guruji, how do you choose your disciples? Is there a criterion?” I asked.
“Jis tarah tusi mitti da bartan khareedan to pehlan, usnu thok baja kar dekhde ho, ki oh kite kaccha ta nai, us hi tarhaan main bhi thok baja ke, poori tasalli kar ke hi bhagat banaunda haan.” – “The way you test an earthern pot by knocking on it, to check if it isn’t weak, similarly I too check my sangat thoroughly before I choose a disciple.”
“How do you test us?” I probed.
“Jiss tarah beri te phal lageya hoae, main pehlaan beri nu hi hila denda haan, jere ta kacche hunde han dig jaande han, jere reh jaande han, una nu main fir pakanda haan. Pakeyaan nu main fir nimbu wangu nichor da haan. Nichuran baad bhi jeda mere kol aanda hai, oh hi is test nu paas karda hai. Main fir usdi har ek choti to bhi choti zaroorat da khayaal rakhda haan.”– “The people who come to me are like a fruit on a tree. I first shake the tree. The ones who have to fall off will fall and the ones that remain, I prepare them to be ripened. After ripening, I squeeze them like one does a lemon. Inspite of going through all this, the ones who still come to me are the ones who have passed the test. They are allowed to be my disciples and I look after their every small need.”
Osho too describes it beautifully –
“With me, illusions are bound to be shattered. I am here to shatter all illusions. Yes, it will irritate you, it will annoy you – that’s my way of functioning and working. I will sabotage you from your very roots! Unless you are totally destroyed as a mind, there is no hope for you”
“Guruji, a lot of people, including me is going through so much sorrow inspite of being under your care. Couldn’t god find anyone other than me?” I asked.
“Aisa nai hunda, main agle pichle karam sab balance kar reha haan. Dukh bahut zaroori hunda hai. Dukh wich hi asli spiritual progress hundi hai. Jiwen aag wich tap ke hi sona nikhar da hai, usi tarha dukh wich reh ke hi asli nikhaar anda hai.”  – “Its not that god has no one to bother but you, I am balancing your previous negative karma. Sorrow is very important. Just as gold must be cleaned in fire, so does a soul get purified, and more spiritual progress is made in sorrow than in happiness.”
I then understood, that once you come under the guidance of a guru, once he accepts you as his disciple, a lot of your karmas can be burned by the guru if he so desires, but the slate is never wiped clean. We have to work out our own karmas but with a guru’s guidance, it becomes much easier for us to do so.
A true disciple is one who further helps others to walk the path of realization. “Jera mere kol kisi nu le ke aanda hai, us da ta main kalyaan karda hi haan, leyaan aale nu bhi isda phal milda hai.” Meaning – “Not only the person you bring to me will be blessed, but you too will get a share of the blessing.”
Every disciple is trained by the guru according to his ability and degree. This degree is only known to the true master. “Meri sangat wich kaun kis class wich hai oh sirf mainu hi pata hai, eh mahapurushan di secret hundi hai. Asi sab nu barabar treat karde haan, par main pyaar unhanu unhadi degree de hisaab naal hi karda haan.” Meaning – “Only I know who is spiritually in which class. We mahapurush never tell, this is our secret. I treat everyone equally but love them according to their levels.”
The power of a pure disciple is such that if the guru wishes, he too can help wash and elevate other souls on the road to god realization. “You are all like inverted vessels. My blessing is like the rain that washes these vessels. With my blessings one of you may become upright and start to fill up. When full to the brim, then that one upright vessel can take on the duty of washing the others.” As quoted by Osho.
A disciple may many times be reprimanded by his guru. This may be to either test the disciple or for a greater good known only to the master. Always take it well without any negativity. Be sublime and never ever answer back. “Jadon main tuhanu daant da haan, us de picche tuhada bahut badda kalyaan hunda hai.” – “When I scold you, I am actually blessing you in a big way.”
Many times I have noticed that if guruji shuns someone away, he is not doing it to you, he is infact shunning away your bad ‘grah’ that are probably surrounding you at that moment. One can never understand a guru, even if you live with him for a 100 years, you will never completely understand him. He is too great for us mortals to understand. As guruji often said, “jithe tuhadi soch khatam hundi hai, othe meri soch shuru hundi hai.” – “Where your thoughts end, mine start.”
Out of a million disciples, if even one becomes pure and changes his life for the better, a guru is very happy. One must surrender onself completely to his guru and even after the guru leaves his body, he should continue to live in the ways his guru had taught him. This is a disciple’s biggest test. When the master is not physically present to point out your mistakes, one does tend to falter.Those who remain true to their guru and don’t falter, get immence help from their guru and they progress very fast. The secret is to follow your master’s every word.
Disciple and Sewa (Servise)
If one is granted the opportunity to do sewa in a guru’s temple, he is indeed highly blessed, but remember, he is also under a test and thorough scrutiny of his guru. During sewa if another disciple is rude to you, do not react or be rude in return. This is the first test you will be subjected to. Let go of your ego and be polite. Even if the other disciple is being unreasonable, always remember, your guru is watching and he himself will do justice. It is not our job to get even or hold a grudge. Many times during sewa I have been subjected to such tests, and each time I was taught to remain low and stay humble. “Guruji, why when I’m just doing what you tell me to do, are people so rude and not listen to your instructions?” I asked Guruji. “Sukhmani, guruan de mandir wich dhakke bhi karma waaleyaan nu hi milde han. Murkhon ke hum daas.Tere grah oh le jaande  han.” Meaning- “In a guru’s temple, if someone treates you badly or is rude to you, consider it a blessing in disguise as they are taking your bad karmas. Remain humble.”
