Monday, 12 January 2015

Biggest home décor mistakes

Thinking of redoing your living space? Here is a list of things you should not do-Yes, there are a few things you should never do if you wish to achieve that perfect look for your home.
1.    Wrong placement of furniture makes your room look cluttered. Large pieces of furniture in a small room or small furniture in a large room will make the room look odd. Always keep the scale of the room in mind while picking up furniture.

2.    A common mistake people make is buying good-looking but uncomfortable furniture. What good is a pretty sofa if you cant sit on it for comfortably for long?
3.    Too much decoration can make your room look disorganized. Choose a few pieces and place them at strategic places. Less is more!!
4.    Don’t go overboard trying to match everything. Too much matching will make your décor dull. When you add a contrast in colour or texture, it adds character to the room and makes it more interesting.
5.    Do not ignore proper lighting. Too much bright light or too little light will fail to bring out the beauty of the room. Always use layered lighting for best results. I love the light of lamps and make it a point to add a few around the house.
6.    Choose the flooring wisely. Matt finish tiles are a good option for wet areas. A carpet in the dinning room is a strict no. Similarly avoid white floors in the kitchens as they tend to look messy.
7.    Do not put up too many pictures on the walls. Group a few together or use just a few big ones and highlight them with picture or track lights.

8.    Don’t ignore the windows. Your window treatments must match your décor style.
9.    Choosing colours for your décor from catalogues can be risky as these look different when put on walls. Always ask for a sample of the paint and try it out on your walls.
10.           Don’t go overboard with colour as too many colours in a house will cause visual stress.
11.           While choosing materials for upholstery and tapestry, avoid too many busy prints.  If you are using a floral print on your sofas then keep your drapes plain or mix and match floral prints with stripes.
12.           Some people fear using colour and do up their rooms in boring cream and whites. Don't be scared to add colour, but at the same time use it sensibly. 
13.           Never add too many cushions on a sofa, this hinders being able to sit properly.
14.           Avoid using out of place themes, instead use theme based accessories.

15.           Never ignore foyers and hallways, since this is the best place to create a first impression on your guests.

   If you keep in mind these points while doing up your house, you will never go wrong.

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