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Rugs as wall hangings

Interior designers and decorators know that rugs are as effective off the floor as they are on. Rugs can be used as an alternative to wall art to create beautiful rooms.With a little ingenuity, you can turn a rug into a statement piece by hanging it on the wall. Rugs are often ornate, intricately-designed accent pieces that can update your house in no time.
Rugs as wall art is something that has been done for centuries, initially used as a way of insulating homes, now it has become a huge craze.

When choosing what type of rug to display it is important to consider the overall feel of the room. This will determine what type of rug to display. Popular choices are silk rugs. The advantage of a silk rug is that it is light and easy to hang. However heavier wool rugs are also popular and can really add warmth to room.
 There is no hard and fast rule for what size of rug to display on your wall, it is important to consider what else is on the walls. It is best to pick a wall with nothing else displayed and have a rug as a centre piece. A wall that has other pictures/photographs displayed will detract attention from the rug.
 Usually, a 2.6 x 8-foot runner would look great over a massive cream-colour leather sofa — it’s the same length, and would be perfect running horizontally on the wall, creating the illusion of a longer, higher wall, if hung right. In a bedroom a 5×8 foot rug can be used as a hanging at the head of a bed, offering something textured and rich, with a calming wintery bedroom colour scheme.
Intricately patterned Oriental carpets, delicate French, or Native American-inspired carpets make fine wall hangings. Rugs stand out and can soften up a brick or stone wall or an expanse of space. If you have vaulted ceilings, a rug or runner hung horizontally can visually bring down the tall room scale.
A carpet hung over the centre of the living room incorporates the colours of the room, while creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for anyone who enters. Some people hang rugs in the entrance-way behind a cozy bench inviting guests to stay a bit before entering your home. If you are moving into a new home and starting from scratch, you can design a whole room around one beautiful carpet. Use the colours within the carpet to choose the theme of your furniture. Silk Oriental rugs have beautiful scenery or exotic animals that add splendour to your home. Persian rugs have fine floral or geometric motifs that create a striking effect in any room.
Find an area for your carpet that does not have direct sunlight; the UV rays tend to fade the carpet in time. Additionally, avoid hanging carpets over heaters, vent, or humidifiers. These can cause dryness, or mildew. Finally, do not use a carpet that is too heavy as it will get damaged over time.
Do the colours in the rug need to exactly match the d├ęcor in the room? This is a big question and the answer is NO. If you were to carefully look over a hand woven rug you will find anywhere from two to fifteen colours. Many silk rugs have minimally 10 colours. It is not the exact colours that we care about but the overall look that appears to the eye when casually glancing at the rug. For example, the smaller increments of colour placed next to each other in a particular design can appear from 5 or 6 feet away to be another colour entirely. I have seen a rug with tiny navy accents, placed near an entertainment centre that was black and the accents in the rug appeared black.

There are various ways of mounting a carper/rug on the wall. You can either frame it or stretch it across a wooden frame. Velcro strips are a great to hang lightweight rugs. Sewing a sleeve onto the back of the rug is another way, this way you'll be able to slide a rod through it and hang it on the wall.

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