By choosing to do sewa in a temple, one does not gain a status or higher position, but infact one himself opts to be a servant of not just the guru, but also of his sangat. There is no hierarchy in the sangat. It is a tough test to pass. If a disciple does sewa to gain importance or an edge over the others, then his very purpose of doing sewa is defeated. If in one’s ego you hurt the feelings of another disciple, do know this for a fact, you have failed miserably. You have not only lost the fruits of all the good you have done in your past but have further taken on the bad karmas of the one you have hurt. Sewa must be done with the right intensions. Do sewa to rid yourselves of your bad karmas, to seek forgiveness for your sins, and for the true love of your guru and his sangat. You cannot fool your guru.
The faith of the disciple must always be securely grounded on his experience of the divinity of the Master. He must not be like a straw carried anywhere by the slightest breeze; he should be like a rock which remains unmoved in the severest of storms ~Meher Baba~

‘Sat’ means true and ‘sang’ means company. Therefore satsang means the company of a true guru or a meeting of people to talk about the true guru or the truth.
Satsang has been given great importance in all scriptures. One must attend or do satsang in order to purify one’s soul. The best satsang is one where the guru is physically present and is giving direct sermons or blessings. However, even in the absence of a guru in physical form, one must seek the presence of fellow seekers and believers. It is believed that where ever there is satsang, guru has to be present. Like Christ said, “When more than one man sit in my name, I am there.” It is because we are under his direct vibrations, that satsang has so much power and importance.
There is a very interesting story that highlights the importance of satsang.
Rishi Vasishtha and Rishi Vishvamitra had an argument about whether satsang or penance was superior to the other. Rishi Vasishtha proclaimed satsang to be superior, whereas Vishvamitra claimed that penance was superior. To decide who was right, they went to The Lord. The Lord said, “The serpent, Shesha will be able to answer your question.” When the two went to Shesha and put the same question to Him, he replied, “Please ease the load of the earth from my head. Only then will I think and give an answer. Vishvamitra made a resolve, “I offer the merits accrued from a thousand years of my penance, may the earth on Shesha’s head lift a little.” The earth did not move even a fraction. Then, Rishi Vasishtha expressed His resolve, “I offer the merits accrued from twelve minutes of being in satsang, may the earth on Shesha’s head lift a little.” And the earth lifted…
To attend or hold a satsang is not enough, your body and soul both must be there. Don’t let your mind wander. Forget the world, forget your worries, don’t try to look at what the others are wearing, listen to the shabads and not only must you listen, you must also try to implement the teachings into your daily lives, and see how you benefit from it.
When so many like minded people sit together in meditation during satsangs, the vibrations are raised to such an extent that it’s like sitting in sachkhand (heaven). Through satsang, illnesses can be cured and a sinner can rid himself of all his sins. By talking about your guru or listening to his greatness, your ego melts and your soul is purified. One learns to love god and each of his creations. No one is superior or inferior to the other. In a satsang, all are equal.
“Bin bhaagan satsang na labe.” Meaning, without good karmas, one cannot find or attend satsang.  When God showers His Grace you get satsang. The sanctity of a satsang should be maintained at every cost. Except for the name of the guru, no other business should be discussed or talked about.
The nectar of devine love flows during a satsang, and it falls on each one of us. How much we benefit from the satsang is directly propotional to our spiritual level, our love for god and our control over our ego.   Satsang is so powerful that it can burn the 5 vices in us. By being in the company of the spiritual, our mind will neither go astray nor engage in futile thoughts.
Just as we require a map to guide us, similarly we need satsang to find our way to the light. It is by attending satsangs that we rid ourselves of ifs and buts, we become positive and gain spiritual knowledge. As water has the tendency to run to low areas, so does the human mind have a tendency to run down to the pleasures of the senses. The only way to keep the mind away from such negativity is to seek satsang.
“Main sangat nu tuhada parivaar bana ta, eh hi kam aaogi, hor koi kam nai aayge.” ~Guruji~ meaning “I have made this sangat your family. In times of need, they will come to your help and no one else.” Sangat is the true family. The worldly relationships are tied together by the thread of ‘Maya’ where as the sangat is tied together by the guru’s blessings.
There is another very interesting story that shows how just a few minutes of satsang, have the power to make a sinner reach heaven.
There was once a rich man who had never done a good deed in his entire life. At the station, he is looking for someone to carry his luggage. He sees an old man and asks him if would like to make some money by carrying his luggage for him. The old man agrees to carry his luggage on one condition, “You will have to listen to satsang throughout the journey.”  The rich man agrees and throughout the time it took for them to reach the rich man’s house, the old man did satsang and praised the lord. On reaching, since it was dark, the rich man allows the old man to spend the night at his house and leave in the morning. “You will not see the sun rise tomorrow.” said the old man. “I can see that you will die tonight. But remember, as you approach Dharamrai (The record keeper of all our deeds) he will tell you that you are worthy to be put in hell but because you have listened to satsang for an hour, you will get four times the amount of time in heaven. Do you wish to first go to hell or heaven. Remember, to ask for heaven first.”
Thinking of him to be old and crazy, the rich man dismisses his advice. However, just as predicted, the rich man dies that very night. After death, when he is taken to Dharamrai, he says, “You are a sinner and have never done a good deed in your life. But because you have done satsang for one hour, I will give you four hours in heaven. Do you want to go to heaven first or hell?” On hearing this he is reminded of the old man’s advice and asks for heaven first. He is beaten and dragged to the gates of heaven by Dharamrai’s men and is told that they will be waiting for him here and that he must return in four hours. On entering heaven he sees beauty and peace as never seen before. Lots of people are sitting and chanting the Lord’s name and he too goes and sits among them. After some time he gets very worried about overspending his time allowed here and just as he is about to get up, he sees the same old man who had carried his luggage for him. “I see you have taken my advice. Now why are you so restless? Asked the old man. “I have been told to come out after my time here is over or Dharamrai’s men will beat me.” Replied the rich man. “You are such a fool. Can’t you see that they could not enter the gates of heaven? So, if they can’t enter, there is no way they can take you out. By listening to satsang for one hour, you have managed to reach heaven!”
