Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Beautiful and innovative containers for your garden

Growing plants in containers is a great way to beautify your outdoor space and is one of the hottest trends. container gardening requires less time, space, and energy than in-ground planting and is just as much fun.
A beautiful picket fence corner stand..looks beautiful!!

·       First of all decide what plants work well together, and are best suited for a particular season. The best way to do this is to consult a nursery.
·       Decide the effect you want to create. Opposite colours on the colour wheel, like red and blue will give you a dramatic effect. Monochromatic colours such as various shades of one colour will give a more tranquil effect.
·       The effect you want to create depends largely on the background. For example, The rigid, repetitive pattern of a brick wall can be tiring on the eye. But when blurred by lush masses of foliage and colourful flowers, the lines recede.

·       Now pay attention to the size and structure of the plants. Having at least one tall plant, one trailing plant and one filler plant in a container will create the right look.

·       Be innovative in choosing your containers to create a drama. It can be anything from an old metal bucket, a terracotta or hand painted pots, old shoes, baskets, discarded tyres etc. As long as you make a hole at the bottom for drainage, you can plant in almost anything. Remember to balance the size of the plants with the container.

·       The right placement of these containers is what will bring out the real beauty of your outdoor space. A triangle always works best if you are unsure about their placement. In this you have one dominant plant flanked by components of smaller structure.

·       The opposite of having nothing to look at is to have too much to look at. Make sure you create a focal point and create coherence in mixed plantings.
·       You must unify the landscape by spreading colour evenly all around.