Friday, 20 February 2015

How To Create Water Bodies In A Landscape

The simple addition of a water feature in a garden can change the dynamics of your landscape area. From shallow ponds, formal pools to fountains, water can provide just the right elements to enhance the aesthetics of your garden.

Water Chemistry-
A healthy water body is one that is in balance. Water is the substance where many organisms live, like algaemicro-organisms and plants. These in turn support aquatic insects and fish. When all these elements are in balance according to the water volume a healthy ecosystem is achieved. Imbalance occurs when too much of one thing is added to an aquatic system.

There are different types of water features such as ponds, pools, waterfalls, etc. Decide which will suit your home and take into consideration the following -
·       The space available
·       The budget and
·       The design of the existing landscape
Water features may be designed in geometric shapes to reflect the formal style of traditional residences, or to resemble a natural water body in nature. Either way, the intended purpose of the water feature and its elements should be first decided.

The placement of the water feature is very important as it influences the size and structure of the water feature and the impact it creates. Ideally a water feature can be placed somewhere that it would get exposed to direct sunlight. Most flowering aquatic plants need at least a half day of sun in order to bloom It would be better to avoid areas with trees as the leaves shed by a tree can make cleaning the water feature a daunting task. Small water features should also be located where they can be best enjoyed. Patios, seating areas, entry spaces, courtyards, and interior window views are good locations. Access to electricity, water spigots, and cleaning equipment are additional practical considerations.

A water feature needs to be cleaned once in a week. If you are planning to rear some fish or plants, make sure the pH of the water is maintained for them to grow freely. Don’t over feed the fishes as it will lead to the growth of algae. Algae is an important and vital part of any water system, but an excessive amount can deprive other organisms from oxygen. The best way to avoid green water is to reduce the amount of nutrients entering the system.

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