“Jinni weri sangat wich aaonge te baithonge, unni weri tuhade putthe lekh sidde ho jaan ge.” ~Guruji~ meaning, each time you come and sit among the sangat, your bad karmas will soon be replaced by good karmas. Guruji stressed on the importance of his sangat and doing satsang.
“Mainu oh hi bhagat pyaara hai jisnu meri sangat pyaar kardi hove. Jisnu meri sangat na pyaar kare oh mainu paa nai sakda.” ~Guruji~
Meaning- I love those disciples who have been accepted and loved by my sangat. Those who think they can reach me without my sangat accepting them or loving them are mistaken.

I don’t die… He who is merged with the omnipresent is never gone.”  ~ Guru Nanak
A true guru is never affected by birth, death, old age and disease. It is because they have taken a physical form to help guide us, they have to respect the laws of nature but….they never die. They consciously exit their bodies. To those who think guruji to be near, he is still here with us!
Two months before guruji took mahasamadhi, he gave hints to many of his sangat, including my mother and me. He showed me in telepathy, his dead body and that I am crying at his feet. Suddenly I hear guruji’s voice telling me, “Tu ro kyon rahi hai? Main ta itthe hi haan.” Meaning – “Why are you crying? I am here only.”
My mother was shown guruji’s pyre being lit at the exact spot where it was actually lit. Inspite of his rituals being performed, she sees him walking around in the chattarpur mandir. She was so disturbed by the telepathy that she got up crying. Feeling disturbed, she got up and sat in the lobby when suddenly guruji  calls her up on the phone. “Sukhi, tu theek hai?” (Are you alright?) he inquired. Although she said yes, she knew something was about to happen.
On 27th May(Sunday), 2007 we had guruji’s last darshan He was glowing and never could anyone imagine that he would leave us so soon.
Guruji’s last satsang-
Guruji called my mother to stand and do satsang. “Dus dilli waaleyaan nu mahapurush ki hunde han? Aj tak koi mahapurush dilli nai aaya hai. Dilli nu shraap mileya hoya hai. Main pehla guru haan jera dilli aaya hai. Dilli aale mainu samajh hi nai sake, sab vikaaran wich paye hue han. Aina nu na maya mili na ram. Aina bura time aan wala hai. Koi kam nai aayega, sirf guru hi kam aaye ga. Bhare bazaar chad ke phajonge, phajne di thaa nai honi. Dus dilli waleyaan nu main tere father nu ki nazare dikhaye han.Main is pariwaar nu rab dikha ta” – “Tell the people of Delhi what a mahapurush is. Till today no mahapurush has entered Delhi. Delhi has been cursed. I am the first Mahapurush to have come to Delhi. People of Delhi have not understood me. They are all stuck in materialism. They have neither attained money nor god. We are heading for such bad times that you will not find a place to run. At such a time only a true Guru can help you. Tell the Delhi people what all I hav made your father see. I have shown this family what god is.”
And so my mother described all that my grandfather saw during his days in hospital.
“Koi mainu sawaal karda  hai  guruji, us banded a bhala kyon kita? Oh taa bura hai. Asi taa saareya da bhala karna hai, job hi saade kol aayega, us da bhala hi howega. Eh hi ta fark hai tuhade wich te mahapurushan wich. Dus inha nu ki koi photo asli guru naal nai mildi. Asi 10 saal de te Dilli waaleyan nu par koi nai samajheya, aithe ta paisa hi bolda hai. Asi bhi jagat tamaasha dekhan aaye haan. Asi bhi hun dukhi ho gaye haan, asi bhi hun chale jaana hai (pause)….punjab.”
Meaning – “Someone asked me guruji, why have you blessed that particular person? He is a bad person. I have to bless everyone who comes to me. Who ever comes to me will be blessed. This is the difference between you and a mahapurush.Tell these people that no photograph resembles the true gods. I have given 10 years to Delhi, but no one has understood me. Here only money speaks. I have become tired and unhappy. I too will now go away…(after a big pause)  to Punjab.”
(We had been blessed with the darshans of all the 10 sikh gurus, and were thus able to say that no photograph matches the real faces.)
That night guruji gave us permission to go back to Chandigarh the next day. All through our drive upto Gurgaon, where we were staying for the night, we felt his fragrance with us. That night Guruji came to me in telepathy and said, “Is hafte fir aana hai Delhi.” Meaning – this week you will have to come to Delhi again. “Guruji, main kaise aaoon? Mere paas car nai hai is hafte.” I said. (meaning- how should I come? I won’t have the car with me this week.) Guruji smiled and said, “Tenu aana hi payega.” (meaning- you will have to come) Little did I know that guruji would leave us all on the 31st of May and that I’ll have to come back as foretold by him.
On the intervening night of 30th and 31st I again saw guruji in telepathy where he tells me not to worry about anything and that he had taken care of everything. My telepathy was broken by the sound of a phone call, where by we were informed that guruji had taken mahasamadhi.
The news of guruji’s mahasamadhi left us all shattered. Although many times since, he has come to us in telepathy, telling us he is still with us and even more powerful than before, since he is no longer bound by the laws of nature. Being human beings we miss his physical presence, but he is still with us every step of our journey.  He continues to protect, help and cure his sangat like before. He still gives his guidance and darshans to his disciples in amazing ways. People who have never met guruji in his physical form are not only getting cured of ailments but are being guided and given his divine darshans .
There have been many incidences where guruji has come to my rescue even after his mahasamadhi. I was on my way from Hyderabad to Chandigarh. Since all my travel plans are aranged by the company I work for, I realized that I hardly had an hour to catch my connecting flight from Delhi to Chandigarh. What was worse, I had to change terminals. As I was about to check in at the Hyderabad airport, I prayed to guruji to help me. The line at the check in counter seemed larger that day and I was sure I would miss my connecting flight. Out of the blue, the girl at the ‘platinum card’ check-in counter signaled me to come to her counter. Without seeing my e-ticket, she told me, “Ma’am, you hardly have enough time to catch your connecting flight. Let me put a ‘priority’ sticker on your baggage so that it’s the first to come out and you can save some time.” And she checked me in.How did she know? Why did she just call me and no one else? Is it normal to book in an ordinary passenger through the platinum card counter? I think not. What I do think is guruji had heard my plea. As I was expecting, the flight from Hyderabad was late by almost half an hour, and that meant I had just half an hour to claim my baggage, change my terminal and catch the connecting flight. As we reached the arrivals, the belt number for our luggage was not displayed, thus precious minutes were lost trying to frantically look for familiar faces, an old potter came up to me and said, “Your luggage will arrive on belt no. 2.” How did he know which flight? As I reached belt no. 2, thanks to the ‘priority’ sticker, my luggage was the first to arrive. I rushed to the next terminal and was just in time to board the bus before the boarding gates closed.
In another incident, I had to suddenly make some unavoidable purchases worth 15,000 regarding my work. Spending this amount had upset my budget and delayed certain other plans. At night, before sleeping, I prayed to guruji. “Guruji, I wish I could tell you how badly I need the money that I have just spent today. I wish you could help me with some money.” After having said that I went off to sleep. My mother and I have certain investments made in two different post offices and every two months, without fail, I go and withdraw the interest. The next morning I filled up the two withdrawal forms and went to collect the cash. At the first post office, I was told to fill in the form again since the amount I had mentioned was much less than what was due. I argued with the cashier that he was mistaken and that I have been withdrawing cash regularly every two months without fail.There was no way I could get more cash than what I usually get. I showed him the passbook and the regular enteries made in it. He took a look at all my records and still asked me to fill a new form with a bigger amount. I did so and in my mind I thanked guruji for the extra cash. As I was leaving for the next post office, a truck came and over took my car from the wrong side. As I looked, I noticed the following words written on it- ‘Jis ke sar upar tu swami so dukh kaisa pawe’ meaning, a person who has the hand of god/guru over him, can never be unhappy. At the next post office I was again asked to fill in the form all over again as the amount I had filled was much less than what was showing on the computer. I told them that there must be a mistake since I regularly withdraw the cash and there is no way I could have missed a month or two in between. All reasoning and explanations failed and I had to fill in the new amount. When I came home I counted the money and was surprised to see that I had Rs 15,000 extra. I realized that my prayers had been answered and the money I had spent was returned to me by guruji. I now had, in my possession, 15,000 rupees that were completely unaccounted for.
There have been numerous other incidences where we had to just call out to him and he was there for us. Guruji continues to be a pillar of strength for me and my family and thanks to him I have learned to live life fearlessly!!
As guruji had told us, “Main agla janam bhi mahapurush da hi lawaanga.”  Meaning- My next birth too will be that of a spiritual master. I am holding on to his words and waiting for him to appear again. Whether it is in this lifetime of mine or next, I know this journey will be resumed…. AGAIN.

Guru Vachno ko rakhna sambhal kar ik ik vachan mein gehra raz hai, jisne jani hai mahima guru ji ki uska dooba kabhi na jahaj hai…..
In this chapter I wish to share guruji’s precious vachans and teachings over the years. I hope that by sharing some of his conversations and vachans, you all can benefit as much as I have from them.
Q – “Guruji why, in both your temples, is shivji’s photograph always placed below Guru Nanak Dev ji, when you yourself say that Shiv is the Creator?”
A – “Eh Shivji di namrata hai.” – meaning, this is due to Shivji’s humility.
Q – “Guruji, what is the true purpose of building the Chattarpur mandir (Bada Mandir)?
A – “Saanu mandiraan di lod nai hai, asi ta chappal pa ke tur paina hai. Eh mandir main tuhade waaste chad ke ja reha haan. Eh sach di tha hai. Main is mandir wich roz nay nazaare dikhane han. Ik din aaoga jadon shivling wichon dudh apne aap pargat howega.” – I do not require temples. I never stay in one place for too long. I am leaving this temple for my sangat. This is a place of truth and you will see miracles happening here everyday. There will be a day when the shivling on top of the temple will have milk flowing from it.
Q – “Guruji why does shivji hold a trishool in his hand?”
A – “Trishool Bhrama, Vishnu aur Mahesh ka prateek hai. Yeh teeno ko Shiv apne haath mein rakhte hain. Is liye trishool pakarte hain.” – Trishool is a symbol of Bhrama, Vishnu and Mahesh. All three are in the hands of Shiv, that’s why he holds a trishool.
Many times I had read stories where saints had cursed their disciples or others who had wronged them so I asked Guruji about it one day. “Guruji sant shraap kyon de dete hai? Unko toh aur bhi patient hona chahiye kyonki who path karte hain.”- Guruji why do saints curse? They should have a lot of patience since they do so much of prayers. “Ek saccha guru kabhi kisi ko shraap nai dega.” Meaning a true guru will never curse anyone.
“Mandir wich inna rash ho jawega ki ek din gate tak line lageya karugi. Fir guruji chand wich nazar aange.” – One day there will be such a huge crowd at the temple that ther will be a que right up till the gate of the temple. One day you will see me in the moon. (Many people in the sangat have had darshans of guruji in the moon)
“Guru ko jaan aur daan koi nai de sakta.” – no one can ever give charity or their life to a guru. 
 “Guru di ustat karni path karan to bhi behtar hai.” – To praise your guru is much better than doing prayers. 
 Someone commented that guruji has very delicate hands and this is what guruji said- “Main delicate nai haan, je main chaahan te thanu saare ya nu ek hath naal chak ke bahar mar sakda haan. Jallandhar baithe main phook maar ke Bombay banda saad sakda haan.” – I am not delicate, if I want I can pick all of you with one hand and throw you out. Sitting in Jallandhar I can burn a person in Bombay.”   “Mainu hawaai jahaj di koi lod nai, main ta aap ud ke chala jaanda haan.
Adde ghante wich main America ho ke waapas aa jaanda haan.” – I don’t need aeroplanes to travel. I fly to where ever I have to go. Within half an hour I can go to America and come back as well. 
 “Sau saal di tapasya bad hi body chon khushboo aani shuru hundi hai.” – Only after hundred years of strong meditation does fragrance come from a saint’s body.
  “Jis de ghar main chala jaawan, us nu saari umar path karan di lod nai.” – The persons whose house I visit, do not need to pray for their entire lifetime. 
 “Jadon guru kol aande ho ta tuhada bhala sochna saada kam hai. Tusi saare apne paap di pand mere kol chad ke meri blessings le kar jande ho.” – When you come to me, it is my job to think of your benefit. You all leave your bundles of bad karmas at my feet and go home with my blessings.  
“Kadey bhi guru kol apni sarkaari gaddi wich milan na aaya karo. Apni private gaddi wich, apne paise kharch ke aaya karo, ta hi phal milda hai” – Never use your office/staff car to come meet me. Always use your private car and spend your own money. Onlt then will you get my full blessings. 
 “Main har shivratri nu apna an gang alag kar dinda han.” – On every Shivratri I separate each and every part of my body.  
“Teerath padarath ta guru de charna wich rul de han.”– Once you come to a guru, there is no need for pilgrimages and search for wealth since all these can be found at the guru’s feet.  
 “Loga nu mahapurush rakhne hi nai aande. Unha nu phool wangu rakhna painda hai, har minute unha da dhyaan rakhna painda hai.” – People don’t know how to look after a true mahapurush. He should be kept like a flower. He needs to be taken care of every minute.  
“Jadon bhi koi change kam karan jaao, kadi bhi 3 log ghar to na challo. 3 to kam ya zyada bande hi ghar ton chalne chahide han.” – When ever you go out to do some auspicious work, three people should never leave the house. Always make sure that either less or more than three people should leave the house. 
 “Kade bhi paune wich ghar ton na chalo. Hamesha ghanta tapa ke chalo.” – Never leave your house at quarter to any hour. Always wait till it is atleast five minutes past an hour. 
 “Kade bhi ahankar na karo ke main kisi nu khaana khilaya hai. Rab us bande da ration pehlan hi tuhade kol bhej dinda hai. Thanu ta guest da shukar karna chahida hai ki oh tuhade ghar khaa ke gaya hai.” – Never be proud of the fact that you have fed someone at your house. God transfers that person’s food to your house beforehand. In fact you must thank people for coming and eating at your house.
“Mere kol aa ke mangeya na karo. Mainu sab pata hai kis nu kad ki dena hai. Mang ke nastik na bano. Ki pata main koi waddi cheez deni howe te tusi choti mang ke baith jaao.” – When you come to me, don’t ask for anything. I know what to give to whom and at what time. By asking you become non believers. You don’t know maybe I wish to give you something big and you ask for something much smaller.  
 “Roz ek chapter Shiv Puran da padeya karo. Eh main kalyug da upaye tuhanu ditta hai. Shiv Puran tin weri padhan naal tuhanu samajh nai aayegi. Jadon chouthi weri padhonge ta jaake tuhanu usda maza aayega.” – Read one chapter of Shiv Puran daily. This is a way to sail through the Kalyug period. You will not understand it the first three times that you read it but the fourth time you will enjoy it.  
“Gupt daan aur gupt path dus saal karan naal tusi garabh joon wich nai aao ge.” – When you pray and do charity in a way that no one ever finds out for a period of 10 years, you will be freed from the cycle of birth and death. 
 “Dharti nu koi namaskaar nai karda jera ina kuch dendi hai te tuhada bhaar shendi hai. Hun inna paap wad gaya hai ki dharti bhi cheeka maar rahi hai.” – No one bows down to mother earth in respect and thankfulness. It gives you all so much and is tolerating your weight for so long. Now even the earth is crying.
“Suraj bhi hun budda ho reha hai.” – The sun is now growing old.  
“Vairaag changa hunda hai.Jadon tak vairaag nai hunda, path shuru nai hunda.” – Vairaag is sadness on being apart from your guru or missing god/guru so much that you cannot live without seeing him. Until you experience vairaag, you cannot start your spiritual journey. 
 “Kisi sonde hue nu jaga na nai chahida.” – Never wake up a person who is sleeping.  
“Sair sab rogaan da ilaaj hai.” Meaning – Walking is the cure to most of the ailments. 
 “Ghar wich ek wele jyot zaroor jalani chahidi hai.” – (Jyot is a small container filled with clarified butter with a wick burning) this must be lit atleast once in a day. 
 “Balad di jooni de baad manukh janam milda hai. Balad hamesha budhwaar nu bimaar Honda hai te budhwaar nu hi marda hai.” – Only after being born as a bull can human birth be attained. A bull falls sick on a Wednesday and dies on a Wednesday. 
 “Accidents, war, suicide ya hor koi unnatural death bad soul pret jooni wich chali jandi hai. Mahapurush di kirpa naal hi oh kaddi ja sakdi hai warna saalon saal bhatak di rehndi hai.” – After dying in accidents, in war, by suicide or by any other unnatural way, a soul remains as a spirit and stays in a state of unrest for countless number of years. Only by the grace of a true guru can it be freed from its sufferings. 
 “Maala kade pherni nai chahidi. Khaas karke index finger naal te kadi bhi nai pherni chahidi. Maala pheran naal ahankaar wad da hai te index finger ego di finger hai.” – Never pray with prayer beads as it leads to increase of ego. The index finger is the finger of Ego, never use it.  
“Sab di life wich opportunity teen baar knock kardi hai. Mahapurush bhi teen mauke dende han, je te sun lo te change warna fir asi bhi chup ho jande han.” – Opportunity knocks thrice in everyone’s life. A true guru too will give you three opportunities. If you listen well and good, if not then he too keeps quiet.

“Functions guru naal celerbrate karne chahide han, baaki saari partyan ta itthe hi reh jaangiyan. Saade naal manyi party maran baad bhi naal jawegi.” – Celerbrate your functions with your guru. All other parties will remain here but the ones you have with your guru will go with you even after your death.

  “Finance da kam kade nai karna chahida hai, kisi di aah lag jandi hai.” – Never do work related to finance as as you will invariably get accursed. 
 “Mere dil wich army waaleyan layi soft spot hai. Oh saari umar desh layi gawa dende han te retirement de baad una de hath kuch nai lagda.” – I have a soft spot for the army personels as they spend their lives serving their country and after retirement they are hardly left with anything much. 
 “Agle yug wich Baba Sri Chand ji fer aange.” – In the next yug (after kaliyug) Baba Sri Chand ji will appear again. Baba Sri Chand ji is the son of Guru Nanak Dev ji. It is believed that he never aged beyond 14 years and never died. He is known to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. 
 “Neem de patte te namkeen daliya khan naal bimaari nai lagdi. Haldi bhi khaani chahidi hai, changi hundi hai.” Eat neem leaves and salty porridge for good health and aliments will remain away. Turmeric must be consumed as well as it is very good for health.  
“More sab to pure animal hai. Sab to changa te asli chor sahib bhi more de pankhan to hi baneya hunda hai, gurudware wich jo dekhde ho, oh nai.” – The Peacock is the most pure animal.The best and original ‘chor sahib’ is that of peacock feathers and not what you see in the gurudwaras. Peacock feathers are known to disperse negetavity. 
 “Mainu Milan to baad sidde apne ghar jaao. Bichon kite rukna nai. Positive vibrations ghar le ke jaaya karo.” – After meeting me, go straight home. Do not stop at any other place. Take positive vibrations home with you. 
 “Jo tusi khaande ho us da effect tuhadi soul te painda hai. Simple khaana khaaya karo. Human body meat khan waste nai bani hai. Meat path wich vigan hai. Apni body nu shamshaan ghaat na banao.” – Whatever you eat affects your soul. Always eat simple food. Human body is not made to eat meat. Don’t make your stomach into a graveyard. Eating meat is a hinderrance in your spiritual path. 
 “Rab da rasta bahut hi kathin hai. Nangi talwaar te chalan wangu hai. Talwaar di nok te pahunch ke bhi giran da dar hai. Gode ghis jaande han.” – The path to god is very difficult. It is like walking on a bare sword. Even if you reach the tip, there is still a chance you may fall. It’s a path so difficult that your knees will wear off.  
“Je mere kol asli cheez leni hai ta apna ghar jala kar te apna sar kaat kar apni hatheli te rakh ke mere kol aao.” – If you want the real thing from me, set your home on fire and cut your head and bring it to me on your palm. By setting fire he means to set fire to your desires and to cut your head means to finish your ego and give yourself to your guru.This is the amount of faith a guru needs from his disciple to finally grant him liberation.  
On being asked by someone as to why his sangat consists mostly of the rich and high profile people and not the poor. “Gareeb de main paise nai kharchanda. Una da main unha de ghar ja ke kalyan kar ke aanda haan. Kade safedi nichon utte jaandi dekhi hai? Hamesha utton thalle aandi hai. Us hi tarhan je main utte da ek bhi bande nu sudhaar devan, ta us de thalle dus bandeyaan da sudhaar ho jawega.” – I don’t let the poor spend money and come to me; I go to them and bless them in their homes. Have you ever seen white wash done from the bottom of the wall going upwards? No. It is always done from top to bottom. Similarly I work on the top officials. If I can correct one top officer, people working under him will automatically get corrected.  
“Phograph to amrit koi nai produce kar sakda. Aj tak kise ne nai kita. Eh sab path de kaaran hai. Oh hi mahapurush kar sakda hai jisde kol power ho. Bulb ta hi jalda hai je picchon current howe.” – No one can produce amrit from photographs. This is all due to the years of prayers and meditation. Only a true guru who has the power can do so. Like a bulb will only work if it is fed by electricity, similarly a guru who has the power can produce such miracles. 
 “Jo insaan apni early life wich bahut duk dekhda hai, us di life end wich sukhi nikal di hai.” – Those who see a lot of sadness in their early life will find a lot of happiness in their later years. 
 On being told that he wears beautiful dresses- “Mera dress dekhya ta ki dekhya? Eh ta roop bhi mera asli nai hai. Main ta light haan.” Don’t look at my dresses. Even this body is not my real form. I am light.  
“Aurat rab nu dil to yaad kardi hai. Aadmi apne dimaag to yaad karda hai. Mahapurush kol aurat hi apne husband nu leandi hai, par aurat kade mahapurush nai ban sakdi.” – A woman remembers god from her heart where as a man remembers god from his mind. Although it is the woman who brings her husband to a mahapurush but a woman can never be a mahapurush. 
 “Sirf Shiv hi mukti de sakde han.” – Only lord Shiva has the power to grant moksha.  
“Gutka padhna ta pehli paudi hai. Pehlan path padhya janda hai, fir mu jabani kita janda hai, us de bad man wich kita janda hai par hoth te zabaan hil di hain. Jadon path man wich simereya jaye, te hoth ya zabaan bhi na hile, oh asli path hai.” – Reading from holy books is just the first step in your spiritual progress. At first one reads from holy books, and then does prayers by heart. In the next step one does prayers in the mind but the lips and tongue move. When the prayers are done in the mind and the lips and tongue stop moving, that is the right way to pray. 
 “Log path karde han dar ke, ki aj path nai kita te pata nai ki ho jaoga. Eh ta tusi us chidi wangu ho jedi pinjre wich band hai aur bahar billi baithi howe. Is tarhan dar ke path karan da koi faida nai hai. Rab naal pyaar karo, kalyug wich rab cheti mil janda hai.” – People pray out of fear. They feel that something bad will happen if they miss doing it even for a day. People become like birds in a cage with a cat sitting outside – Always in fear! Praying like this is pointless. Try and love god. In kalyug it is very easy to find god. 
 “Rab da ditta hoya sab enjoy karo. Change kapde paao, sab kuch enjoy karde hoye bhi apne aap nu unattached rakho.” – Enjoy what ever god has given you. Wear good clothes, enjoy the luxuries god have blessed you with, but at the same time remain unattached. 
 “Mahapurushan di bahut lambi udari hundi hai. Asi lamba sochde haan. Jithe tuhadi soch khatam hundi hai utthe sadi soch shuru hundi hai.” – A mahapurush always sees and thinks way beyoud us human beings. Their thinking begins at the point where our thoughts end.
“Phone te har gal bigardi hai. Phone te kadi bhi kuch kam nai karna chahida. Kisi di problems bhi phone te nai sun ni chahidi. Tusi una di negativity le lende ho te oh tuhadi positive energy le jaande han.” – Guruji was never in the favour of talking too much on the phone. He felt that no work should ever be done on phone as it will never go right. Never listen to anyone’s problems on the phone as the other person will give you his/her negetavity and take away your positive energy.  
“Sabziyan kam khaaya karo. Dal naal roti khaao. Ek time aaoga jadon kanak wich bhi keeda pe jaaoga, ki khaaonge?” – Eat less of vegetables and more lentils. There will be a time when wheat too will get infested by insects. What will you then eat?” 
 “Soft drinks te cheeni khan naal haddiya kamzor ho jaan giyan.” – Avoid soft drinks and sugar as they will make your bones brittle. 
 “Je man changa te nalke da paani bhi ganga.” – If your mind is pure, even tap water for you will be as pure as the water from the Ganges. 
 “Jis da pyaar mahapurush naal pe jaaye us nu duniya ek tamasha lagu ga te sab fikka lagu ga.” – A person who truly falls in love with his guru will start witnessing this life as a play acted upon a stage. Everything else in life will seem pointless. 
 “Koyal da sham de wele bolna bure time de aan da sign hai.” – Singing of the koyal bird in the morning is good but in the evening if you hear the koyal bird, it is a sign of bad times approaching. 
 “Inne bure time aa rahe han ki je India nu koi bacha sakda hai ta oh mahapurush hi han.” – Such bad times are going to come in the future and only a true mahapurush can save India. 
 “India ch ik hi Bhrama ji da mandir hai par time aayega jado hor Bhrama ji de mandir banan ge.” – In India, there is only one temple of Lord Bhramha, but a time will soon come when more of his temples will be constructed. 
 “Jo kuch bhi ho reha hai, oh Shiv ji da karop hai. Ganesh ji di murtiyaan da dudh peena, meteor showers hona, sab chamatkaar nai han, bure signs han. Nature naraaz hai. Tusi nature to nai jeet sakde.” – During the times when meteor showers were witnessed in the night skies and idols of Ganesh ji were seen to drink milk, Guruji had said that all these incidences were not miracles, but a sign of bad times. He said that it is due to the anger of Lord Shiva and that Nature was very angry. He said No one can win against nature. 
 “Husband te wife da relationship best friends di tarhan hona chahida hai. Aj kal bacche nall bhi friends di tarhan hi rehna chahida hi. Baccheya nu kade maarna nai chahida.” – The relationship between a husband and a wife should be like that of best friends. These days one should be good friends to their children as well. Never hit your children. 
 “Husband te wife nu ek hi almaari wich apne kapde rakh ne chahide han. Is naal ghar wich khushiyan bani rehendiya han” – Husband and wife must share a cupboard. Keeping their clothes together leads to a happy married life.
“Kabir ji nu 17 saal lage guru dharan karan nu. Main tuhanu saareya nu apne kol bithaye rakhda haan. Thanu ta guru bahut saste ch lab gaya.” – It took 17 years for Sant Kabir to be accepted as a disciple of his guru, Ramanand ji. You all have found a guru so easily and I let you all sit with me.
Finding a guru is not easy but Guruji made it easy for all of us.  “Kade do minute baith ke soch ki rab ne ki miracle kita hai human body bana ke. Tusi log ulta ahankaar wich firde ho. Guru di kirpa de bagair koi bhi spiritual raah te nai chal sakda.” – Sit for two minutes and think what a miracle god has performed by creating the human body. You people are all roaming around in your ego. No one can walk the path of spiritualism without the blessings of a true guru. 
 “Doctor je sahi howe ta next to god hunda hai. Poets, doctors te Judges, je theek raah te hon, aur spiritual path te chalan ta unha de wich bhi rab basda hai.” – A doctor, if working honestly, is next to god. God lives within poets, doctors and judges who are honest and on the spiritual path. 
 “Judge de kol kade sifaarish nai lani chahidi, case puttha ho janda hai.” – Never approach to influence a Judge during your case, it will go against you. 
 “Darshan sab mangde han par unha nu nai pata ki darshan nu seh paana bahut hi mushkil hai.Paagal bhi ho sakde ho.” – Every one asks me to give them darshans (vision) of various gods. They don’t know that it is not easy to bear them. They are so powerful that most of you are not capable of dealing with it and there is a chance that you may even lose your mind.  
 “Kade bhi mere to mangeya na karo. Jado bhi mattha tek de ho te keha karo sanu is kicchar to kad lo.” – Never ask me for anything. When ever you bow down to pray, always ask god to take you out of this materialistic filth. 
 “Path inna powerful hai ki sab kuch theek kar sakda hai.” – Prayer is very powerful and can cure anything. 
 “Butterfly da dikhna te light da flicker karna messages hunde han rab de.” – Butterflies are messengers of god and flickering of the light is also a sign. 
 “Kaudi cheeja khaaya karo jive neem te amla. Eh masudeyan nu majboot te khoon nu saaf karde han. Haldi bhi khaani acchi hundi hai.” – Always eat bitter things like bitter gaurd and gooseberry. They not only strengthen your gums but also purify blood. Eating turmeric is also good for health.
“Saamp sab to pure hunda hai. Grihasti wich Sher sab to number one te hai kyon ki oh life ch ek baar hi sex karda hai reproduce karan waste.” – Snakes are the purest of all animals. A lion is also very pure because it has sex just once in its life and that too with the purpose to reproduce. 
 Many times my mother has seen guruji take the form of a lady. On being asked he said, “Shiv bhi main haan te shakti bhi main haan.” – “I am Shiv as well as Shakti. 
 “Tapo raj, rajeo nark.” Very often guruji would repete these words to his sangat. It means – Tap se raj milta hai aur raj se nark (by penance and meditation you get to a top position and when you attain that, you are making preperations for hell if you are not careful and humble.) 
 “Changa character hona bahut zaroori hai. Rab khoon maaf kar sakda hai par bad character di maafi  nai hai. Is di maafi sirf ek mahapurush hi de sakde han.” – It is imperative to have a good character. God can forgive you for committing a murder but there is no forgiveness for bad character. Only a true guru can grant you forgiveness for this sin, if he so wishes.  
“Kade bhi barsi nai manani chahidi. Tusi soul nu waapas khich de ho te soul aukhi hundi hai. Barsi te chup kar ke daan karna chahida hai.”– Never celerbrate death anniversaries. By doing so you pull the soul back and this causes the soul to hurt and its progress is hindered. Quietly do charity on a death anniversary. 
 “Hamesha natural cheeja naal nahana chahida hai. Besan sab to best hai.” – Always bathe with natural things. Gram flour is the best option. 
 “Maa baap di sewa karni chahidi hai. Is de bina kuch nai milega.” – Always look after and serve your parents. Without doing so you will never progress. 
 “Computer de samne ghante, do ghante to zyaada nai baina chahida. Microwave te cell phones bhi bimariya karange.” – Never sit before the computer for more than an hour or two. All gadgets and appliances like microwaves and cellphones will cause health issues.
“Jis de nak te til hunda hai us wich bahut ego hundi hai.” – A person who has a black spot on his/her nose has a lot of ego. 
 “Gussa chandaal hai, eh galat kam karwanda hai. Gusse nu control wich rakho.” – A bad temper is like a devil that makes you do all the wrong things. Always keep your temper in check. 
 “Aap path kareya karo. Kise hor to karwaan da koi faida nai hai. Path karna zaroori hai. Jis tarhan tusi aithe bank balance rakheya hoya hai ki zaroorat wich kam aaoga, us hi tarhan utte bhi bank balance chahida hai.” – Always do prayers yourself. Asking someone to pray for you is of no use. Just as you have a bank balance here that you keep for a rainy day, similarly it is important for you to prepare a spiritual bank balance for yourself as well. 
 “Mahapurush di mehar gupt hundi hai. Asi kade bhi nai das de ki asi kis waaste ki kita hai.” – Blessings of a true guru is secret. He never tells what blessings he has given to and to who.  What to eat and what colour to wear on each day of the week–

About the author
Sukhmani is a freelancing Interior and Landscape designer based in Chandigarh, India. She is the proprietor of The Finishing Touch, Chandigarh and Director, Landscapes plus pvt. Ltd. and Archtech Solutions, Hyderabad.
She writes weekly articles on Interiors and landscaping in The Tribune Lifestyle.
Can be contacted at thefinishingtouch07@gmail.com

A poignant story of a devotional journey transcending barriers of existence to continue onward. Personal experiences written straight from the heart that delve into the writer’s thoughts and dilemma as she stands at the crossroads when faith comes calling. Absorbing reading for those looking inward in the quest for who they are and  finding a true guru.
—–Geetanjali Gayatri  Principal Correspondent The Tribune
In a journey through life we meet a variety of people (and to quote from the title of a popular movie) the good; the bad and the ugly. In rare cases and if one is really lucky and blessed, you meet a person whom you unhesitatingly accept as your guru. The author of this enthralling book, Sukhmani is one such blessed person. At a very young age when her peers were more interested in the mundane, she chose spiritualism at the feet of her Guruji. The book recounts her experiences; and what she felt and what she learnt. I too had the good fortune to join the sangat of Guruji and therefore can claim with conviction that he was all that Sukhmani narrates and more. We ordinary mortals can only try and understand what a guru is all about. If someone can truly understand, that person has crossed an important threshold in the journey through life. I have known Sukhmani for some years now and she has always impressed me with her devotion, humility and professionalism. She writes regularly on improving aesthetics of the house to make it a home. I am sure that readers will find ‘Surcharged with divine love’ interesting and educative, even more, I hope it opens more doors in the quest to be a better human being. Lt.Gen (Retd) Depinder Singh, PVSM, VSM.

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